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US President Bill Clinton (center with hand up...
US President Bill Clinton (center with hand up), first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton to right of photo; their daughter Chelsea Clinton to left. On procession in public. The President, First Lady, and Chelsea on parade down Pennsylvania Avenue on Inauguration day, January 20, 1997. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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If President Obama gives the pardon to 
Hillary, he himself always afterward remains
under the suspicion that his real intention
were to cover up his own and his administration
There is a question... can he do it?
Yes, but he can not give the pardon unless
he is first asked for it. Issuing the pardon
using the regular channels takes 2-3 years.
It can be also given fast within only
6 days. The person asking for pardon does
not have to be indicted or even charged.
In the past, Nixon was given pardon by 
the president G. Ford. 
Bill Clinton, when he was the president
in 2001 pardoned his half-brother, who spent
a year in prison for the possession of cocaine.
He also issued some other pardons, allegedly 
 in exchange for high donations to the Clinton Foundation.

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 It's only three days after the
the election and THERE IS THE
moving fast.
 November 10, 2016, President Obama and President-elect Mr. Trump
were met by the reporters in the Oval Office. Before that, the two of them talked for about 1-1.5 hour. Did Mr. Obama welcome Mr. Trump by the South Lawn
entrance? No,  I don't think so. There are too many differences...
openly for the past 15 months, both were verbally attacking each other.
There are only left 10 more weeks for the transition of power.  January 20, 2017
Mr. Trump is going to become the 45th Commander of Chief.
Put this on the calendar:
      FOR SOLIDIFYING THE CHRISTIAN                     NATION! And more and more of the
      ambition menu next to the Wall!
      - JANUARY 20, 2017
"Still, Trump told reporters Thursday that he expects to work closely with Obama now and in future to seek his advice in guiding the country."
Is Mr. Trump now, trying to be an another politician? That would be
a shame.
"I very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including counsel.” said Mr. Trump.
And Obama said. “Most of all, I want to emphasize to you, Mr. President-elect, that we now are going to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed, then the country succeeds.”
Mr. Obama is known for missing the truth, but we'll see.

The wives Michelle and Melanie met separately  earlier, and later on Bidden and Pence were going to meet.
Also, Obama  comment was: “we are now all rooting for his [Mr. Trump] success in uniting and leading the country. The peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. And over the next few months, we are going to show that to the world.”
The words publically expressed were conciliatory as expected,
but the facial expressions, unspoken body language was sending
a less cheerful message. Mr. Trump was sitting tight, filling the armchair, not in relaxed position. Obama looked quite tense,  shifting his gaze but avoiding the direct eye contact. It was meeting of duty, solemn, no lightness -  still gestures of civility and forms mandated.
An official, acknowledging and using proper titles, not the first names.
Afterward, Obama and Trump shaken the hands but still eye contact very brief without warmth, on the photo Obama looks stray into camera, tight-lipped and,
I think holding anger or frustrations.
The official telephone congratulations Obama and Hillary separate offered Trump the night before.
In the meantime, there is happening something unexpected.

Prior the election there were hundreds of polls taken, many different models used to determine candidates chances for winning. 
Somehow, most of the time according to the predictions Hillary was leading. In one of the last ones  she was seen as having 85% chances to win.  Of course, these were mostly Obama's biased media.

photo from the poll
conducted by
Conservative Tribune
(fair share) 

felt uneasy about that results, especially that their polls were pointed a little differently. Mr. Trumps' rallies were always packed when Hillary's were not much attended.

All Democrats with Obama support in full was pushing hard Hillary forward.
The day of the election , November 8,  I was nervous.  I kept checking the results. I learned that in my local vicinity there was shooting. It turned out in the city of Azusa, that's Los Angeles county one 70 years old man and the shooter were killed, two other people were wounded. But the shooting was not related to the election, except that it was very close to the voting location and therefore disrupting that polling place.
Later, I saw Mr. Trump winning an electoral vote. he was also leading the popular vote at that time, but counting was not all finished.

I was very surprised when Mr. Trump did not win the popular vote.
 Oh! Yes! Mr. Trump won the electoral vote and therefore completely satisfied the requirement for becoming the 45th president of the USA.

