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President-elect against American flag
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As of 1:45 p.m. Eastern time, Donald Trump wins the electoral college threshold of 270 votes. He'll become the next 45th President of the U.S., sworn on January 20, 2017.

In spite of 'Hamilton electors' attempting to steal the presidency from Trump...
in spite of being demonized by the Hillary campaign ... all the obstacles and fake news...  claims of hacked email by Russia (although according to Julian Assange from Wikileaks it was leaked, not hacked by the insider from the Democratic party ) in spite of violent protest, petition on ...and electors like Michael Banerian receiving the death threats if voting for Mr. Trump -  the billionaire businessman still won the election.

"BREAKING: All 10 Election Hacks Inside the US in Georgia Have Been Tracked to DHS — NOT RUSSIA"  (December 15, 2016) Below the direct quote from this article:

    "As Denzel Washington recently said in an interview when asked about “fake news,” the famed Hollywood reporter declared, “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you do read it, you’re misinformed.” (
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    Published December 16, 2016 December 18th, 2016 December 18th, 2016 December 16th, 2016

    18 years ago, today Bill Clinton was impeached.
    Now, Bill Clinton as an elector of New York cast his vote for Hillary...
    But we, as the nation are proud that Mr. Trump is going to be our next Commander in Chief.

    The Democrats who portrait the Republicans as the brutes, uneducated males were violently rioting, burning the American flag and threatens the lives of the electors that choose to vote for Mr. Trump.
    Michigan elector Michael Banerian told the FOX Business Network's
    Maria Bartiromo:
    “I’ve had people that have been talking about putting a bullet in the back of my mouth, burning myself and my family, sending pictures of 
    nooses saying if I don’t vote for Hillary Clinton, they’ll get me,” 
    Elector Banerian blames directly Hillary and her campaign for the
     divisiveness,  the outpour of extreme negative reaction sweeping the nation.  He said:
    “Hillary Clinton not just called Trump and the Republican supporters deplorable but she said we were irredeemably so. She said the enemy she was most proud of was Republicans,...When you talk like that she’s not only demonizing Republicans, but she’s dehumanizing us, and doing that enables these people.”

    It is very worrisome that the Democratic presidential candidate would call the opposing Americans not just deplorables, but the enemy...
    The Democrats and the Republicans are the opposing parties...but being called the enemies is very wrong.  It is just right that candidate as such would not inherit the presidency. 
    English: This photo depicts Donald Trump's sta...
     Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
    That Hollywood star now got a new meaning, as Mr. Trump is going to be our next 45th president

    It was the Democrats and Hillary's paid agitators that brought
    unrest in the country. It was president Obama that encouraged the illegals to vote. It was Michelle that shamelessly declared that with Mr. trump presidency we are losing the hope and therefore encouraging unrest and more unlawful behavior. 
    It was the Democrats that threatens the lives of the Republicans. 

    "I will work hard to unite our country and be the President of all Americans," Trump said

    Lets us hope that as Mr. Trump said that he wants to be the president for all the American, meaning the Democrats and the Republicans
    he can reunite us and bring peace, good will for the common goals.
    As diverse, multicultural we are... the Americans ... we are the nation under the same flag. It is time to stop fighting and extend the good's time to work together. 
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    As Reuters reported "Protesters briefly disrupted Wisconsin's Electoral College balloting. In Austin, Texas, about 100 people chanting: “Dump Trump”. But only two Republicans from Texas turned out to be
    the "faithless electors" and instead of voting for Mr. Trump who won the
    popular election in Texas voted one for Ron Paul and another for 
    John Kasich.  At the end Mr. Trump won 304 electors votes to Hillary Clinton's 227.

    The election is over. The official January 6, 2017, shall come fast, then January 20, and Mr. Trump will assume the highest office in the land. With his presidency comes the new hopes and new expectations. 
    Let's forgive and forget the shortcomings of the opposing party, the one that we can and concentrate on helping achieve the campaign promises that Mr. Trump made. Let us build the stronger country and better lives for all Americans. 

