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sarcasm and truth in politics
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by edlorens
This is a good news. But Why?  
You bet ya YOU got it wrong!
I'll try explain some reasons why Hillary lost the election. The current steps of
democrats regression...
Breaking News from

Federal Judge Orders Recount of Michigan Votes

 Ah! The difference between the Democrats and the Republicans! I bring out haters too, because...

Media were very partial, pro-Hillary.

There is the hidden danger in being overly partial.
After awhile, starting to believe they own biased outlook and lies,  the boomerang effect takes place, wrong decisions are being made.
Look at this:
The Clinton edition - 'Madam President' - NEWSWEEK distributed one day ahead of the election on Nov. 7, 2016. 
Fake news on Newsweek -Clinton cover as presidential winner
collage made by edlorens from MSN video (fair Share)


Front page of INQUISITR showing Tweet
about Hillary, Trump Newsweek copy
-Mr.Trump copy showed day after election
(photo made by edlorens)

From the Tweeter:
Newsweek got it wrong -"Madam President"

 Topix Media, a Newsweek licensee, allegedly designed both a Clinton and "President Trump" cover before the vote. 
From 125,000 copies of Newsweek distributed day before the election
-17 of 'Madam President' edition were sold before the recall.   
Now the cover photo of this 'fake' news is being sold on the internet for from 
99c -$10 thousand. Some can be fake.
The 'Mr. President Trump' edition came up on November 9, 2016.
Topic Media (Tony Romano) to New York Post, said:
 "Like everybody else, we got it wrong". 
You bet ya YOU got it wrong!
Cover your face in shame...with saying : " everybody..." to use as an
excuse and to diminish your own responsibility of fair reporting.
They got it wrong because for too long they were partial. Finally, they fall in their own trap. They were biased, next they became believers and further act upon the false belief system that they created. Got it?!
Media is responsible for creating certain opinions by which people base they judgment.
What Tony Romano should say, but did not : 
It is not everybody got it wrong and we is 'we (media) were on the
obviously wrong path and others were following us. We (media) failed the public by promoting, circulating viciously biased anti-Trump perception.
Newsweek should take the responsibility. Admit, that they were partial, as the result blind,
apologize and promise to do better, less partial future reporting. 

But, seeing their faulty line, can they see the real reasons for Hillary failure and Mr. Trump success?  Are you able to trust their opinion?

The Democrats are unable to see past their own navel...they are soo self-loving and hating
everybody else! 
 If you heard Tucker Carlson on The Fox News day before, blasting the Democrats, horrible new arguments orchestrated, you'll know that I was watching rubbing my temples..Carlson did a great
job pointing to the bigotry of the Democrats.  

English,  Fox News with Tucker
-Dec. 3, 2016,
My photo from Nexus 6P

 In the post-election
 (at Harvard Institute) Trump Senior Adviser Kellyanne Conway met
a former Clinton Communication Director
Jennifer Palmieri in what 
suppose to be a friendly debate.
 It turned out to be one of those pieces better not to watch without the bottle 
of the Aspirin and the 
 glass of the water on
the side. 
Also, you might want to see Judge Jeanine response
to the same debate here.
It's already December, an almost month pass the election... but the Democrats are not joining...they
still argue... and then still don't know why they lost. 
Go Figure! Please, excuse me... we are dealing with
some thick, thick heads and deep, dark mentalities
that somehow they believe that they are fighting evil. Funny, they can not understand that they are the ones that are HATERS... The proof is on the twitter and many other places. 

Tweeter by evil  new Democratic creation
-He calls himself Sleeping Giant, promoting hate, intolerance, and trying to undercut financially 

                  This is a WARNING! RED ALERT! 
The democrats that wanted to ban the guns are 'loading their weapons'. 
They viciously attack everything that they consider undemocratic. No allowance, tolerance for the opinions that differ from their own. 
They are the models what's right - what's wrong and they are uncompromising in their positions.
This is more than a verbal attack... they're trying
to destroy the financial resources of others.
This is a face of the real hate. The real evil!
God help us...

