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This is big, huge, folks! The 2nd FBI investigation into Hillary email dirty scandal! A precedence! With an election just behind the corner!
I am sure that FBI Director Comey would not park himself
on the same tarmac as Hillary just to chat about the 'grandkids'! Right?!
Additional sweet icing on the cake is that
Obama must be furious.

James Comey
James Comey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Demonstration in front of Sydney Town...
English: Demonstration in front of Sydney Town Hall in support of Julian Assange, 2010, December 10 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)There are numbers of tools in the Hillary  democratic arsenal being used to make sure the votes will swing her direction.

But here I like to discuss more Hillary
email situation, bring the new developments and possible legal implications, actors of most current 'drama' Hillary-Comey.
First, I have to warn you as I am sure
Those democrats somehow shall find the way
to blame the remaining part of the nation for
Hillary current rolling and rolling and rolling
down the hill.

What really Hillary team excel is in 'What Hillary does the best"
-assigning the blame.
The blame, of course, has to be assigned or somebody enlightened might 'god forbids' think that Hillary is at fault.
No, No! Hillary is 'Not at fault',
NEVER Hillary!
She is the victim!
Aways playing victimization!
Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email server and treatment of classified materials when she was secretary of state created a very complicated, serious legal situation. But she is acting like we're
just 'picking on her'.  That's right folks! Should we not stop harassing and annoying her?
 Ts, Ts, Not nice!

Somebody, like FBI Director
James Comey might think that Hillary is extremely negligent.
After being authorized by Lynch, back in July while testifying to Congress, Comey:

  •  Announced his decision not to pursue charges against Hillary at that time.
  • But, characterized Clinton and her staffers as having been “extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information." 
  • Stated that his inquiry into Clinton’s emails had been “completed”. However, promising transparency (the real rarity), assuming the duty of reporting any new development. 
It just happened, that later FBI came to the possession of  thousands of emails
of Huma Abedin on the previously undisclosed electronic device of her estranged
husband former Congressman Anthony Weiner (more here).
There is an unwritten policy of DOJ, of avoiding doing anything that might be perceived as political interference 60 days prior the election. Eleven days before election  FBI Director James Comey made an unprecedented decision.
He sent the bi-partisan  letter to Congress that he was reopening a criminal investigation into whether Mrs. Clinton and her staff mishandled classified emails. THIS IS SERIOUS, FOLKS! VERY SERIOUS.
Trump:"Hillary email...
is as bad as Watergate..."
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... maybe Hillary is not qualified to be president.
Somebody confused, might not grasp that 'I did not know'
should not cut for the politician with 35+ years of experience!
That is unacceptable!
Somebody might feel that it is harmless to breach the rules
of the national security on the daily basis.
Somebody might take the stand that it is perfectly acceptable
in order to cover up the shady dealings, conducting pay-for-play schemes, (in common language known as - bribery) while holding the office of the Secretary of the State is not a big deal. Somebody might think...
Oh! Hillary was a mistake. She admitted...It was a mistake!
But what was a mistake? Her having? Us finding? Us objecting and criticizing?
The mistake can be called a singular, isolated event... not something as elaborate, or the condition lasting during the duration of her office!
Why do you think she had the private server?
Why do you think over 30,000 email Hillary destroyed after she
has been told not to? What type of email, do you think she destroyed?
...The Greeting Cards? Why Hillary's crooked idiots tried to destroy
7 of her devices with the hammer? Why do you think that all of those
immunity holders allegedly 'fully cooperated', but practically were
giving 0 answers?

