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Marine Le Pen-French presidential candidate (NF)
Donald Trump-45th President of the U.S.
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"Safety is not a privilege but a fundamental right which needs to be re-established for every French person.” ( The popular french presidential candidate -Marine Le Pen )

In other words: Citizens first priority. 
Following the Donald path:
France's Le Pen launches election bid with the vow to fight globalization!
One could say that a new face of Donald Trump is emerging across the ocean. In our country, Donald is facing unfair accusations and constant obstructionism.
The best-intended plan for securing the country as any other action is debated and questioned. None with the good will or fairness. Every word is being criticized and twisted, every action and no action put down.
The Democrats sponsored by globalists at every corner looming ready as they promised to resist, oppose, obstruct.
But Donald has his own share of the faithful, solid supporters that trust him implicitly and will stand by him no matter what.
Across the ocean, there is the female Marine Le Pen from National Front (NF) edging for election in May in France.
Le Pen promised to fight the 'corrupt elite'. She has been called fascist. 
Donald experienced name calling like that one and more every day.
The Democrats seeing themselves as very loving and tolerant are very intolerant and rigid. They are the vehicle for the globalist and Islamophilia.
Le Pen promised to fight globalization. So, of course, who is calling her the ugly names?
The name callings like fascist, racist are being constantly freely misused by the leftist and the globalists.
The same one that likes to keep the open borders for everybody that is either illegal or Muslim.
The one group of migrants that they downplay, but are the most deserving help - are the persecuted Christians from the Arabs countries. 
Anybody that does not agree with them is automatically the White Supremacist, KKK, redneck, Islamophobic and always, always racist and
The leftists, globalists oppose just to oppose 
and the name calling is used as a weapon in lieu of solid arguments.

Of course, they would never call Muslim a fascist.
                                                                                      Never mind that there was the mutual love bordering with adoration between Hitler and Muslims.  Never mind, that over 70 years passed since Hitler died and Muslims still love Hitler. 
They carry around banners that say: 
'God Bless Hitler.'
Muslims proclaiming their love for Hitler.
current situation as seen on Rob Lee YouTube Channel
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 But never mind that. Never mind that Muslims are fed the fake history alleging that righteous Hitler was protecting the Germany from unrighteous Jews and all 6 million Jews that  Hitler murdered it was a form of self-defense.
"Hitler was right to say what he said
and to do what he did to the Jews"
-from imam's lecture
on MEMRI TV (fair share)
English: An American soldier stands near a wag...
English: An American soldier stands near a wagon loaded with corpses outside the crematorium of the Buchenwald concentration camp, Germany, following its liberation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Jewish slave laborers in the Buchenwald concen...
Jewish slave laborers in the Buchenwald concentration camp near Jena, Germany. (April 16, 1945). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Oh! 'Poor, poor, dear Hitler' - he had to defend himself. That's all! That the reason for the past concentration camps, Dachau and Treblinka, Auschwitz and Buchenwald.

Enough to say that according to the Democrats, the Islamophilia, the globalists - the Republicans and Donald Trump are the fascist - never Muslims.
The truth is quite opposite.

The world now is ready! Ready to finally voice its objections against the globalization and unwanted, 
the overwhelming quantity of migrants...avalanche coming from the 3rd world of poor, misplaced or running from the wars or simply looking for the better way of life. Mostly Muslims, masses of people that do not assimilate or integrate.
Among those people are hidden not just fighters, ISIS, future terrorist but ordinary Muslims that want to see the Sharia Laws ruling in the new land.
It's an invasion, war on the western culture with the Sweden, Germany greatly already overtaken by Islam!
In Germany, we see the rise of Pedigo. The Chancellor Angela Merkel who is responsible for the current devastation...for the refugees dying trying to cross the sea...who is responsible for ...the rapes and violence in the whole EU zone as the direct results of her 'open door' policy... never accepted the blame
...never apologized. In the future Merkel might face the court tribunal charged with the crimes against
humanity...but this year she running for the re-election, suddenly she tries to appease. Patriot, she is not.
We can cross out Germany if she'll win the election.
All over the world, the unvetted migrants remain the hottest issue and more nations are objecting the Muslims invasion. 
Mr. Obama was using Hillary email scandal and election as a distraction to the very last day of his presidency to sneak in the country poorly vetted refugees that are entitled to the full asylum seekers benefits paid by the taxpayer, in the future will compete for the jobs...and probably vote.  
Obama decision was not humanitarian, was not pro-America, but political. Like all his presidency it was for the expansion of Islam and for growing the future democratic pool. (more about migrants