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My mind is on the democracy, Hillary corruption, rigging the election and
FBI investigation in the email, pay-for-play and more. Two days before election and I still can not get over Obama' s recent comments...
Obama:"Hillary, I sent you an email...
are you still in 'pay for play?"
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Hillary:" The game of my life. Rigged, rigged.
   Thanks, president for being with me!"
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The president was talking about the election. And that's what our president thinks.
He doesn't like scrutiny.
He doesn't like questioning.
He doesn't like transparency.
Whatever Obama doesn't like it becomes..."not our values" and "undemocratic".
 Also un-American. That the way he is.
This is the way Clintons and Obama see the Americans Nation...just a fat turkey!
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James Comey gave up, obviously under pressure from
Obama! The investigation is allegedly closed with NO
new findings. There is a petition going on calling for
the special prosecutors. There are also some, that suspect that Comey closed for the moment the
investigation simple to prevent Obama from 
granting Hillary the pardon!
It seems that presently Comey is the most stressed man in the US. At all times half the population hates him. There are allegedly 84% chances that Hillary is going to win. If this will happen 
America is going to be doomed. 
Is there somebody going to lower the flag?
She is the most corrupted person, that I can think of.
But if she wins... there will be many in the US 
and a lot of in the foreign countries CHEERING:
Tomorrow, I'LL VOTE - MR. TRUMP FOR THE NEXT PRESIDENT... the only one shot to cleanse
the America from the corruption.

That is not what democracy is about. Making sure that every vote represents
the living, qualified, register voter and his will... that every voter has
unobstructed access to the voting booth - are essential for true democracy!
The same rules are applying to all voters: Democrats and Republicans.

The true democracy welcomes the clean transparency...
 insists that rules of fairness diligently adhere too...
 would never be afraid of additional precautions.
The honest, clean election affects both equally, democrats and republicans.
Therefore ask yourself, why only Mr. Trump insists that everything in this election would be fair and square. Why sudden opposition from the democrats and even from the president himself?
That makes me very worried... and suspicious. Maybe there is a good reason to
be concerned with the rigging election. The passing regime was so much
fearful of transparency, that transparency is non-existent. People are wary, not trusting. The election can be rigged many different ways, not only in the manner of casting or counting votes but long before during the campaigns.

No 4.  IT’S RIGGED?! Voters are Reporting
    Trump-Pence Choice is MISSING From Ballot 
October 27, 2016,
learn more: here
(fair share)

How? Not that difficult...for example by unfairly tilting people's opinions by using false, slanted presentations, biased media, under-reporting or overly stressing... by covering up and hiding...using using protesters to stir violence on the opposition's rallies etc. Where the seeds of rigging election can be found?...Whenever the basic honesty, openness, and transparency is replaced by shadiness manipulating people...extortions... unfair influence ...the list goes on.
But, I still ask myself again...
Where the seeds of rigging election can be found?...
Whenever the primary candidate has such a shamelessly corrupted, deplorable record of unlikeable, compulsive, immoral liar like Hillary Clinton and her organization of cronies are trying to gain the highest office.
When corrupted Obama's administration spent millions of taxpayer
money to whitewash, distract, cover up, control media ... to swing votes
her direction to continue Obama's politics and hide his dark secrets, including treason. 
Can you expect Hillary, somebody that conduct her whole political life,
 years in shady dealing suddenly go straight?

This is a very important election. How many of us are sorry that we pick Obama?
Do we want to make the same mistake? He gave us one good speech and the whole presidency based on the LIES- the darkness from his past skillfully edited.

                 "Simply put, there’s no reason to believe anything Obama says 
                         is sincere, and every reason to believe the primary motivation
                       of his every word is political calculation… his partisan record 
                       stands in stark contrast to his flowery rhetoric, and his
                       ever-expanding list of broken promises is the stuff of legends.” 
                      – Calvin Freiburger
                "Official Obama Administration Scandals List!"   
                           (By Peter Andrew –
 (These are an administration mistakes, blunders, broken promises, flip flops, gaffes, lies, etc. only up to Sept. 4, 2011 - with more than 2,000 it become too difficult to keep on)
What we got from Obama were an inspiring rhetorics, our hearts catch in his net ... everything on the surface good and shiny. But it was not. It is not. We as a nation are in advanced state of decay and many of you refuse to see it. Obama keeps on pushing his un-American agendas with more restrictions and censorship. Hillary! Ah! ...Do you really believe would do good for us?
Can she restore the country, make it better for Americans?
We have to first start scrubbing and cleaning the top of our government.
Use all the detergent and bleach necessary and damp the present governmental elite. Not build on it, dumped it! Cut off the connections to the terrorist groups
(not welcome them to the White House like Obama did) - Muslims Brotherhood,
address issues honestly, openly...can you think of Islam as democratic?
Stand for American First.) Do you think that thousands of illegals that Obama
helped to turn into voters, the thousands of more pouring into the country
are going to improve YOUR quality of life or just increase the democratic voting pool? But these are one of the methods used now to affect the outcome (rig) of
the election.  It's costly, draining the country resources, fast changing the cultural, environmental, political face of the nation. Is this the most desired
for the Americans?
When Obama was presidential hopeful he was concerned with the election's fraud.
"Five Times Obama as a Presidential Hopeful Questioned the Validity of the Election Process" (by JEFF POOR19 Oct 2016)
 "...On numerous occasions before being sworn in as commander-in-chief, Obama decried flaws in the American election system, which included voter ID laws, rhetoric from Bush administration Justice Department officials and the agency’s traditional handling of voter fraud investigations. In 2008, shortly before the general election, Obama even had acknowledged that elections had been “monkeyed” within the past..."
(please read more in )