YouTube video : 
Evidence Files-TreyGowdy-Dirty Politician's Worst Nightmare
by 98KimC 

Don't you think that if the answers would be innocent, non-incriminating
 in nature, none of them would resist giving them?
Why do you think Hillary claimed full cooperation with FBI investigation into her email while throwing obstruction one after another?
Oh! Yes! There were lies ... How many times Hillary Clinton claimed that there was no classified information? It was a lie. She tried to drug in Powell Collins... he said ... it was a lie. Allegedly Huma Abedin said she did not know about the private server. That was a lie. President Obama said...
That was a lie.
            "He [FBI Director J. Comey] was also worried that 
after the presidential election, Republicans in Congress 
would mount a probe of how he had granted 
Hillary political favoritism.” (Klein)

Buzzfeed Stoops to New Low, Uses Underage Victim in Weiner Probe to Smear Comey by Chris White | 3:08 pm, November 2nd, 2016
Here’s The Reality on Whether Hillary Clinton Can Be Impeached if She Wins
by Elura Nanos | 12:32 pm, November 3rd, 2016

Judicial Watch today [Oct. 31, 2016] released 323 pages of new Department of State documents, including previously unreleased email exchanges in which Clinton and top aide Huma Abedin sent  classified information over Clinton’s unsecured email system...
 Also included in the newly obtained documents is an additional instance of the State Department doing special favors for a high-dollar Clinton Foundation donor." (read more)
'I guess, it's Bill's self-portrait, with Hillary on the side'
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Why do you think Bill Clinton went all the way far out... just to
talk to Loretta Lynch ...about her grandkids? Is this believable?!
Allegedly it was 'impromptu', spontaneous social visit. You see, their planes
just happened to be parked nearby at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport.
Can you believe that? Makes one wonder how often such a spontaneous
the situation occurred in the past ... when Hillary is not in the dire trouble?
Can you expect such a poor judgment from any lawyer? But here you got
- two lawyers, shrewd too. Both well vexed in legal ethics:
one Attorney General and another famous sexual predator, nevertheless
ex-president of the US. Do you really wish Bill Clinton again to become the
resident of the White House?

Why do you think Hillary was pulling weight over FBI and
investigation...her staff like Cheryl Mills (apparently she approved the Clinton
server) having immunity but still sitting
at questioning of Hillary... or leaving at the time when she did not
feel like answering the troublesome questions?
Maybe you feel, that all the hours and millions of dollars put into
Hillary's email investigation was wasted. Maybe... that the elite
is entitled to 'all power vested' with no controls...
Never, but never ending Clintons' scandals ...
But, did Hillary Clinton commit a crime? Yes, she did. She should be charged!

Yes, Hillary Clinton Did Commit a Crime … and She Should be Charged
by Chris White | 11:46 am, February 4th, 2016
'Are we ready to have scandals and more scandals'
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Someplace there must be a list, a memo...  designating
who/when/for what should get hit with the blame.
At times we see just another democrat picking up the losses,
someplace from Hillary circle volunteering, meekly resigning
and even apologizing.
Ah! That's expected. Hillary is NEVER to be blamed!
Never! Do you hear me? She is only a victim of somebody's else
wrongdoing. Hillary-queen has to be protected at all cost.
But what about the situation when there are no volunteers to take the
fall out? Not to worry! The ever industrious democrats have
the remedy for such unexpectedly distasteful situation.
When Obama uses the 'wide brush' : 'You're unAmerican
and the racist'  and now sexism (NBC News)- Hillary prefers to fill the blank spot with more details and specifics: complicate, distract or directly go into attack mode and place the opponent on the defense.

Mr. Trump suddenly was accused of strange connections to Russians.
The New York Times said the FBI investigation found “no conclusive or direct link between Mr. Trump and the Russian government.”
CNN reported the FBI has conducted multiple investigations of alleged connections between Russia and the Trump campaign — with zero evidence found of questionable activities.
In September, the Obama administration formally accused the Russian government of hacking the Democratic National Committee, in an attempt to influence the election.

There is a lot of energy, activities, and negatve campaigning...
and scandals! Hillary scandals that can not be simply ignored when pertaining
to somebody aspiring to the presidential office.

James Comey from being praised
for his 'integrity' by the democrats, back in July, now is under the attack
from the same people.
Now, there are really complicated legal issues.
According to Roger Parloff, only Dan Richman, of Columbia Law School, a former prosecutor and the present Comey's legal adviser is still by him.
The democrats suddenly declared full war on Comey.
The attack is overwhelming! Everything is his fault!
No! Not Hillary! Comey fault!
Quite rightfully too.

How is that, that FBI Director dares to do his job, as he sees it,
instead of genuflecting to Hillary? Does he not know who is she?
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Ah! The current legal situation got really much more complicated.
Allegedly over 100 former DOJ officials admit respect for Comey, admits that there are no evidence that Comey is backing Trump ... still strongly criticize Mr. Comey pre-election, publicly declared the decision to again opening  the investigation into Hillary.  There are no questions of political bias, but legal correctness and violation of the DOJ guidelines.

The all-time favorites, on 'Who should be blamed for Hillary's
email' list Russia and 'Deplorables' get 5 minutes respite.
 Democrats should be yelling at their own party leaders:
Hillary and her top staff. their negligence, carelessness and
follow up corruption is overwhelming.
Hillary and Huma
(gif by edorens from compilation YouTube videos)
How can you explain or excuse: Huma Abedin acting surprised. Telling the law
enforcement, that she does not know how her email got on her estranged
husband machine. How much more email is there, floating around,
'who knows where'? There were emails where the staffers were talking
in the dirty-put down terms about minorities.
A lot of these email might be unimportant, but can you trust
that there are no classified?
"Four Murders in Three Weeks Directly Related to Clintons, DNC"
by George Jones, August 11, 2016  - videos
(Fair share, photo)

Books available on Amazon about Hillary and Bill Clintons

"Hillary Clinton recklessly discussed, in emails hosted on her private server, an Iranian nuclear scientist " (said on "Face the Nation" Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark.)
Shahram Amiri "...back in 2010, just nine days before he returned to Iran", received a hero's welcome before being arrested, convicted of spying for Washington and executed for treason.(The state news agency IRNA)
See video here

Allen B. West about Hillary

But Hillary Clinton is not to be blamed! Right?!!!
Now, everything is 'a Comey fault' for bringing email issue so late
in the election.
Now, there are democrats and pro-Hillary media viciously
attacking Comey's character, his past performance...
yelling Hatch Act, calling for Comey's resignation and firing.

Can the president fire the head of the FBI? 

The term for the FBI Director  is  five years, with a maximum of ten years, if reappointed, unless they resign or are fired by the President before their term ends. Mr. James Comey was Obama's appointee since Sept. 4, 2013, replacing director Robert Mueller.  He was the democrats choice for FBI gig. The FBI 
Director is appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. ... The 

Director is also supervised by the Attorney General (Loretta Lynch).
Unlike justices that are appointed for life, FBI Director  can be fired, impeached...but the Director might be also asked to resign.  (FBI director William Sessions was fired in 1983.)
Obviously, Comey was trusted, Obviously well vetted, obviously wanted...
that is until he dared to think and act independently. Like right NOW! 
Comey made the decision based on his conscious and against the Clintonian's 
Loretta Lynch was against Comey sending the letter to the congress, but she stopped shortly from giving a direct order. 

What is the most current position of the White House ?
Do you think that Comey is going to be fired or forced to resign?
Is Comey going to be another victim of Hillary's scheming?
Well, we'll find out soon enough. Allegedly Comey has appointment
with Obama in the White House the day after the election on Nov. 9, 2016.

In meantime, last Monday THE PRESENT WHITE HOUSE POSITION ON COMEY'S RE-UP THE INVESTIGATION OF HILLARY CLINTON'S PRIVATE EMAILS  was summarized by Josh Earnest White House spokesman, who after briefing with President Obama said: 
"I will neither defend nor criticize [Comey's] decision." 
Also, talking about Comey's record, his commitment to the country, the duties he is sworn to uphold, he said:

“The president believes [Comey] is a man of integrity, he is a man of character, he is a man of principle—and he's got a difficult job to do.”

"On Wednesday, President Barack Obama took the unusual step
of criticizing the FBI..." (The Wall Street Journal)

Now, the democrats and Hillary calling for the transparency of the FBI investigation. The transparency - that they were refusing to give to us prior July. They want the newly discovered emails from Huma's computer to be posted, they want this, they want that...It seems impossible to evaluate all of the emails and the links in such a short time.
Democrats know that. The new demands and the attacks on Comey are another ruse and distraction from the very basic issue:
    an illegal private email server that endangered our national security!

Ah! We can not forget that regardless what gross negligent Hillary commits, she is never to be blamed.
Trump; ' Ey! Hillary,
the FBI is ready to grab you, by your pussy!'
humor - gif by edlorens
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Quite recently, during the 3rd, last debate with Mr. Trump, trying to portrait her opponent as not trustworthy, she divulged publically how long it takes to launch the nuclear weapon from the time the president issue the order.

If you are one of the 'Deplorables' you can breathe for a moment.
Even Wikileaks moved to the second spot to Comey temporarily.
I doubt, that Julian Assange will get a break for long.
Finally, not often one wants to and plans to kill somebody and then
just forget about that. It might pass 6 years from that time but...
it was Oct. 3, 2010, when Hillary suggested:
"Can't we just drone this guy [kill Assange ]?"
      (Hillary Clinton considered drone attack on Julian Assange - report ...)
Of course, later she claimed that she was only joking.
But, allegedly she was going on and on, rambling that it should
not be difficult, with Assange walking 'around'...and over the days...
there was the suggestion to put $10 million for the kill...
Do you think that Assange would dismiss it as a laughing matter?
Maybe he should not...
There is the scary, long list in Clintons' background, going back 30 years
of unusual, unnatural deaths...suicides and murders... unresolved, poorly
investigated, ignored, dismissed, cover-ups and mishandled. All of these
people suddenly dying when they become the liability to Clintons.
Of course, Clintons know a lot of people. Over the years they made many
friends and enemies. However, the sheer number of the deaths, the timing
and the circumstances surrounding it is very suspicious.

Why One Clinton E-Mail ‘Withheld’ By Law Enforcement Could Be so Crucial
by Chris White | 11:05 am, March 1st, 2016

Here’s What Could Happen if Hillary Clinton is Indicted or Steps Down
by Ronn Blitzer | 4:07 pm, October 28th, 2016

All the Clintons' dealings should be investigated by the special prosecutor...
without handling right and left immunities.
If by any chance Hillary assumes presidency the records will be deleted,
destroyed, sealed off. People can be intimidated into not testifying, bought or
suddenly disappear. Well, this is just the speculations about the future, but
what concretes we got now?
Let's do some recap.

  • Hillary Clinton had an illegal private server. 

Her  excuse :"I did not know.." is invalid, untruthful, direct lie and plain stupid.
Hillary showed extreme negligence and put at risk our national security by
using the private server.

  • There was the classified information found on her and on Huma's computer.

Again..." I did not know how the classified information looks" claimed by
Mrs. Clinton is a lie. She got the briefing. 30+ years experience as the
high-level politician. Again... stupid.

  • DOJ maybe 20 times before considered indictment of Mrs. Clinton...

but stopped short from indictment worrying that still not having enough
evidence of wrongdoing, the prosecution could not be successful.  Staggering
number (20) is enough to suggest the seriousness of the concerns, but not enough
physical evidence.

  • Back in July, FBI Director James Comey never exonerated Mrs. Clinton...

never cleared her out. But Hillary, her team, and media were either directly
lying or making misleading statement that he did so. This was the time
when, democrats threw the bone Comey direction, praising his integrity.
since Comey's intentions are still being misrepresented.
He, at that time, closed the investigation subject to reopening
if the new evidence shall surface.
 At the same time, FBI Director Comey said that


It was NOT, that Hillary did not have illegal, unsecured, private server!
It was NOT, that Hillary did not use it for classified communication!
It was NOT, that Hillary server was so secure, beyond hacking! (Ha! Ha!)
It was NOT, that Hillary's set up was NOT  a criminal activity!
Meta description of the article
FBI Director J. Comey
investigating Hillary!
Total lack of cooperation from the crucial witnesses back in July, it was impossible to indict Hillary. Hoping those witnesses would be more cooperative the witnesses were given the partial immunity. That strategy backfired.
Witnesses still were claiming cooperation but refusing to answer the questions.
DOJ was strongly criticized, but the investigation was effectively obstructed, halted. It amounted that witnesses in a way were saying something like " I cooperate, but do not want to answer that question" and get away with it.
Nothing more could be done.
DOJ/Loretta Lynch was implicated. Allegedly, Hillary promised her
supreme court position if elected.

But there is more!
     "it was Obama's own DOJ which was blocking FBI efforts to secure the emails and resolve the issue...
It's a sad day in America when the White House actively seeks to obstruct and intimidate an FBI investigation and when the media cheers on this brand of corrupt thuggery."



About Geoge Soros
- meta description of an article

There is also a suggestion that FBI wanted to protect the president of the US.
Mr. Obama claimed that he found about Hillary private server at
the same time and manner as everybody else. This was a LIE.
It turned out that Obama knew about Hillary private server and used it
himself under the pseudonym.

PRESIDENTIAL LIE. Barrack Hussein Obama, not tenths, but thousands
of times lied, misquote, made the intentionally misleading public statements 
during his two terms of presidency. He presents the situations, facts not as 
they are but as he sees fit.  In spite of the popular belief of 
Obama's administration openness, the president deals in shadiness 
in total secrecy and absolute lack of transparency

President used the election time as a distraction. With people attention on 
the election, Obama flooded the US with unvetted Muslims refugees 
(the future democrat voters),  where Christians and Yazidis amount to only half percent. 
Closing the investigation was an uneasy decision.
Rep.Trey Gowdy was visibly frustrated. it was not expected the desired outcome. The 5 immunities previously issued were the hindrance.
  The following months the FBI Director suffered the personal backlash from his subordinates. He lost the faith and respectability that he enjoyed previously. The FBI agents that worked on Hillary case were sure that indictment shall follow. They felt demoralized. Some refused to even greet or respond to greeting when passing Comey in the hallways. There were numerous (something like 100) resignations. Comey discussed the problem with his wife, Patricia. 
Hmmm! Please, think about that for a moment. People who knew 
Hillary case did not agree with Comey's decision. The investigation should not be closed.
 The pressures were mounting, but Comey although realized the lateness, he did not wish to be anybody puppet. Maybe his patriotism won and Comey decided that his foremost obligation is not to the bureaucratic system but to the American people needing to know as much as possible. 
The way it is it might change the vote of some...although majority already made the decision a long time ago. Probably, many people are going to think 'I wish I knew more and sooner'.  At the end, I think that deciding factor for Comey in making his decision is not the political bias, but political responsibility. Back in July in front of the Congress, he made the promise of transparency.  Imagine his dilemma. If Comey would not report publically his findings, after the election he would be attacked by the losing party. Mr. Trump left us in suspension if he is going to accept, without challenging the loss. Also, back in July all republicans, including me lined 
against Comey, suspecting complicity. Maybe Comey longed for transparency that is so much missing from Obama' administration!

"Comey has long prided himself on being fiercely independent and making decisions on principle." (Sari Horwitz

Julian Assange: My Next Leak Will Ensure Hillary's Arrest – Anonymous

WikiLeaks has already published 30,322 emails from Clinton's private email ... that the emails slated for publication contain additional information about the ... It is interesting that the very people that have done America right, like ... My Next Leak Will Ensure Hillary's Arrest, I doubt it but if true it will get you dead ... The Latest.

Please, Do not cry for Hillary!  IT'S HER OWN DOING!
Rather, give support to Comey and FBI in the investigation.  

We have to fight any and all obstruction of justice.

Think how Al Capone back in 1934 was caught. The Alcatraz

where he spent the rest  of his life 

was not for his gangster activities.

The Justice Department could not pull it this way...

regardless how much they wanted to.   

At the end, Al Capone went down for the tax evasion.Al Capone nickname was the Scarface also Creepy. Did I hear people calling Creepy 'Hillary for prison', or was it just the wind?




English: Al Capone while incarcerated at Alcatraz.
English: Al Capone while incarcerated at Alcatraz. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

"Let's bring down the Clinton Crime Family. The American people has had enough."
(COMMENT: red rose2 11/1/2016 )


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