Political scientist Frederic Dabi branded the Front National leader Ms. Le Pen a serious candidate. Her popularity is growing very fast in the country

that object Islamization.
There was a  French farmer who brought 200 migrants into the country. Do you think that farmer was applauded, praised for being such a good hearted fellow? No! He was branded as a smuggler and found guilty. 
Le Pen pointed her finger at him in condemnation:
 "This is a man that claims to act for humanitarian reasons, but he is really a militant of the extreme left."
le Pen understood that her first and utmost loyalty has to be to her own countrymen. 
The migration needed to be controlled and moderated. 

Do you recall when Merkel, UN etc tried to enforce the Muslims migration to EU by saying that white people are dying off? Putin said we are dying off, but did not welcome more refugees. 
It turned out to be a lousy argument.

When white race mix is no longer white!
No Muslims and no other race can save the white race. We doomed anyway. That's it.
    86 people were killed in the July 14, 2016, attack when a 19-tonne-truck was driven into crowds celebrating Bastille Day. extremism.   - comments.       on Facebook
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Leftist media silent as over 100,000 Italians take to the street... to protest the Islamic invasion
Free speech is dead on FB.Please join us at the 

Le Pen, who is a white female, how else can she 
be seen by leftists but as the ''racist, fascist' etc....otherwise she would never stand up for her own people but for new world flavor - Muslim.
Just a day before Ms. Le Pen with courage openly said:

 "radical" reforms are needed to end the migrant crisis engulfing the bloc..." afterward she was pushing Italian prime minister Paolo Gentiloni to take action instead of bowing down to Eurocrats saying:
"As long as Italy obeys the EU's diktat, it will be impossible to eliminate the problem of illegal immigration..." and directly asking for 
"a bilateral agreement between Italy and France to intercept migrant boats, make sure they are safe and send them back." 
In the other words: instant deportation!

Paris installs boulders under bridge to prevent makeshift migrant camps – activists 
 "... La Chapelle, a refugee center ...has taken in more than 5,200 refugees since opening in November, RT reported Thursday.
The boulders were placed under the bridge to keep the refugees off. This is a winter season. Refugees still hope to get to the UK  - there is no place to stay. Do you remember 'Jungle' in Calais port? Once borders's hard to close.

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The global, international charitable, non-profits, churches are trying to soften our heart to be more charitable. These are the same people, the same organizations that work as the highly paid Federal contractors for the refugees. This is the way they make the living. Helping refugees is a money making operation for charitable and churches. Starting with $2,000+ per head. Besides the profit, they gain prestige, recognition and ...power to affect the laws, influence the way people live, even commend the way people think. Terrorists and ISIS are only part of the danger that non-Muslims nations are facing with incoming Muslims refugees. 
It's enough to say that we got our own domestic terrorists, Black Lives Matter, many issues that dividing us. How many more problems can we handle? Are you concern that your kid is not getting the attention that it needs in underperforming schools and overcrowded classes? Take a look at the class.
How many kids - illegal or from illegal parents, do you see?
 Riot in France!  That's right. As we speak.
  Feb. 2, 2017 -The 22 years old black migrant man Theo said he was sodomized by police with a truncheon, as well as being racially abused, spat at and beaten around his genitals. He got the surgery. 3 others officers were charged with assault.  Tensions overflow. People violently rioting: burning cars, garbage, breaking windows etc. 
                                                                                                   (the article continue below)

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There are times and situations when I would be reluctant to compromise. I got no claim to objectivity ...only claim to support every nation effort to stand for its own people first and utmost.
That's my real reason why with curiosity and anticipation I watch Le Pen. At least she is not a leftist - that alone is a blessing.
France like the whole EU with escalating violence, rapes, constant rioting, rampage, mounting problems with the refugees is falling apart. The refugees' presence split the nations and families... the violence
they brought with them...not the same degree as they suffered in their own land...
but some type of propensity, inclination. Many of the asylum seekers turned to be invaders and predators.
Now the ones that are peaceful are suffering too. 
Now even basically good people are making bad choices, turning bad and it is difficult to take back the control of the situation. 
It would be a mistake to blame solely the refugees for the nations falling apart. The 'fall out' did not start with them, but sometime before with promoting politics, ideologies that lead to the present general hopelessness and unrest. The real blame is with the politicians that created such situation. 
The blame is with Soros. The blame is with Merkel
and others that away from public eyes were meddling in Syrians affairs. There are responsible for opening the borders to the people that might be needing help but are mentally incompatible with western men.
Blame globalists. 

