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opinion/news review
by edlorens
There is an increase of the liberals attacking Trump supporters and insulting President... lots of Idiots..obstructionism, false accusations...all that got to stop. Now!            
1."The Tiny Planet-U.S.A." our home
by edlorens (free for reuse)
 I hit the high of my life. I got the president of my choice - Mr. Donald Trump.
Mr. Donald Trump. Finally not a career politician, not a trained agitator working under the spidery web of corrupted alliances money driven elite of globalist, war instigators, and neocons.
Finally, we got the president standing proudly under the American banner of patriots.
Now is the time to return to the basics. Our land, our citizens, our own
American home -  build upon, prioritized and cater to.

      The months after the election and the Democrats are actively at war against President Trump and all his supporters.

Weeks after the election, in Nov. 2016 John Daniel Davidson, a senior correspondent for the Federalist talked about “...The Intolerant Vulgarians Of The Dirtbag Left” saying:
“... entering an era of intolerance...the popular culture that creates and sustains it, is almost wholly a creation of the Left...progressives ...are interested only in enforcing their views...after eight years of the Obama ...comfortable treating with disdain anyone who disagrees with them…” because according to them as Davidson brought up “...There’s no such thing as a good Trump voter. “ The division went deeper ...separating families, sabotaging businesses...of Trump’s voters.
The liberals run around wearing idiotic pink vagina hats! Why?
Maybe to cover the horns growing under ...
Acting infantile or dangerously violent the democrats don’t let it go...12,000 tweets calling for the assassination of President Trump. They dare not only act out of spite but with uncontrolled rage, the dangerous hate...their bellies full of venom...they instigate, encourage and feed...that’s right feed and support each other hate. What a shame!
Do you recall David Colin A Tennessee substitute teacher for Rutherford County Schools?  
Referring to Donald Trump supporters after the election he posted:
“the only good Trump supporter is a dead Trump supporter”
(Nov. 9, Facebook)         
2.Hateful posts of David Colin on Facebook
(with his photo in the background)
"The only good Trump supporter is a dead Trump supporter"
and "Shooting Them Sounds More Appealing Than Getting Along With Them..."
reported 1st by Channel 5  News
clip edited by edlorens
Imagine the darkness that fed his zombie mind, the impenetrable thick fog of hate… one month later he expands more into his degenerative way of thinking,  the cemetery slime still talking about Trump’s supporters said:
“Shooting them sounds more appealing than getting along with them …”  (WTVF-TV)   He lost his job, but the gravity of his words call for much harsher consequences. In the both posts in regards to Mr. Trump supportes  he was saying 'death' and 'killing'. If he would not be stopped what would he do 1-2 months later? Could he possible join a protest and become violent? What do you think?
Hey! He wanted me and other people like me that support our president Dead! Am I expected to take this calmly...and stay silent?
Colin needs to be humiliated and put to shame!
Afterward, he played victimization… ready to cry, talking about other people comments, threatening him...and the free speech. Lousy, pitiful character Colin at no point acted responsibly or apologized. Two posts -one month apart. He had a lot of time for reevaluation. I did not see his post on the Facebook. I only read about it and saw the reproductions. I wonder if there were any liberals or the democrats that turn an attack on him...tell him how wrong it inappropriate...maybe called him fascist?
 Before the Colin incidents there was the Madonna-idiot offering to give a blowjob to anybody who would vote for the Hillary and with the same idiocy using an action verbs suggested later on "blowing the White House".  
That’s not the freedom of the speech - that’s the hate speech.
How much more?
You might think about likes Colin or Madonna as some missing evolutionary link stack in pre and more prehistoric down engaged in masturbating the minds of the fellow liberated giant rabbits.
They are angry, furious, raging… They believe that the world is waiting and longing to see their reaction.
It’s not easy to get on the right truck to understand the present liberals.
Did you ever met a hard working rabbit? They look cute and cuddly but nest building skills they don’t got.
No industriousness, no thinking out of the box, or planning ahead. The whole day they just hop and hop, frolicking looking for somebody to f***k or f***k with. They look for the fields of golden carrots and green lettuce that somebody else planted and cultivated. It does not matter. They strongly believe that it should belong to them anyway. The humanity they use as and when it suit them subject to their own feeble desires and interpretations. Unlike rabbits, they don’t mind, even encourage killing the babies claiming women rights...because it suit them...because lifts the responsibility for their own action, because is convenient.
... they see their own rights, not the selfishness. They talk about unity but they keep on dividing, spliting societies in many small groups. They form the small pots, then another small minority pots and another...then something strange happens… The people that profess freedom...equality and equal rights for everybody demands special entitlements and privilege... the idea of equality for all  obscured and replaced by the cult of minority. Their judgement is final. Their judgement is right...and yes they are the judges. The moral standards are easy to manipulate. They don’t believe in God or interpret God as a passport to so-called freedom to do whatever, however and whenever they want and always be accepted and excused. God is there to serve them, never moderate their wrongdoings. They don’t understand that we were not born equal, never are equal.
The dream staff of equality starts with respecting integrities first. The Democrats too often by their interference create more divisiveness and more inequality...but they meddle and meddle ..they can’t help themselves...they love meddling. That’s why they not only want to govern their own home, which they are doing poorly but the whole world regardless what anybody else wants or think. They spit on the traditionalist and the patriots. Burning flag, that is the symbol of the nation unity, they see as the glorifying revolutionary act. Anybody who does not think like them, does not agree with them is going to be under attack. It’s their way or the highway.
