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 ABOUT US                                                           Sept. 22, 2016      

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Español: Logo Vectorial de YouTube
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1.What we do.
Perception Loop logo

We are here to give loud, controversial political opinions, discuss social/life issues.  Also bring some political humor, inspiration, and general wellness.
We'll go in whichever direction our fancy strike us. What can we promise is the solid research, honesty, and integrity.
We respect that in others. Others have the right to expect the same from us.
The political disagreements or other different opinions, we do not consider as grounds for disrespect, but rather as the opportunity for more involved thinking and better, new solutions.

2. Is there something that we strongly dislike and oppose?
Yes! And there is more than the flea in the bed. We don't like corruption,
Elitists, keep on popping new minorities demanding more entitlements.
We don't like war and people dying and suffering.  We don't like dictatorial Brussel imposing itself on EU nations. We are strongly against the HATE CRIMES.
But there is more than we don't like in our own country.
We feel that we got a responsibility to respect the Presidential Office, but not
 necessary the person that holds it.
We don't like Obama and Michelle, and both Clintons. That's in briefs. The first couple is bigots and mooches, the second couple is extremely corrupted and dishonest. Actually, all of them are very corrupt. We feel that Obama betrayed the US to push for his pet agenda: Islamization and globalization.
We don't like George Soros and we are against GLOBALIZATION. We see value in having good fences and preserving/promoting our own culture and heritage, including our own race.
We are strongly against Islamization and most of all against ALL SHARIA LAWS. You can call us Islamophobic. We don't care. But we're not racists.
We believe in helping people with meds., child care, building schools, wells or sharing technologies and knowledge for sustainability and prosperity. But we are against open borders and shifting people around.
Also,we don't like hunters, especially trophy hunters. That is a long list of the things we do not like. Equally long is the list that we like example: All animals, nature, traditional family value...fairness, industriousness, creativity, imagination and staying late listening to music and watching stars ...

3.Why the creation of Perception Loop?
We felt driven to express our own research, the opinions of the controversial political and social issues. That was the main reason for creating the Perception Loop. Our alternative position to the politically correct Obama's media is manifested by our name: PERCEPTION LOOP.
We needed the outlet for our own frustrations. Maybe it is not so great to walk around the kids and use the word 'F..k' or talk about the kid - suicide bombers or to show the photos of the dead bodies.
(There are some articles at edlorens.com that might be viewed as not so kids friendly...such as standing against using robot dogs for sex, industrialized farming or discussing Ebola. These articles are still there. We left them. We figure out that The titles or subject would be boring and scare off the kids)
Still,  we would prefer to keep edlorens more family open/oriented and permit the parent the better leverage.
In one word, we decided to have a non-controversial, social, cultural subjects, along with poetry, including nursery rhymes and bees and flowers at the edlorens.com.
(Actually, since edlorens could not find the poem defining butterfly pleasing her, she wrote some of her own. They are all there).
All the bats we moved here, to the Perception Loop., and to keep edlorens kids
There is more, but these are the main reasons for the second side.

4.Something more about us.
Perception Loop came in 2016, as the side website, the sisterly, or complimentary blog to the edlorens.com. Some issues are being discussed in both and slightly overlapping (ex. edlorens poetry). However, in cases like that, there you're going to encounter still the different presentation with the different images and the articles are complimentary to each other. The edlorens.com and perceptionlopp.com are two separate domains. Each should be responsive to the multiple forms such as HTTP, with or without www and with or without the .blogspot.com. Both are hosted by Blogger. I guess our love for Google is keep on showing up.

5. Where can we be found?
You just found us. So you know.
If you want to directly contact edlorens, you can either refer to one of the blog, YouTube, by email or Google+, Twitter, Facebook. See below (6)
Perception Loop -
edlorens -
We also got two YouTube channels respectively:
ed lorens YouTube:
perception loop YouTube:

6.How to contact us?
You can reach us by leaving the note in the commentaries/contact form on one of the blog or in the discussions in YouTube.
If you have comments or ideas how to improve either blog, please contact us.
If you are a blogger yourself, and would like to guest write article for either site,
please contact us.
Please, in writing article follow the guidelines:
Title: 8-12 words (70 characters)
Meta description: up to 150 characters
Body: 1,000 -1,600 words.
Submission and the contact email is : www.galecrest@gmail.com

7. Terms of usage.
No spam. No malware or hate language. All laws applicable and to be respected.
Disagreements are acceptable, vulgarity is not.

All material on this side either written, poetry, image, gif, video, photo
is copyrighted (unless it is otherwise stated) and belongs solely to its respective creators. We try hard to respect other creators rights and we expect the same.
If by the mistake we used the photo/image that has the copyright, we're going to take it down when proven. This site is occasionally using public domain photos. When that  occurs that photo is identified in add caption as such (like Wikipedia or Pixabay) or below the article in the reference section to the extent of original demands of license.
Same with attributions,we are very careful to credit original author when quoting.
The photos/images from the public domain are completely free to be used by anybody for any purpose. Modified, edited to the new site.
The great number of all material presented here belongs to us.
All poetry are authored by edlorens (sometimes she wrote under different name, like Spring 'Arci' Arcimboldi, or E.D. Lorens etc.)
and belongs to her. There is also a great number of videos, images, gifs that are also solely our own creation.
 Please, respect our work. Said that you are encouraged to share the links.
You also have the right to use some our own material under the clause of the Fair use. Please, remember that in such a case:
a. The Fair Use law limits how much you can take.
b. Give the proper attribution to edlorens.
c. You are not allowed to modify, edit, changed
d. Fair Use is designated for the open web, non-commercial sharing.
Said that internet is for sharing. We'll assist any respectable site that needs help.
please, feel free to contact us and communicate your problem.
Perception Loop (gif)
-designed by edlorens

9. These are some samples of our logos and icons. All original - designed and created by edlorens and as all created are automatically copyrighted.

Perception Loop logo

Perception Loop

edlorens Perception Loop
first used by us on YouTube