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It was a little over 8 years ago...just a few months before Obama became the president of the U.S., the new book came up, well written, insightfully thoroughly investigated. The author who predicted in the past the oil prices to jump to $100/barrel this time dared to make other predictions. This time he was talking about Obama, in the pre-election time and the most probably end result of his presidency. That author was Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D. and the book title was: 
I am shocked by the accuracy of the Corsi predictions. But, here I myself go back to Obama very 1st. job and even further, the aspects from his youth I see as the detrimental factors that created Obama path to his own politics at the end affecting the whole country. I end up with the warning. Please take it seriously.
Obama, allegedly already in his youth was saying often that he wants to be a president...that he is going to be the president.
Don't underestimate Obama. Super intellect, dangerous...Obama...the ice cream man...Don't underestimate him!

"Baskin-Robbins, Ice cream, and Obama"
credit:edlorens (perception loop)
One time
Obama wrote: “...the first job can be a launching pad for bigger and brighter career opportunities.” From that he moved further explaining that “ basic on-the-job know-how can only be gained in the workplace…” and learning “... work ethic and productivity... valuable social skills... how to keep customers happy and satisfy…”
(First Job Fridays: Barack Obama, MARCH 11, 2016 )
These are all well know facts. No revelation. Not a discovery of a new land. But those words said by the president himself as anything else that he did or said has extra value. This was Obama at his best - motivating and inspiring. Teaching the value of hard work, dedication, commitments, and appreciation for every aspect of the work handled, even the mundane one -  something as a youth he did at his first official summer job back in Honolulu, scooping ice cream at a Baskin-Robbins.
But there is more that Obama learned well from his first job. In spite that “ job wasn’t glamorous,” and “ “brutal on the wrists” it taught him as he said “responsibility”...”Hard work”, “Balancing a job…” with other aspects of his life.
There Obama also said:
“ “I’ll never forget that job—or the people … and how they helped me get to where I am today.”
That first lessons acquired from that most ordinary job Obama credited with his future success as the president. He also made a point to express his remembrance and gratitudes.
Seems as Obama talking about his first job that was a such an ‘everyday’ story, but revealing the basic step-by-step principles of success straight from Napoleon Hill or Carnegie.
Think! Imagine! From ice cream scooper to the presidency! Where is the connection?!
Oh! We know it’s not the menial job ...but building the fortitude, character, ability to relate and deal with people, showing appreciation and much, much, much more! Looking at the ex-president Obama any young person entering the job market on his/her resume can put…”I as ex-president Obama learned from my first, second ...job such and such qualities…and now I am ready to assume and accept more challenges in the new position...”
Obama set an example by giving meaning and value to most ordinary job handled responsibly.
As he claimed that first job helped him to develop inter-people skills, successfully influencing people to help him along in his future pursuit of the next and next goal including the presidency. It’s like riding the bicycle. The skill learned serves a lifetime. Same applies to the mental attitudes. Same to the building the character. Especially to the building the character. Learning to overcome the obstacles and reaching the goals set ahead. It’s a good thing if the job can be used as a tool for the personal growth.
The first job that Obama penned in a LinkedIn blog post titled “Why My First Job Mattered” was a life learning positive experience for him. Somehow, surprisingly the article itself is no longer there.  When I tried to go back to read I got this:
Sorry, this article is no longer available.”
NO LONGER AVAILABLE! What?! Why? Why the small, inspirational piece allegedly written by the president himself is suddenly gone?
I do not have the answer but PolitiFact confirmed that indeed Obama either in 1975 or 1976 was an ice cream scooper, Baskin-Robbins-Honolulu.That was “his first job, the duration of which is not publicly known.”  Since Obama was born in 1961, that would make him only 14-15 years old at that time. Did the Baskin-Robbins job had a tremendous, life-changing impact, the passage from youth to the maturity? Maybe not. I believe Obama did not make such a claim either. Look, a few years, later on, he was in the drug scene, even drinking. But the job was real, not one of the Obama lies. So, what happened to the original article that Obama wrote?
Is this the sign that Obama is disappearing from some sites, just to regrow himself, enter another place...?
If there was one single event that drastically altered his perception on life that would not be his first job… His constant struggle with his own racial identity, belonging - even sexuality or religion - goes back to his very early years...lack of stable home environment, absent, neglectful biological father and living under the very different norms of Muslims Indonesia.
Obama, when he became the president…he built the cult of the personality around himself...the youth that grew under him over 8 years turned into the nation of the followers -The Obama Nation that calls themselves the democratic but in the essence is communists, unyielding and intolerant,  not one citizenship but the sum of the minorities and entitlements groups. Obama catered to them. He fed and strengthen their divisions, fueled their dissatisfactions just as he learned from Saul Alinsky or from “his long-term and close associations with former Weather Underground heroes William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.” (Book of Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D. “Obama Nation”, Threshold Edition, 2008)

photo: My own copy of Jerome R. Corsi Ph.D.  2008y - book
-"OBAMA NATION, Leftist Politics and The Cult of Personality"
Obama would give the scope of ice cream, forge his ways in secrecy, by lies, by cunning by deceitfulness but always, always with the scope of ice cream… What’s your flavor? Strawberry? Pecan pie?
Obama, the very, very best organizer, agitator the ice creams scopes later in his presidency replaced with meaningless gestures, the ton of words, but equally appealing to the nation searching for values. Actually, the word ‘value’, our values, the Constitution were often abused, just another ice cream cone either in Obama or in Michelle speeches. It was either ‘sing along’ or ‘dinner and the movie’ times.
An appeal, learn to speak the language of the audience, please and appease, use the crowd tags and value words often and the real hidden context is not going to be questioned! From Baskin-Robbins boy, Obama became what some highly incorrectly called ‘The most powerful man’.
Not something that he learned from Baskin-Robbins experience, but something that he allowed himself to become ...that started time before, in his growing years in Indonesia and later reinforced by his travels to Pakistan, Kenya and other parts of the Muslims world… something that he learned from his unwholesome association, unworkable and downright stiff communist ideology...the pretense of doing good while denying rights and freedoms…the secrecy and more secrecy and compounding lies, personal lies and total lack of transparency of the office at no point would amount to the greatness.
The American Thinker talks about Obama’s “aloofness and narcissism” as “his personal flaws” and his ability of “making full use of his position as American head of state to burnish and enhance his image” and “self-promotion.”  
It talks about Obama as a president  promoting ideas and agendas that were anti-American  ...devoid of any obvious affection for the country he led…” succeeding by being “effective at pretending to be presidential” than thoughtfully adding : “Mostly he succeeded, helped of course by his historic status as the country’s first black president.”
Yes! That is correct. Obama skin color was the main reason why I voted for him.
Like many other politicians, Obama narcissistic, powerful ego was often well hidden from the public eye.  The lessons learned from his first job are insightful in determining his outward appearances and the character traits that helped him to achieve. They do not contribute however to understanding Obama’s personal values. ‘Baskin-Robbins’ was a fuel rather than an engine. The great, powerful politicians are often powerful, influential speakers. That much we know. The speech being used for motivation, organizing, advancement. Obama had no thunders, but with a soft voice and gentle manner controlled the audience. Under his soft, gentle manners were hiding the very dangerous, worldwide sweeping organizations that backed him up.
Not just socialist communists, progressives, not only globalists but organizations affiliated with terrorism like Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, Hamas.
Published YT July 3. 2014.JPG
screenshot from Western Journalism YouTube:
"SHOCK CLAIM: Obama is Behind the Islamic Caliphate"