Liberals devastated by new Fox News host

The current arguments electoral vs popular are entertaining or irritating, but disruptive details. Just as the Democrats intend to. 
But, I believe, besides the temporary chaotic mess nothing is going to come out of it. The democrats
are going thru the regular 6 steps of mourning
of the death-presidency.
The first step is walking in the fog, asking stupid questions... a lot of exclamation points!  
No presidency for Hillary! But her handlers and Soros were preparing her for so many years...still
No presidency for Hillary! 
Hillary is flattened out by the bulldozer... That is 
Mr. Trump. She barely had the strength
to acknowledge Trump as the 45th president-elect...
all with no make-up to look more pitiful, 
like a real victim.  
That 1st step is call denial: 'What happened? Could this really happen? I don't believe it!' 
Believe it! O.k. Death is death! 
'Hillary's presidency is death!
Trump won! Please, kindly scoop Hillary aside!
You can put a headstone if you want to, but just
move her away! If you choose to, you can dig a deep
hole and drop there all your election postulates and bury it. We got the new
one, new solutions - new ideas. All under
one mighty name: Trump Brand. You can call us racists, xenophobic, Islamophobic ... it does not matter... get the umbrellas... we are raining on your head.  
 That is what should happen already...
Instead, almost simultaneously the democrats entered the stage #2. The most natural and needy thing. 
Assigning the blame, finding the guilty party.
Who can be responsible for poor Hillary disaster?
Of course, not a Hillary... no, she is a victim...
always a victim. Ah! America rubs their ears listening to the litanies... 
I am in shock that Hillary, Obama did not blame 
non-existent internet video. Do you recall Benghazi? Do you recall Orlando? The blaming video is always convenient, even when they do not exist.
No! This time Wikileaks was blamed and Julian Assange... Russia, very much Rusia. Even Pelosi was blamed. Getting too old. Needs to retire. But the first choice was James Comey, the FBI Director.
He is the one that opened not just first, but the second investigation into Hillary's email, only 11 days before the voting day. But he is not the one that proved to be "extremely negligent" by having the insecure private email server. There was a classified information improperly handled.
Hillary is still puzzled...she can not understand...
why do we hold against her that email server...
it was so sickening...we start moving to live under the freeway, hoping that the passing cars would swallow the noise that Hillary was making...and she is still 
not getting.  I bet you, she thought that we are just being noddy...why do we hold against her that email 
server, it's not like her personal maid was not taking a good care of it or Huma not safely tackle it in her 
pervert husband's computer!
 Why, for heaven sake, we could not give her the presidency based on her beautiful Facebook page or her twitter account? America! You're being noddy!

The next step, a long way from the final - acceptance. 
The step # 3, showed it face within hours, of lost election - anger, fighting ...
and a new set of questions: ' What's now? Can we turn the things around? ...But she is death... Can we bring her back? She'll be a zombie! That's O.K. Nobody will notice... They think that she got a Parkinson...another conspiration story!' 
Yap! There where we are now.  
From the billions of people occupying the Earth, 
over 4 million decided on the that 
wants Hillary to be our president. How kind it is for somebody that lives in Timbuktu to help us with making such an important decision!
Do the Democrats really believe that I am not sarcastic enough to notice or what?! 
( to learn more click here)
I am trying to put the recent political events into the perspective and organize issues. First I'll bring briefly the differences between Democrats and Republicans, then a little about Hillary and Donald, touch up on
electoral/popular vote ...all in the aspect of
American goods and Globalization. Afterward, I'll
move to write briefs 86p. introduction to the mile long, coffee-break, pocket size mini guide.  Everything for everything guides. That is if I'll still have time left on my coffee break. 
O.K. my coffee breaks tend to be rather short, so maybe I skip some very important and widely covered and jump straight to touch up my personal interest. Finally, there is not much that we did not talk
or dig into someplace one time or another. But generally, I'll bring up important factors shaping our 
political arena with emphasis on the different approach of democrats-republicans.
But whenever you're into reading Trump-Hillary you need to be situated in the comfortable chair, with coffee, tea, soda handy and maybe dog/cat that you can hug when you feel like crying. Enough advice.
Let's get serious. Trump is a real estate magnate, a billionaire businessman, politically new and learning fast but with some properties and investments located in his brand all over the world. That last part is a little problematic if he not addresses it carefully. 
He said nothing about establishing the blind trust. 
As is he presently put his children in charge, removing himself from overseeing. He claims that presidency of the country takes precedence over his personal business affairs. O.K. I am ready to give a shot.
Especially that with Hillary, the Clinton's Foundation,
and their foreign obligations we would be even further in the woods. 
Trump still did not offer his tax returns for the public scrutiny. Maybe he'll let us have a glimpse before he leaves the office. Ha! Ha! Don't count on it.  
In the past years, the presidential candidate made his tax return public. But this is not and was not required by the law. Mr. Trump does not like to do 'expected.'