"France's far-right party leader Marine Le Pen a few days ago told thousands of flag-waving supporters chanting "This is our country!" that she alone could protect them against Islamic fundamentalism and globalization if elected president in May." (Ingrid Melander | LYON, FRANCE)
What was That?
Oh! Here, let me state this again: Le Pen promised to protect against Islamic fundamentalism and globalization! 
Obviously, she feels so strongly that Islamic fundamentalism and globalization is not a blessing from the sky that she specifically protecting her countrymen - made her campaign priority issue.
There is more from the same source:
"Buoyed by the election of President Donald Trump in the United States and by Britons' vote to leave the European Union, Le Pen's anti-immigration, anti-EU National Front (FN) hopes for similar populist momentum in France."
Le Pen warned about ISIS jihadists taking advantage of the border chaos.
She said: "Border control is essential in the fight against terrorism."
She went even further than that. She understood that her first and utmost loyalty has to be to her own countrymen.
She said:
"People who fight 
(1) against the nation, 
(2) the borders and 
(3) the rights of the French people to protect themselves, 
driven by ideological reasons."
What does she exactly mean she nailed it at her campaign launch rally. "The divide is not between the left and right anymore but between patriots and globalists."(as Reuters reported)
In the U.S. the leftists are globalists and the Republicans are patriots.

"In 144 "commitments" published on Saturday, Le Pen says she would drastically curb migration, expel all illegal migrants and restrict certain rights now available to all residents, including free education, to French citizens.

An FN government would also take France out of the eurozone, hold a referendum on EU membership, and slap taxes on imports and on the job contracts of foreigners."
Do these remind you of something happening right now in our country?
That's right - It sounds exactly what our President already introduced here.

Le Pen agenda is so closely following Trump one might say it is directly replicated.
" She pledged to expel all foreigners condemned for a crime or misdemeanor, and ... she said migrants without identity papers could never be legally allowed to stay in France or get free healthcare." (Reuters)
 Overburdened with Islamic refugees pouring in not just from Syria, but Africans and from all over Muslim's countries -France, one of the EU prominent nations takes courage and inspiration from Mr. Trump.
 Mr. Trump initiated the change that might sweep the whole free world. It would be unmistakable the victory for the western civilization, for the western culture. It's the voice that stands for the integrity and sovereignty of each individual nation.

It's the voice that builds on nation's history, nation's past returns to cherishing its own citizens instead of glorifying some from 3rd world countries.

However seeing the democrats, media constantly fighting our president, the endless protests and violent riots sponsored by the lefties globalists you might wonder what type of reception Le Pen is facing from her own nationals.

There is no surprise that during Marine Le Pen rally there most happy were thousands listening to her speech. The happiest a flag-waving patriotic crowd chanting
 "This is our country!" ("On est chez nous!".) Her recent speech brought a tremendous enthusiastic patriotic response, the loudest applause and the standing ovations. The crowd was chanting  "France! France!" and "We're going to win!"
Beautiful! Suddenly somebody remembers that the western world belongs to the western men
like it was in the past centuries.
The Election in France is heating up... 
Le Pen - a strong female that could be a role model to follow for the 'pink vagina hats'. Got great plan to bring back the stability in the country.

My thoughts are drawn to Hillary, who recently declared:"That future is female".
meme by edlorens
using meta description from
The Hollywood Reporter:

Hillary Clinton in NEW MAKERS Video:
"The Future is Female"
Hillary lost election in 2008,
she lost in 2016

 Is LOSING ...a future?...for a female?!
No wonder, she lost!

Is Hillary cheering for Ms. Marine Le Pen? 
Did she say anything in her support?
What do you think? No?! 
Well...Ms. Le Pen is not a Soros puppet.

The U.S. Constitution: