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US President Bill Clinton (center with hand up...
US President Bill Clinton (center with hand up), first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton to right of photo; their daughter Chelsea Clinton to left. On procession in public. The President, First Lady, and Chelsea on parade down Pennsylvania Avenue on Inauguration day, January 20, 1997. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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December 5, 2016,1:05 p.m.

If President Obama gives the pardon to 
Hillary, he himself always afterward remains
under the suspicion that his real intention
were to cover up his own and his administration
There is a question... can he do it?
Yes, but he can not give the pardon unless
he is first asked for it. Issuing the pardon
using the regular channels takes 2-3 years.
It can be also given fast within only
6 days. The person asking for pardon does
not have to be indicted or even charged.
In the past, Nixon was given pardon by 
the president G. Ford. 
Bill Clinton, when he was the president
in 2001 pardoned his half-brother, who spent
a year in prison for the possession of cocaine.
He also issued some other pardons, allegedly 
 in exchange for high donations to the Clinton Foundation.

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Right now, Hillary's fate is unknown.
 During election time Mr. Trump on numbers
of occasions made the promise to call for the
special prosecutor to handle Hillary case. 
Also, he promised that this he would do 
soonest he get the office.
However, it's possible that with the avalanche
of work of hiring 4,000 new federal employees
and setting up a new cabinet, dealing with 
unexpected and often violent protests Mrs.
Hillary Rodham Clinton is not on his mind at 
the moment. Hillary is visible devasted by her
sudden and unexpected loss of the presidency.
The president-elect Mr. Trump might feel some
compassion. He might feel restrained by the 
fact that Hillary is a female. Mr. Trump on
occasions hires women for the high position.
His campaign manager is  Kellyanne Conway
Jesse Jackson called for Obama to pardon Hillary.
Julian Assange publisher of Wikileaks
said lately that he "feels sorry for Hillary."

It is natural reaction for some good hearted
people after achieving the aim to move on and
not to dwell on negativity.
But should we forgive Hillary and let her 
escape all her criminal activities unscattered?
Bill Clinton was impeached. Not for a sexual
activity with Monica Levinsky, but for lying
under oath. The final resolution - the pardon is within the reach from Obama. However, I feel that it should
be left to the new president Mr. Trump to make
the final decision. The question would be:
Are we healing the nation by giving pardon to
Hillary or are we reinforcing perception that rich,
elite is untouchable and above the law?  
Would giving pardon to Hillary be demoralizing
to the nation or pro-Unity...? What about 'cleaning
swamp'? What do you think?
Do I have an opinion, what He should do?
Yes, I do. But at a moment I prefer not to share it.
Instead, I would like to call to some of your
attention, that we still have protestors, not the
peaceful, quiet ones but violent and in many 
cities.  The protests are being organized and
purposefully encouraged or stirred. 
Who is protesting?
I am sure that some are a regular people,
of course, democrats - supporters of Hillary.
But among these supporters are many illegals
and maybe legal latinos too... some
protesters were heard using
obscenities in Spanish. With Mr. Trump promise
of deportation of 2-3 million of illegal criminals
are you surprise they are fighting back?
Especially, when Obama and Hillary were promising 
 a permanent residency. Why? Beats me!
Do they like criminals? Maybe they do.
Finally, we all saw President Obama While talking to 
latino actress Rodriguez on Spanish media channel
openly encouraging illegals to vote. 
Of course, he assumed for Hillary. But imagine
the president who knowingly leads the people to
break the law. Using Obama's vocabulary 
- this is highly unAmerican and unDemocratic.
The president Barrack Obama is in great part
responsible for the current fires, destructions of
the properties and some people ending up being
"Police departments across the country say they have arrested at least 350 people during the protests this week. In Oakland, police... said one person arrested “had a cache of Molotov cocktails.” "
(read more
But in other places, there are different types
of protesters. 
Only 34 of the 112 protesters arrested voted,
4 were younger less than18y old in Portland Oregon.
 Quite the big group but only small number voted. 
 Does this looks to you like they are politically responsible/knowledgeable adults only overreacting
due to the loss of their chosen candidate? Do
you think that they care about politics or what's best
for America or eager for 'action'... there is something
unusually dirty hidden behind.

Photo: taken from YouTube video
Most of the arrested Portland Rioters
did not even bother to vote for the president
Credit: MLordGod
(fair Share)

Why do you think 
 are protestors?  What are these people
doing there? Who are they?
Ordinary mobs, gangs, elements that enjoy
fighting and stirring problems... and youth.
The many others, It's believed are paid, protesters
or maybe it should be said, rioters. They turned
in the very destructive, easily combustible mob even so or maybe because they are young. The scene that one observes on the media directly taken from these places feels unreal. Watching, one feels suddenly lost, confused...for a moment one might believe that these
are the scene of the violent refugees in the EU...