Trump's very successful campaign was 
mind-blowing, sometimes controversial but always
unpredictable. He proved his loyalty to the Americans, his patriotism to the country by investing
millions of his own funds into the campaign and offering to accept a token of $1 yearly pay as a president. That is $400,000 saving for us/yearly.
(JFK was rich on his own and did the same).
In many aspects, predicting president Trump is a great unknown. I voted for him since I am one of 
'Never Hillary'.  If you're one of 'Never Trump' your life might improve significantly also since he plans to unite us all. Trump invigorating the nation by giving us the honest reality check, maybe some solutions.
He addressed jobs, trade, migrant, borders, corruption. 
Hillary is not a rainbow, not  'follow the yellow road...'  We know her for too many years to expect
much from her.  She was already well covered in pre-election season... lier, corruptible, power hungry, pay-for-play schemes, lesbian (after Barack Obama, Michelle and Hillary - Mr. Trump - a 'straight guy' in the office... hm! What do you think? Can we get use to?),with the out of the wedlock child (Chelsea), with another sexual predator like herself for the husband (ex-president Bill), "extremely negligent" (as per word of FBI director James Comey) that raised practically to 'sainthood' in the Democratic party and its supporters. 
Of course, her strong G. Soros, globalist and all-world elite that she endears herself to and personally strongly represents made sure that her
sins stay either hidden or unpunished. 
Obama, hoping for continuance of his politics and preservation of his legacy threw his support behind her. As oppose to Mr. Trump, Hillary is tenderly addressed and protected by media. With the result that a lot of people does not know a lot. Hillary is 'above the law'. That's as she is known on the internet.
Her naive or just idiots supporters are crying their loss after Nov. 8. It's truly a pitiful picture. I am waiting for the exodus of celebrities and other supporters that promised to leave the country if Mr. Trump gets the presidency. Where are they going to move? I am curious. The drug-gang friendly Mexico, or maybe to 
the humanitarian equal rights proponent Saudis? 
Castro alive or death - Cuba, so communist might give them a hug (they should with 'wet foot, dry foot' rule 50,000/year Cubans enter the U.S. claiming asylum, only later to travel both ways for the trade)... maybe present-day Sweden, already globalized with XXX rape increases...Danish (?) with their tolerance and welfare for the child-brides families ... to the Germany - the cultural/industrial center of the EU and 'the land of opportunity' (if you're a refugee) to what other sour tasting altruistic candies countries they'll move?! Maybe they leave a forwarding address. We should know as to prepare the new fund for care packages and emergency supplies!
I feel pity. Blindness is a handicap. 
With Democrats (please, read socialist, communist, globalist)
everybody gets 500+ (?) free entitlements privileges as long as you are some kind of minority. 
For the very best, my suggestion is to be a single color-woman with children, preferably LGBT...being refugee would be helpful (you get your own flag!). If not then plan to be a color-child...and do not forget to be LGBT! Since Obama step in 'loving' LGBT is the latest fad. Soon our courts are going to be clogged by
straight, very male men asserting to be LGBT and requesting the change names and the privilege just to improve their lot in life. 
With the Republicans, all entitlements shrink. 
How awful! Suddenly one is forced to think, plan for the future, get industrious, creative and cultivate an old fashion good working habits. The Republicans care less for your sexual preferences, more for how can you be productive and contribute to the society.
Everyplace is budget and accountability.
We got fights. America knows no rest. Protesters,
riots on the streets, petitions, questions regarding
electoral votes vs popular. Washington Post instigated and seemed to praise the public unrest talking about "These rallies, which largely have been both organic and peaceful." 
...Since, when the setting up the fires,
beating up somebody just because he is suspected
Mr. Trump supporter ... is peaceful?
With fall of Hillary, riots, protest in 10-11 cities,