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    Saturday, December 17, 2016


    by edlorens
    D T SIGNED SEALpng.png
    Photo: “Mr. Trump” by edlorens
    Only electors from the party that won the popular vote get to cast their ballots on December 19, so only Republican electors will vote in the states that Trump won, and only Democratic electors in the states Clinton carried.”After the defeat of self-serving agenda of Jill Stein, we were hoping to return to relevant normalcy of everyday. It did not happen yet.
    “Is Jill Stein On Hillary Clinton’s Payroll? – OpEd”
    -asked Mina, Nov.28, 2016.  Or is she sponsored by the Soros? -comes to my mind.
    This election left me pondering what in the general, visible, deciding terms the opposing parties stand for.  The Democrats and Hillary -
    the Republicans and Trump.
    The base, the foundation determines the scope, direction, the details.
    After checking the skeletons of the basic ideologies stripped from rhetorics of the two opposing parties democrats and republicans the many prominent differences are very clear:
    • The Democrats are mostly socialists, communists,
    globalists, neocons, in one or another form, often hiding
    behind the progressive label. They are for the alternative lifestyles (LGBTQ), that they promote as being open minded, love the big government, control of the personal freedoms (gun control), expansion of the welfare and catering to the small minority groups. They believe that white people are racists. They believe in equality and have no problems assigning more privileges to one group at the cost of another. They believe in the climate change.They continuously degrade the patriotic feelings as  nationalism. They erode the meaning of our flag and the anthem.
    They talk unity and carrying...but their leaders are ineffective and bring divisions.
    fashion values, traditional families, and love for the country. They see the flag, anthem as a reminder of our roots, symbol of our national unity and heritage.
    They aggressively pursue business and making money. They do not care for too many changes.
    With the currently changing map, the difference is between pro us or pro them. It comes to defining American. Here, It looks something like that:
    • With the Democrats, the prevailing drive is
    the need to share with all the needy in the world.
    They say:"We, America are part of the world. We got an obligation."
    (open doors to illegals and more and more refugees)
    • With the Republicans, the driving thought is :”We hold the world in our hands.  We should make some money” The Republicans do not want to be anybody's patsy. (Close the borders. Control migration).
    With the Democrats, we're facing more wars, refugees and continued more violent involvement on the numerous fronts of the world. If Hillary would assent to the presidency we had a good chance facing a World War III. That's a biggy! Hillary always voted for the military aggression and she is the well-known warmonger.  

    Hillary collage2016-15-12--10-54-58.png
    photo: meta descriptions of articles and Tweeter
    -election 2016, Hillary Clinton ( made by edlorens)

    With the Republicans,  and the new more aggressive military strategies we're going to have a better chance to overcome the ISIS. The Afghanistan war that is going on for already 15 years requires a new approach... away from the politics of Obama or Hillary that is just his expansion. Every place where we are fighting we might be winning some, maybe losing some too, but pushing for the closure and peace restoration. Maybe we can stabilize our relationship with Russia.
                           Putin said that he would work with  a whoever ascent to the presidency but with president-elect Mr.Trump we are more assure of maintaining peace between our two nations. Let's not 'Bull' about that. Russia is the power. We got the common enemy - ISIS.
    Putin does not know how long he wants to stay in power. He is sick.  Peace would be good. Our country has a short history. We are only 240 years old and 123 wars with 5 years of peace. Maybe we can learn the way to stop
    fighting. What do you think?

    • With the Democrats winning is an uphill battle.
    H for escalation of conflicts Robert Parry  Updated Aug 8th. 2016.PNG
    Photo : quote “...Clinton...has advocated for the escalation of conflicts...rather than engaging in ...negotiations. “ -Robert Parry article - August 8, 2016
    They blow up taxpayers money, mismanage and deficit grows...
    After losing election they whine endlessly, instigate riots and violent protesting including the destruction of the properties and such unpatriotic acts as burning the American flag. They call it a grand tradition and encourage more discord. Burning the American flag they call it a protest against Mr.Trump.
    Why? Please, tell me why?
    Jonathan Jones,( Wednesday 30 November 2016 ) in the article:

    “Blaze of Glory: the grand tradition of burning the American flag”

    (The Guardian, that calls itself - the world's leading liberal voice)
    “ protest against Trump’s latest disrespect of their venerable constitution. Just burn the nearest flag. It’s the American way to dissent.”
    Oh! Really! Shame on the person that put the pen in that reporter’s hand.
    He entices  violence and plain hooliganism but he presented it as something grand and even romantic, by deviously using wording such as ‘venerable constitution.” The person who get involved in burning ’nearest flag’ can get arrested and fined for destruction of somebody’s property. In addition Jonathan Jones is encouraging “ protest against Trump’s latest disrespect of their venerable constitution…” but he did not bring even one example of Mr. Trump doing such a thing. If the other democrats are as brainless and shallow as this Jones, are you surprise that they lost election?
    The American flag is not the Trump hotel, it is not the Trump golf course…
    The American flag is not the Trump Brand! The American
    flag is all of us…
    All 50 beautiful is the symbol of our hopes, desires, dreams
    And the rule of land where we live - The Constitution. Our flag should be used as a symbol to respect and unite all our multicultural nation.
    The hooligans, punks use burning our flag for entertainment like firecrackers. It’s a shame! Can you show me another equally powerful symbol? America is mostly good, not bad flagwave1.gifand is a pitiful the one that can not see that.   
    The Democrats oblivious to the damage they cause...No! NO! That’s not it!
    They are pushed, sponsored by the globalists like George Soros.
    The party leaders not ready to abandon their deceitful agenda. They do not want to lose the momentum of refugees, Syrians, Africans, many others
    now on the move, forcing its way to the Western World...the future democrats...Ah! “America is already great” , let us share it! Pave the road! Burn the American Flag! Now, are you proud of yourself?
    The Democrats loudly promise up front more fighting. What do you think? And continuous obstructions, fights and issuing warnings. Sanders did.
    He said:: I'll be Trump's 'worst nightmare' if he [Trump] goes after minorities…” That was said Nov. 11, 2016. Mr. Trump did not assume the presidency yet.

    No promise of cooperation, nor the desire to come to some agreement.
    Opposition, fights, creating obstacles.
    Example? This is an example that encompasses all above claim." Hillary Clinton spent $1.2 billion in her unsuccessful campaign for the White House." The white hard working Americans and the patriots she called 'Deplorables'. The Democrats did not lost gracefully. We got fights directly on the ground, in medias and through the legal channels.
    • With the Republicans, the spending is controlled. They lay on the essential and generate positive results.
    Example: Mr.Trump's campaign. The cost of his campaign was about
    $600 million, half of that of Hillary.
    Although it appeared that his campaign had poor organization, Mr. Trump addressed the most important issues (jobs, trade, immigration) and catered to the dedicated voters. Soonest Mr. Trump became the president-elect he started creating and saving Americans jobs. With the Democrats, we'll be taking in more unvetted refugees and giving away unqualified rights, entitlements to illegals. We'll stay on the course of politics encouraging opening borders for unrestricted, continuous flow of more and more various migrants, asylum seekers now from war and poverty…
    soon climate change will claim 200 million ready to live someplace else.
    “WATCH: O'Reilly Responds to Obama's Plan to Accept 2,000 Immigrants Denied By Australia”    December 5th, 2016  
    • With the Republicans,  and Mr. Trump intentions
    of building the 'wall', securing the borders we,
    Americans are making worldwide statement that this is our land and us, the Americans are deciding who and on what terms is welcome.
    This position does not mean that we would not accept some refugees, deserving asylum migrants or does not even mean that we get rid of all illegals residing between us. But it does mean bringing law, better laws and order to our immigration policies.It does mean more scrutiny, more cautiousness...
    it means claiming back control over our borders.
    Mr. Trump plans to send back illegals that are criminals (the estimate 2-3 million is an exaggeration. It is more likely about 800,00). Are you crying about that? Why? Do you like criminals?
    Securing the borders with Mexico is not only preventing latinos entering our
    country at will but will stop ISIS and poverty migrants from Africa that start using that road for entering the U.S.
    When the Democrats keep their noses up, proudly calling themselves the
    the Republicans look sideways with scepticism.
    Oh! Give me anytime the common sense and good will to work with over the humanitarian’s naivete and sometimes corruption of the
    hidden agenda of the globalists and NWO!

    “WikiLeaks’ Email Exposes Billionaire Globalist Soros as Hillary Clinton’s Puppet Master”    November 30th, 201”  
    Are you surprised that Hillary wanted Julian Assange death?

    What else the Democrats and Republicans are standing for?

    • With the Democrats, we would keep the current
    unfavorable for us trade agreements, export jobs,
    give unquestionable support to NATO, sustain the present culture of corruption.
    • With the Republicans...the change is coming.
    Mr. Trump wants to keep the American jobs for Americans. He is dedicated to undertaking all the necessary measures to stop exporting jobs, the
    industries moving out and to bring them back to the country. He plans to abolish/re-negotiate the unfavorable for us trade deals and other agreements including with Iran. He is the businessman. As such he has no objection to NATO as long as the partners contribute their share.  
    • With the Democrats  during the almost 8 years,
    of Mr. Obama presidency we transformed ourselves. We become the country that caters to constantly expanding various minorities groups.
    Many of them are sustained and kept alive by constantly stressing out our differences.
    In the name of equality Obama divided us more than ever.

    “What’s Happened To This Country?”

    Exactly! What happened to us if

    we could even consider somebody as Hillary Clinton for the president? This is what the former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” said about Hillary Clinton: “She lies to Congress … she treats foreign governments like they’re a piggy bank for the Clinton Foundation … she violates the law whenever she wants … she uses the government agencies like the FBI and the IRS to go after her own personal opponents. I don’t think Hillary could give a rip for people who are out there lifting heavy things and getting their hands dirty and greasy — she looks at them … as people she could put in her basket of deplorables.    
    With the Republicans and President-elect Mr. Trump reassurance that he wants to be president to all Americans maybe, some issue are going to be slowly resolved on its own.  
    Republican as opposed to the Democrats are not the sellers of dreams but results. They are much more practical, pragmatic and
    calculating the cost. It is possible that somebody that considers himself a minority in 5 different categories is going to be left on the side of the street and no welfare. Then, somebody might raise above his previous status just because he got ...skills.
    I know ...the world is unjust...better get some skills.
    Also, Democrats should remember ...
    In  the past, Mr. Trump sometimes voted bi-partisan, he was, also an Independent before joining Republicans. But as he said he intends to be the president serving all American people.With the Democrats, and Hillary as the president,
    the other countries know how to advance their
    issues. It's simple... buy and sell, pay-for-play!
    With the Republicans, and Mr. Trump the whole world is shaking...
    He can be aggressive or soft..
    but his outlook at the world is locked in one word: "Negotiate!"
    Recognize that and you might advance with Trump...
    Besides, Donald knows how to 'grab or to kiss'...not happy (?) use the exit door! But don't whine, learn, promote your cause and remember that Trump has respect for the integrity.

    Are you surprised that majority of other countries would prefer to see Hillary as the president? Probably, more non-Americans in the America and
    most in the remaining part of the world are upset more than our own citizens that she did not get the presidency. There is the great possibility that half of the people signing objecting to the electoral vote is foreigners, Saudis or refugees in camps calling in.
    • With the Democrats, we were getting some basic
    dishonesty, manipulation for the political gain. With
    Hillary as the president we could expect more
    pay-for-play scheme. There is the whole world out there with Saudis and Qatar expecting to be paid.
    Democrats were controlled and driven by the Globalization scheme. Over the years George Soros contributed $25 million to the Clinton Foundation.
    We know that a lot of money for the Foundation ended up in Clinton's personal pockets. She would have to make good on her mighty donor first, before us... We would end up more in debts...but she would prosper.

    Election 2016, Placard - “Hard Working,
    Tax Paying, Legal Americans for Trump”
    With the Republicans
    With the Democrats
    With the Republicans…
    With the Democrats...
    With the Republicans...
    With the Democrats...

    The both parties promote an idea of 'sharing' goods. But when Democrats want to share with the world, Republicans prioritize sharing with Americans,
    for Americans before helping the others.
    At home, we got to avoid violence and any type of lawlessness at all cost.
    It is essential that in present time all republicans stay lawful! Our solution has to come from the law and by respecting the law! The benefits gained by Law are much longer lasting.
    The problems with the transition of the powers continue.  besides the violent uncalled, unprovoked protests there was a petition going on initiated by 'wounded' democrats wishing for their candidate Hillary Clinton to ascent to the presidency based on the popular vote. In 2008 election
    Hillary also had more popular votes but lost primary to Barack Obama.
    There were no protests, riots or other noise made by the Democrats.
    Personally, I think that Hillary is not going to be the president is a good part...   She was very undesirable candidate.
    She is 35+ years in the politics...1st as the wife of the governor of Arkansas, wife of the president, then-Secretary of the State herself...and never leaving a significant positive imprint.

    Instead, we had the continuous scandals and sleepless night
    watching the problematic political scene created by Bill or Hillary.
    After November 8, the Democrats created another diversion.
    Leak or hack mail by Russia. That is big and separate subject by itself.
    But the roots of it again can be traced to Hillary (her negligence - illegal private
    Unfortunately, many young voters, protesters don't remember those times. Many grew up under Obama 8 years. Now, even the election course had
    much more upheaval than could be anticipated ... and we're still not done.
    Seems, like there is never the political peaceful quietude.

    “The American people chose Donald J. Trump to lead them for a reason. He has the courage, brilliance, and energy to Make America Great Again, and nobody has called foreign policy right more than President-elect Trump, and he gets no credit for it,” K.T. McFarland said.

    Kellyanne Conway (@KellyannePolls) · Twitter  about the Demorats and Clinton:
    Story image for Kellyanne Conway from MediaiteStory image for Kellyanne Conway from MediaiteStory image for Kellyanne Conway from MediaiteStory image for Kellyanne Conway from MediaiteStory image for Kellyanne Conway from Mediaite

    'What a Pack of Losers': Kellyanne Conway Blasts Clinton ...

    'What a Pack of Losers': Kellyanne Conway Blasts Clinton ...

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    lives in Southern California


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