slow motion Muslims Brotherhoodin  the WH from Yt July 3, 2014.gif                                                 
Gif from YouTube video made July 3, 2014
Obama made the connection between his Baskin-Robbins job and his learning detrimental factors for developing success.
But to grasp his perception on life one probably has to address his family background, his early childhood in Indonesia, his youth as a drug user, early college years and his Pakistani homosexual lover etc.  His communist mother and white, communist grandparents might be responsible for Obama becoming socialist communist himself. Like Hillary, he was influenced by the gangster Alinsky. However, his early years in Indonesia are hidden in obscurity. O.K. He had a pet monkey named tata and Muslims schooling.
When Obama was between 8-10 y/o  there was a transgender nanny in mid 20, Muslim Evie/Turdi, born male that was taking care of him.  What was their relationship, besides taking him to and from the school and playing?
In Indonesia, like many other Muslims countries, pedophilia is rampant. Not just child brides but young boys are used for grown man pleasure.
Obama split loyalties, his 8 years of presidency proclamation ‘Islam is peace’ and constant strong leaning toward Muslims can be explained by his Muslim roots: his Muslim, polygamous father from Kenya and time in Indonesia. But how do you explain the presence of Obama homosexual Pakistani loverObama's best friend and roommate, Sohale Siddiqi was more than a friend. Perhaps this explains the wedding ring Obama wore for ...?’
Yes, it is another Muslim connection. Thorough Obama early live there are the constant interaction and influence on young Barry of Muslims, communists, and LGBTs.  There are the speculations that Obama was sexually abused but how early and where or how much, in what manner it’s not clear. His own mother, Ann Dunham, white American from Kansas married twice, both times to Muslims, did not provide for young Barry a traditional stable home life. Even religion was confusing. In Indonesia, Barry at one time dressed up and attended Muslims school, other time - the Christians school. It must be at that time, in his early years in Indonesia when Barack Obama (at that time known as Barry Soetoro) developed his great fondness for Islam. Back in Hawaii, Obama, ignored by his father, left with the white grandparents by his mother probably felt like displaced package.
Quickly his mentor became the family friend the African American, pornographer and writer, communist Frank Marshall Davis.
This, at the age of 19, was possible the beginning of Obama radicalization.
There can be very little questions about Obama fake birth certificate.
There can be very little questions about Obama homosexuality.
Obama, a 19-year-old sophomore at Occidental at the time, was with diminutive (5ft 5”)a wealthy, 21-year-old Pakistani student, roommate Mohammed Hasan Chandoo.
John Drew, Ph.D. (an award-winning political scientist who taught political science and economics at Williams College.) told WND that:
“ ... he met the future president in December 1980 …” and said:“I really had the feeling that Obama was Chandoo’s ‘boy toy,’ “I had the feeling Chandoo put Obama on this pedestal ...I just got the feeling that Chandoo considered Barack Obama to be almost one of his prize possessions.”

There can be very little questions about Obama political preferences.
Drew, “who founded the Marxist-socialist club at Occidental to which Obama belonged…
made clear his conclusion that Obama and Chandoo were both Marxist revolutionaries…”
Obama was called “Radical”, “Marxist-Leninist”, and “pure Marxist-socialist” in writings by
Author Paul Kengor (2010 book “Dupes: How America’s Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century,”),  author Stanley Kurtz (his 2010 book “Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism,”) Author and WND columnist Jack Cashill (2011 book “Deconstructing Obama: The Life, Loves, and Letters of America’s First Postmodern President.”) discussing John Drew’s testimonies and personal encounters.
For years on, Obama was presenting publicly image of himself as he wanted. His media, the administration was either minimizing, explaining, dismissing or covering up his mistakes.
For years on, Obama thrived on public acceptance and support without putting in much work. He grew more narcissistic and arrogant, believing in his own entitlements. During the low points of Hillary, he moved in, working in frenzy campaigning for her trying to secure his 3rd term.
As he realized that he failed he threw himself to create obstructions and insurmountable obstacles for Mr. Trump presidency. He is still doing this quietly and not so quietly.  All that he feels is seeping rage. He still got the strong support of Soros, Merkel, globalist, neo-cons, liberals, Muslims and of course,
the Democrats.
Obama the most powerful man? No! But Obama is possibly one of the most dangerous men to the western modern civilization. Just like his Baskin-Robbins experience, Indonesian or Kenyan experience, losing 3rd term is another experience that he plans to overcome and fight back.
That’s not great for you, America!
His real values, that actually are not the same as the mainstream America, Obama starts defining early in his life.
From his roots, early upbringing and childhood into the adulthood there were in Obama’s live repeated 3 themes strongly influencing his future WH policies. Muslims, communism/globalization, and LGBTs. Obama is no longer the president. I feel relief, I am grateful.
But his shadow is long and menacing. He is not resting. He is gathering his dark forces to strike again… at the heart of America. Pretending to be the prince riding white, powerful horse of freedoms, he is a dark figure of backward Muslims politics and anti-Semitism... the revolution not of enlightenment but of the barbarian culture under the pretense of tolerance.
There could be no progress for the politician without the people backing up - standing behind. Watch America, who do you back up! Watch for Soros under Obama’s coat and the globalists that would invade and take over your world!
Ah! I remember somebody on the web insinuating how much Michelle sacrificed by becoming the First lady. Finally, she gave up $317,000/year job. In 2010 she spent
that much of taxpayer money in a little more than 3 days ($100,000 /day) on her Spain vacation.
Now, 8 years later Obama is worth approximately $12.5 million, Michele  - $11.5 million. They both signed ridiculous books deals, ghost-written that are going to have few good pictures (no pregnancy, no bikini shots of Michelle) maybe the great shots of dogs, some tomato quotes of Obama (no bacon- or Muslims are going to be insulted) and a lot of lettuce. The books are going to be a very popular BLT sandwich (minus the bacon).
“Penguin Random House CEO Markus Dohle announced today that the company has acquired world publication rights for two books, to be written by President and Mrs. Obama respectively,” Penguin Random House said in a statement.
Obama's got endless exposure, connections, privilege, entitlement, security… you name it… they probably got it!
It's no way that Malia or Sasha is going to be working in the Baskin-Robbins, regardless how great Obama claimed that experience was.

“Malia Obama was an intern with hotshot Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein”

Jethro Nededog
Jethro Nededog Jan. 20, 2017 “.. Malia got  a new internship at major movie and television studio…” (- not Baskin-Robbins.)

She got the dream-comes-true-for-the-teenager-job-minus-glamor…
(READ MORE: via Malia Obama’s Summer Job: First Daughter Working on Halle Berry TV Series.)
She worked as assistant...fetching coffee and drinks for the cast… I wish I could know how much she was paid...per hour? Per day? Per cup of coffee?
Do you recall -“Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea made a whopping $600,000  per year working for NBC with no journalistic experience whatsoever”...and she was a ghost there.
The second Obama’s daughter Sasha also was least for the few days…

Sasha was Taking Orders, Working The Cash Register & Doing ‘First Summer Job’ Tasks

View image on Twitter
Sasha, working cash register
Photo: Twitter
So Sasha Obama has a 'summer job' mind you, it’s for a few days working three hours with secrets agents there. Okay? 10:13 AM - 4 Aug 2016
Wait! For only a few days...working three hours...But The Herald reports made such a big deal out of it. It said: “Sasha learning how the other half lives this summer. The First Daughter is working the takeout window at Nancy’s, a seafood restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard.”
Sorry! But that is misleading. What Sasha is doing is called fun, play a new theme in the Disneyland. 3-hours, few days… looks like some type of propaganda. Sorry! But this is not Obama Baskin-Robbins job. Not the same.
Obama’s kid's livelihood does not depend on those jobs. There is no similarity between Malia/Sasha holding those jobs and the real people who normally would apply for that positions. Did Malia, Sasha had to submit the resume, go for the job interviews, think about the transportation, or how much money they’re going to get after taxes? They did not go thru the process of job hunting! Worked only short hours… it’s a futile attempt, a pretense of being as any other kid. No such thing! It’s only a good publicity. No Malia's or Sasha's job will change their privileged position. But it is a great political score, a cute story to read… and a cone of ice cream that can be a great distraction from newest Obama face, the newest transformation.
Do you want the Republic, where you got voice and real freedoms you want to be subjected to the communist state, maybe under a different name, but still with limited personal freedoms, a lot of meaningless rhetorics, under the rule of the globalist elite?
Obama is not done! While he is doing everything to create more obstacles to Mr. Trump presidency, let me remind you 8 years old prophesies that with Obama presidency ending is fulfilled.
photo made by me of Jerome R, Corsi, Ph.D. book cover
showing Corsi image and his bio.
As Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D. in his book “OBAMA NATION Leftist Politics and the Cult of the Personality”, 8 years ago, before Obama won the election, predicted:
“ Obama presidency would lead us into an ‘Obama Nation’...Obama’s radical leftist politics, driven by the cult of personality he has intentionally manufactured, would be an abomination in that the result of those policies would be to lead the United States in a costly and self-destructive direction, both at home and abroad.
“After an Obama presidency, we would be a militarily weakened and economically diminished nation. Instead of being more united, our internal conflicts could well become more sharpened and more abrasive from four years of Obama leadership.”
(-back book cover of Jerome R, Corsi, Ph.D., "Obama Nation" From the Preface)
Now, it passed 8 years...since Obama 1st. Election.
“In previously published accounts of his meeting –dating from the 2008 presidential campaign – Drew made clear his conclusion that ...Obama believed a violent, communist revolution was coming to the U.S.

Since Mr. Trump won the presidency...did anybody noticed how much the streets exploded with sudden violence, riots, unruly protests? The Democrats pledging disobedience and obstructions...

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Allegations that Barack Obama secretly practices Islam, or that he is the antichrist of Christian eschatology, have been suggested since he campaigned for the U.S. Senate in 2004 and have proliferated since his election as President of the U.S. in 2008.
( Accessed 9 Mar. 2017.)