emergency meeting Of George Soros, Nancy Pelosi Hillary and other democrats, the party was thrown into chaos...
their unsinkable Titanic...sink. 
They don't understand how Hillary lost!
They don't understand why Hillary lost!
They can not see how come all the efforts of the death people voting for her just to assure her primary win away from Bernie, the charm classes for Hillary and the new, expensive wardrobe, the inspiring speeches, the questions to the debate given her week in advance...did not sum up to her presidency!
They don't understand...
How come they don't understand? 
What is there NOT to understand?
Why they can not see...
  • that we were done with Obama and rejected his economies, policies, legacy and needing a not extension but change...
  • that we were fed up with Obama's bigotry... Obamas Moochers...his executive orders violating our rights and the Constitution, his corrupted administration his unusual affection prioritizing Muslims but diminishing Christianity...slowly creeping Sharia Laws and ineffectual fighting ISIS...sneaking in unvetted Muslims refugees...something Hillary supported.
  • those 35+ years of political experience with a little of achievements to show for is not a plus...we already know Hillary is made off...her hunger for power and money... 
  • that Americans are romantic at hearts, even when they go thru few marriages, or somehow fail with 'one love - one life' love...'political marriage' with both cheating partners is not considered a right model for our children...
  • that corruption of pay-for-play is the form of bribery...
  •  that congenital liar is not to be trusted or respected...
  • that security negligence (email, Benghazi) is not something to look forward...
  • that walking around the unexplained graves (heart attacks, unnatural, suicides all at the time when they become the liability to Clintons) is not the leisure stroll in the park...
  • that promoting somebody that never released her Wall Street and to the big pharma speeches ($235,000-$330,000 -Hillary earnings per speech) makes one suspicious...
  • that The Clintons Foundation - a money laundry operation, would not attract voters like Haitian and minorities (Haiti got only 6%-7.5% of what they should)...
  • that America does not want more of Obama's politics...
  • that many blacks don't bother to vote...
  • that middle class and white issues were ignored...
  • that Americans want jobs, prosperity and greatness for themselves more than being interested in helping others.
  • that calling people names racists, xenophobic, Islamophobic etc is not going to turn them into voters.
  • that Americans stand for their own integrity, independence...they are patriots...they are proud to be Americans...they are against Globalization and bringing in countless refugees...
  •  that many democrats are just good hearted people, but when they realized what the globalization entitles...they left and voted for Mr. Trump...
  • that people like secure borders...they don't want illegals, ISIS, unvetted coming in and they like ... fences/walls to define their own territory...
  • That John Podesta 'spirit cooking' and using pig blood in exposition and rituals ... is a vomit, occult ...not enlightening arts...
We, Americans are many...we got a big piece of the land... guarded by not one, but two oceans!

Are you surprised that we got big egos?!
Give us the respect! 

     πŸ˜•America questions...and is disappointed. We got eyes...πŸ‘€...many eyes.πŸ‘€...πŸ‘€,πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€...
    The cat is watching...
    (public domain photo)

    ... the list can go on...but most of it amounts to two basic reasons why the democrats lost:
    1. the Democrats pick up such a horrible, unelectable candidate as Hillary. Nobody with 2 cents worth off 
    brain would want her for the president. Maybe, 8 years earlier, when many of us knew less before she became the Secretary of State... But now, we experienced Obama... 
     2. If the Democrats wanted to win, they should choose the candidate with a strong patriotic, 
    pro-jobs and anti-globalization agenda. 
    In one word they should go for: The Republican.
    For example: Like this one!
    of President-elect MR. DONALD TRUMP
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