Using their own moral standards or rather lack of it they attempt to transform the whole societies. Here for example: Instead of just teaching compassion for the people with misgiven gender...they are actively nurture such groups of people effectively promoting transgenderism and homosexuality. The society is overburdened, buckling under multiculturalism, diversity that allegedly is a strength when is not, minorities and minorities and the freeloaders. But that is O.K. The democrats, liberals thrive in the chaos. The progressives (read communists) use the chaos as the essential tool for bringing the change  It’s the fastest way to assume the power, control and to manipulate. It’s the best way to cover up the hidden agenda.
Ah! The liberals -too much Prozac, too many steroids and maybe the plastic surgery. No wonder, when we don’t find them beautiful  their existence is threatened and they quickly digress to using violence.
They are constantly frustrated...they got too many phobias. They love to hate, not realizing that what they hate become their own living essence, around which they build their whole existence. They love the victimization… constantly worrying about racism, Hitler..what they fear - they become.
Tucker Carlson hilariously mocks protest organizer who says ‘Trump is more dangerous than Hitler’
Fox News host Tucker Carlson battled Tuesday with a protest organizer whose organization “Refuse Fascism” is attempting to drive President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence out of office because “the future of humanity and the planet” depend on it. “Humanity is facing an emergency,” Sunsara Taylor told Carlson. “Trump and Pence are operating out of Hitler’s playbook, only they have nuclear... (read more )
Is Mr. Trump racist or fascist? Of course NOT!
But that what the Democrats want us to believe. However, they’re the one harboring plenty of intolerant, fascists ideologies.
Is Mr. Trump sexist? Of course, NOT or he would not be hiring women on the very high positions...
Is he or was he a sexual predator...the same people that make that claim are unusually lenient in assessing Bill, Hillary or even extra-marital affairs of Obama - none of them are suitable morality role model.
3."The President Trump has the powerful dreams...
The Patriot Dreams for the Nation..."
by edlorens (free for reuse)
President Trump is not this and that…
President Trump is simply not the communist, not the globalist,
not warmonger, not Islamophilia. He does not want creeping Sharia.
He is the Constitution man. A patriot. An American.
That is where his heart is. He is for all citizens. All!
For the country! For the Republic!
That is the reason why every day from the time when he wakes up until he goes to sleep… he is working for only symbolic $1/year.
That type of dedication he has. The public servant, working for us.
4. President Trump, like President Reagan...
dreams of the strong country
-by edlorens (free for reuse)
He got just causes of immense importance for the well-being of the whole nation
...immigration, refugees, building our presence, preventing another war, securing jobs etc. But all his objectives regardless how good they are liberals use as points of arguments. It's getting too much... they do not slow down but picking up the speed and expand their obstructionism.
They do not care to show even the modicum of the decency or respect
perception loop -logo
1 Surprisingly, Obama still is quite popular. The controlled media in the hands of globalists like Soros often underreported or cover up his ineptitude and questionable deals.
Many people don’t realize how much his presidency put us on the very treacherously dangerous road. But while he was the president he had the support. Many supported him. I supported him, hoping that with the time the course is going to be altered... No matter what!
The elected president becomes the voice of the nation.
Obama also lost the popular vote to Hillary (in y.2008), but won electoral and presidency and ...and...and... (same with Bush in 2000)
I felt since he was a president we ought him our support. The support to keep the unity. National unity.
                                                         This is not the case with the Democrats. No National affinity with the whole country present. They got the tunnel vision. They only want to resist, obstruct. Issue not relevant.
While they were into the silly ‘Ode to Obama’ they refuse the necessary realistic checkpoints and attack Mr. Trump senselessly as they pledged. They assumed the loft-ish, arrogant, patronizing tone.
It's enough! You ain't gonna rain on my parade!
That’s it!
                                                         There was an article of Leonard Pitts downgrading right from the start my president - therefore as follow downgrading all of us - the president Trump’s supporters.
Finally, I got tired.
"By tired... means fed up, hit ... the breaking point, no longer able to take
what’s happening..." Maybe his other commentaries are better.
I don't care. I don't read L. Pitts books and his Pulitzer might be as much earned as Nobel Peace by Obama before his 7 wars.
It makes one wonder why nobody gave Obama the 2nd Nobel for the total destruction of Libya.
Once respected awards lost a lot of shimmers.
Maybe "Dear Mr. so-Called Writer" Pitts of pit got the Pulitzer playing the race card.  
Hey! That the way possibly Obama got Harvard Review (just after Japanese guy) ...and later on the presidency.
We do not know for sure - Obama sealed his Harvard record.
Surely, his skin color was the main reason why I and others voted for him (one of the other reasons was an awful candidate of the Republican -John McCain.)
The Pitts in the pit is patronizing, lecturing, arrogant and insulting.
I definitely feel insulted and I can just imagine President Trump tweeting "What a shame."
That's right Mr.President. "Dear Mr. so-Called Writer" got some issues...
You might wonder where did I get the phrase “"Dear Mr. so-Called ..."?
It sound obnoxious, like the slap on the face...right? Exactly.
That’s the way I felt when I start reading Pitts’ article:
"Open letter to our so-called president"
Leonard Pitts - Tribune Content Agency - Wednesday, February 15, 2017
"Dear Mr. So-Called President:
So let me explain to you how this works.
You were elected as chief executive of the United States. I won't belabor the fact that you won with a minority of ...The bottom line is, you were elected...
Let's be brutally clear here. If you were a smart guy with unimpeachable integrity and a good heart who was enacting wise policies for the betterment of all humankind, you'd still be subject to ..."
Leonard Pitts Jr 2015.jpg
Leonard Garvey Pitts, Jr.
By Larry D. Moore, CC BY-SA 4.0, (photo -Wikipedia)
Leonard Pitts is a columnist for The Miami Herald
Well, well...Mr. Leonard Pitts.
 I hope he is listening. I got a word or two to say...                                        

"Let's me be brutally clear here. If you, so-called writer Mr. Pitts from the pit were a smart guy"...No! That's wrong! I do not see a smart guy here...not the one that authored this article!
"With an unimpeachable integrity"...again missing, missing. What about a 'good heart'?  What do I care if some guy named Pitts have a good heart or if he has any heart at all...What I see is no brain. No brain. The good heart is no substitute for a brain. But then the Pit, sorry ... Mr. Pitts suggest that president is expected to work for "the betterment of all humankind..."
I never knew that having a good heart or working for all humankind is the prerequisite qualification for the U.S. president.
Never mind that. I pray that Pit, sorry...Mr. Pitts does not hold a job that in any way serves the betterment of all humankind. We are in the bad shape enough. Not much more than we can take.

I start reading Pitts’ article. Then I stopped... and I never finished reading nor I intend to. Leonard Pitts, the author of this rubbish feels very happy insulting ... me and our president. Why would I want to give him a time in a day? When in that article he referred to President as the ‘furry orange head’ I knew this is a case of pure jealousy - Mr. Trump has something on the top of his head and inside too, as opposite to Pitts.
It makes me wonder what Mr. Leonard Pitts is spiking his food with?
He should stay away from people for a while...
or...he might not be too happy walking around with the spit on his face!
It's enough!
I really do not have to read slime pieces written by somebody whose head got stuck in the toilet bowl. Too much phoniness, self-importance, animosity and babbling anger. Trolls have no ability to learn -they don’t listen or hear nothing except their own voice.
Some liberals can be such an ignorant fools and the bigots!
O.K .nobody is perfect…
but when they constantly roadblocking Trump or his people they effectively diminish the goals set in his presidency - rebuilding infrastructure and the security of the country.

5. President Trump like President Reagan
dreams of prosperity for the whole country
-by edlorens (free for reuse)
Enough! Tick for tack…
Enough of the threats insults, name calling! No respect for the U.S. president or his supporters … Are the liberals totally crazy?!
If you are derelict or foaming mad go ahead lock yourself in the closet and shout...away from any decent, peace loving normal people.
Nobody cares if one idiot or another agrees with the president, me or anybody else. Idiots are entitled to have their own opinions too. Free speech. They can babble and yapp and yapp...
One thing that I expect from the idiots is to get out of my face.
If somebody insists on staying in my face I expect some maturity, the conversation, debate, not rambling, not lofty demagoguing.
The common sense and decency I’ll grasp better.
If you decide to visit the dark, hollow mind of the author Mr. Pitts be warned... better go on the empty stomach...when you throw up you'll get less cleaning to do.
perception loop -logo
When it is going to be enough? Give the few years and these liberals might regret they idiotic ashamed as they should...
It’s pity that the Democrats, liberals are turning to be the real evil.
They organize and organize themselves, but not to create the better America, as they claim, but rather to bring all of us, Americans down.
They oppose and fight President Trump with the wide range of arsenal.
The average supporter of their new movement is shamelessly being used.

The bottom line is: The liberals better learn to be respectful to our president, lawfully and legally holding the office - Mr. Donald Trump. Stop the idiotic name calling. Stop senseless ain’t going to grow hair on your bold pate this way or lose weight. Stop threatening! Learn instead of fighting to be respectful toward us, President Trump’s supporters.
Or...we put you to shame...and still work, in spite of your opposition to
English: Trump
English: Trump (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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