Are we seeing  our children, neighbors now one against each other?  Look at the close-up below...
on the photos they look not just young, but ordinary.
Where the rage and desire to destroy is coming from?
Should we blame partially our education system?
The natural thought enters my mind. The young ones
are not just most pliable but often short on cash.
Can you put the two and two and two together?
It's shame that these are the photos of our future
or present young democrats, the possible leaders
of the country. Where chaos leads? 

photo: picture of arrested rioters against Mr. Trump
in Portland, Oregon. 70% of these violent protestors
did not even bother to vote. 4 of them were underage.
credit: The Horn News (Fair Share)
In one place Portland, Oregon the young 
rioters did over $1 million of property damage.
Here is how the situation was described in 
by the Horn News reporter:
"...Storefront windows have been smashed and at least one police cruiser was defaced with profanities. Officers were forced to defend themselves with tear gas and flash-bang grenades from “burning projectiles” thrown in their direction over the weekend. One protester was shot by another alleged protester in a drive-by shooting early on ..."
(to learn more)
A man was shot and wounded in Portland, Ore., in the early
hours of Nov. 12 as protests continue across the country against
the election of President-elect Donald Trump. (Reuters)

That's right! Maybe these are the same ones
Those 'democrats' used previously by 
advertising on the Craigslist and then after
6 h. of training sent them out to create disturbances
on Mr. Trump's rallies.
The other groups of protesters like in Los Angeles
are just kids...
high school kids. Imagine that!
They are too young to vote, but they think that 
they are old enough, mature enough to make
decision who should be our next president!
Don't you suddenly feel that there is a grown up standing behind those kids and pushing them 
one or other direction? They are kids!
Easy to manipulate. They know no history
and absolutely nothing how unwholesome
Hillary in reality is. They are impressionable.
In addition, they are  happy to be the part of some
movement. They do not understand that
they are on the wrong side.
They think: Hillary - good and Mr. Trump is bad!
The kids do not understand that they have been
used  and manipulated. 
Who else and utmost is to be blamed? 
Probably George Soros...
the democrats and media... for their bias, for
the dirty unfair name calling of the people
that do not share their opinions... for unfairly
and excessively demonizing Mr. Trump...
for having such and such a corrupted,
scandalous, the compulsive liar for the candidate
as Hillary. 
And what about Hillary? Oh! As usual,
in the Obama style, she gave inspirationally
speeches... the very beautiful speeches...right?
But did you noticed that something was 
missing there? Somehow, I do not recall
Mr. Trump being mentioned by the name.
Somehow I did not hear her calling for
peace and staying calm, return home, no


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The puppet Master George Soros met
with democrats quietly. He must be not
very happy with Hillary performance.
He gave $25 million to the Foundation
and look... Hillary is not a next president.
So many others, from all over the world
gave... Now, Hillary stands in the shit!
Are all these donors willing to accept the
But what is the pretext for the current 
demonstrations? The alleged popular vote
that many believe Hillary won.
Again I am asking if the popular vote is
more meaningful than electoral than why
was this not discussed and established before
the election? 
The popular vote is only as good as the
honesty and integrity of the system and 
people. This was a very bitter, feisty campaign.

I read by some place estimates that Hillary
got unfairly about 3 million undeserved
As it is electoral decides the presidency!
Don't cry! Accept and let's work in peace!
The electoral/popular vote situation happened
before... only 8 years before. Take a look below:
photo: Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton -
showing democratic primary election results in 2008
Obama lost popular but won electoral vote to Hillary
and still won the nomination (fair Share)

I can not see that Hillary accepted
her defeat calmly. I think that she has a 
problem leaving the stage.
I am not surprised... there are the criminal
charges still hanging over her head resulting
from her activities as the Secretary of the
State. Let us talk about that a little.
Judicial Watch is the conservative, non-profit an advocacy group of lawyers that since 1994,  
under the direction of Tom Fitton is using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to hold the 
government administration accountable to the 
law. At the time when the FBI, 
Justice Department or Congress was 
unresponsive Judicial Watch supporters were
paying attention.
As the result,  "...the American people resoundingly 
rejected Hillary Clinton corruption...and denied Hillary Clinton
 the presidency..." Furthermore, in spite of 2008
Mr. Obama promises, the president 
acted in secrecy, without any transparency.
He did not give Americans the respect of
honest, open communication.
But as Judicial Watch said: 
"... the corruption matters to the American people. 
 At a minimum, President-elect Trump should commit to a transparency revolution.  The Trump administration and new Congress must focus on restoring the rule of law and accountability after the eight years of a lawless Obama administration.  Corruption in government is an overwhelming problem..." 
 Do you remember, how often we were
bitterly commenting that 'Hillary is above
the law?' 
Judicial Watch motto is "... because no
one is above the law."

Present litigation already exposed
"...both the Benghazi and Clinton cash scandals... 
It is the slow and uphill battle. Due to the
Judicial Watch litigation FBI turned to the 
State Department at least 15,000 new
Clinton emails recovered under 
 September 23, 2016 court order issued 
by U.S. District Court Judge James E. Boasberg. 
Last week there were   74 additional emails 
procured by the FBI. There was 
a classified email between Hillary and 
Judicial Watch said that "... Her (Hillary Clinton)
sharing of classified information with her daughter shows criminal 
disregard for national security."
 (read more.) 

The 650,000 emails found on Huma Abedin
and Anthony Weiner devices FBI 
reviewed within 8 days and the hearing
related to it is scheduled for November 29.
But, the 31,000 emails still in question 
for the unspecified reasons the State Department claims will take up
to 5 years to process!
Does this not sound like an obstruction
of justice?
Judicial Watch filed 7 FOIA lawsuits 
against "...the State Department in the U.S. District Court for 
the District of Columbia to obtain the release of documents about the
 Clinton email scandal, including emails of her top aide Huma Abedin
 and records about the Benghazi and Clinton Foundation scandals..."
The State Department failed  the legal
responsibility to respond within the 20 days.

 "There is a rule-of-law and transparency crisis in Washington.  But our new FOIA lawsuits show that Mrs. Clinton and her co-conspirators in the Obama administration will be held accountable for :

  • the violations of transparency law, 
  • criminal destruction and mishandling of government records, 
  • their Benghazi lies, 
  •  the Clintons’ abuse of office for personal and political dollars.”

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