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Hillary's email investigation and Russian probe! meme by edlorens (Perception Loop)

The Democrats claimed that by Mr. Trump firing FBI Director the probe into Russia hacking can be affected. In response -
Trump said: ” If Russia hacked, if Russia did anything having to do with our election, I want to know about it.” - President Trump told NBC anchor Lester Holt on Thursday.
Also, Trump said:“I want that to be so strong and so good,” and:
 “I want to get to the bottom.”
It is obvious that president shares our anxieties and the ’need to know’  all about the possible involvement of Russia in our election. President is eager to learn the truth!
Mr.Trump feelings are natural and expected.
The Russian probe created controversy and put Mr.Trump presidency under the cloud of suspicion that is being exploited by the Democrats stirring the nation to resist everything that our president does.
The truth can only strengthen his presidency since the corrective measures could be implemented

That some members of President Trump administration, including himself, were previously having some business dealings with Russia is a known fact. Doing Business’ - is not a sin!
Business moves money around, creating more opportunities, jobs, prosperity. Trump leverage in the election was his past experience as the businessman to boost our economy.
But we have to close the venues for Russia to exercise undue political influence and meddlings.
We keep on arguing, fighting and creating unnecessary problems. It was a time, long overdue
for James Comey to step down... and I like to go back to growing artichokes...maybe the Democrats could

also, pick up some useful hobbies instead of constantly obstructing current administration.
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Former FBI Director James Comey failed both the Democrats and the Republicans.
While in charge of Hillary illegal email server his performance was highly questioned.

He danced around and played with us, inserting himself deeply into politics in the most sensitive times of the election.
James Comey
James Comey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hillary still blames him for the lost election.
President Trump said that Comey “saved” Hillary. Many of us feel this way.
Loretta Lynch suggested Comey would restrain himself from calling Hillary probe as a criminal investigation and instead refer to it as inquiry. The adopted vocabulary downgraded the seriousness of this criminal investigation.
It was a criminal investigation not just an ‘inquiry’. Comey influenced media and people’s minds by creating a false impression and giving Hillary ‘an upper hand’. The whole investigation lacked the integrity. Immunities were given away like pancakes. There were some people that ended in the prison for less than what Hillary did. Loretta Lynch is gone. Comey should be gone too.
(to learn more see the recently published special report by Judicial Watch. You can download it as PDF files)
It’s irrelevant if Comey is a good person or not. What is important is that he did not do a good job in Hillary Investigation. Now many months later and we still got Russia probe, that needs to be speeded up and properly, impartially addressed.

AG Jeff Sessions recused himself from Russia investigation since his close ties to Trump campaign and earlier undisclosed meeting with the Russian ambassador. Rod J. Rosenstein took over supervising the Russian investigation as the next highest law enforcement official.
President is empowered to hire/fire the FBI Director. The new Director chosen by the president has to be approved by the Senate. But President by the Statue is not obliged to give the reason why he is dismissing. Comey's performance frustrated president for a long time. There were numbers of the reasons, why Comey did not earn president's approval. However, every one of them originated with Hillary and pre-election time. Including Russia probe. Finally, the president gave as the substantiation the investigation into Hillary's illegal server.
But in the summary, as President Trump said:
"Comey was not doing a good job".
(to see: The memo drafted by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein dismissing Comey.)
gif: President Trump on CNN is saying:

(Week ago, Mr. James Comey approached him with the request for more personnel and money for conducting further the Russian investigation.)
It is difficult to ascertain who, The Democrats or the Republicans were more resentful in the Mr. Comey inserting his voice politically with Hillary email.
At one time or another, both parties wanted him out of the office.
Hillary openly blamed Comey as one of the most singular factors, for her lost election.
Comey just acted like the cat chasing his own tail, constantly seen as meddling and bringing more controversy. Both parties for different reasons saw him as an ineffective and problematic character.
The Democrats blamed him for bad timing, 2 weeks before the election reopening the investigation into Hillary.
The Republicans complained about Comey gross mistakes made during the investigation and basically allowing Hillary escape with the criminal violation of our security.
After the election, it was commonly known and even expected that he is going to be fired by newly elected president Trump.
Finally, Comey was Obama appointee and as such representing the previous regime.
Do you believe that if Hillary would win the election she would allow Mr. Comey to continue to hold the FBI Director chair?
I don't think so.
It would be just the matter of time.
Comey managed to confuse and throw whole nation in the turmoil.

We were all surprised that Mr. Trump praised at one point Comey, saying "He has guts". But giving a compliment as such is not carte blanche acceptance and does not instantly suggest that in Mr. Trump opinion, Comey personality, ability, and performance were adequate for holding such important office. Around that time when Trump was asked if he plans for Mr. Comey to continue to hold the position of the FBI Director, president Trump response was that he needs to meet first personally with Comey, talk to him, suggesting that he wants to learn more. Trump even imply that possible Comey has some other, undisclosed reasons for acting the way he did.
I don't believe that Hillary would care to give Comey the second chance. But Trump did not want to act in haste.
He was giving Comey more time. That was a smart move, very presidential as the more information were coming resulting from the persistent pursuing of the Hillary email by the nonpartisan government watchdog group Judicial Watch.
Of course, with the Democrats forming a strong anti-Trump resistance fence now all the past problems created by Comey are forgotten. Russian current investigation is being used as a pretext claiming that Trump is using undue influence, possibly unlawful meddling with such an investigation.
But maybe, the reverse is the right answer. Possibly it's Comey who was stirring and politically playing out the current investigation feeling overly self-assured that the new investigation elevated his position to untouchability.
And here comes into picture Mr. Rosenstein, who obviously had enough of politicizing of Comey and sent to him a very critical memo. President Trump again turned out to be a man who likes to delegate the responsibility and pays close attention to his advisors.
Trump key people, who closely watched Comey for a long time were pressing president into firing him.
-Albert Einstein quote:"You cannot solve
 a problem with the same mind that created it"
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Comey had an uncanny ability to insert himself
untimely, politically. He became part of the problem.
The decision of letting Comey go was correct, long overdue. It should be cheered as such in a bipartisan way.
Now, with him gone, all that was investigated including Russia involvement are still going to be continue but by someone who can bring the final, substantiated answers instead of more confusion.
Comey had a problem giving straight, clear answers.
Comey depressing and mediocre performance wore off both the Democrats and the Republicans fast.

Unfortunately, Mr. Comey going back and forth, changing directions, at times not aggressive enough, too slow learner, ignoring or ignorant of the Statue of the Law, using cunning, maybe devious, misleading  language, made it clear that he is not to be a problem solver, but a part of the problem himself. Also, regardless what he claimed - the political meddler.
Enough Comey!
Thanks for your service...Wish you well and happy to see you go!
Acting FBI director Andrew McCabe assured us that all current investigations including Russia meddling shall go on.
FBI is still an independent organization.

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