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Sept. 22, 2016                                                 
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edlorens  (note: it's written together in the lower case)

edlorens is the poet and the creator, chief editor, and designer of both sites: 

http://www.edlorens.com   and

 Her stubbornness is  quite unfortunate since she completely lacks technical, SEO skills. In reality, she can call herself, founder, or whatever... She is still a Blogger and You Tuber. She has to be either tolerated or endured. She has tended to often get sick. That is nothing...but...
She is known for having the history of the extensive problems with the watches, vacuum cleaners, lacks, kitchen stove and anything in between and everything technical. Her computers rarely work. The watches got lost, other things get mysteriously broken or burned. Obviously, she needs love. The best way to give it to her, it is, of course, to stay away. Besides, she totally, loves life,
nature, animals, mushy-mushy...Who can stand that?  But she lives in Southern California, O.K. sunny Southern California and this is a great plus.                     

edlorens is also on Google+, Facebook, Twitter under few different users names such as Eva Lorens, E.D. Lorens.  Also, she got two corresponding YouTube channels. 
She can be contacted directly on one of her sites or 
YouTube or by email. 

ed lorens YouTube:
perception loop YouTube:


email:  galecrest@gmail.com
For a moment, that's it, folks. Thanks for visiting.