    Obama (on Oct. 20, 2006), talked about:
 “...a cynical attempt to influence elections by discouraging people from voting,”

and   “It’s crucial that we vigorously defend American citizens’ right to vote..."
Obama supporting Hillary, ridiculed Trump's concerns with election frauds. Obama, "advised Mr. Trump to 'stop whining'..." about our election system...and...

 "Obama says Trump fraud claim 'undermines our democracy'" (AFP - Thursday, October 20, 2016)
Mr. Obama said:
"When you try to sow the seeds of doubt in people's minds about the legitimacy of our election, that undermines our democracy."

 Then Obama followed up by urging people to "vote big" for Hillary.
In the essence, Obama is claiming that even questioning is undemocratic.
That is a big one! Whoa! Are we still in America?
In the communist countries or 3rd world, in the Muslims countries, where the rule of law is Sharia Laws people are not allowed to question, have an opinion
or even think for themselves. I got this wild thought. I think that every year that
Barrack Hussein Obama (also known as Barry Soetoro), spent in childhood in the Muslims Indonesia was too much and too long. He keeps on bringing up the ideas, perspectives that have no reflection on our traditional values.
The US nation is showing recognition of corruption and distastefulness of Hillary's candidacy. There is the solid reason why FBI is carrying on the 2nd time the investigation in the Hillary' email. The FBI Director James Comey opening the new investigation so close (11 days) prior voting jeopardized his own job. He can be fired. That might still happen. He would not open if the situation would not warrant it.There is also another investigation going on into ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner,  who by marriage to Huma Abedin is connected with Hillary's organization. The email found on his computer was an initial pretext for reopening Hillary's case. It's a criminal investigation. Then Hillary and Bill's Foundation are under ongoing FBI investigation for over a year. That Foundation has so many tentacles and offshore representations, connections that even recreating the structural map is very time-consuming. Hillary is under investigation for endangering our national security, for pay-for-play schemes while she was the Secretary of the State
...treason and the list go on...
It is a precedent to have somebody under an active FBI investigation run for the presidential office!
Why would she have private, secure server if she would not want to cover up,
hide her own activities from the governmental watchdogs?
She might be our next president, but the FBI is still not giving up.
Sound serious?! It is very serious!
Obama attempted to stop FBI... increased his campaigning for Hillary
and went as far as aggressively attacking blacks, claiming the personal insult
if they do not vote Hillary.
Arrogant? Of course!Arrogant! Narcissistic!
He demands,  unbelievable, that as a nation we have an obligation to do his 'personal'! NO LONGER THE PRESIDENT SERVES THE COUNTRY, BUT THE COUNTRY SERVES THE PRESIDENT! 
No exaggeration! 
IT'S PERSONAL  INSULT according to Obama. Is this rich or what?!

We are here only his insignificant footstool, where he can rest his feet.
No joke! Think about it! Asking for personal is equal with asking for favors.
But, finally is such a small thing... we are talking only VOTING...for president!
I"LL VOTE TRUMP! Oh!  I forgot, I am not black!
Does the president has the right to expect the favors from us, or should we
exercise our conscience what is the best for the country?
How democratic it is instead of fairness, justice asking for favors?!
I just hope that we do not have many idiots to listen to Obama. Vote the way you want to. You're not in Obama servitude... are you? You can see I am fuming.... I see the smoke coming out of my ears.
Would you believe Obama IQ is 145?
We need the president who understands that he is THE PUBLIC SERVANT!

Obama is not just flip-flopping...
He does NOT care for truth/lie.
He does not think in these terms.
He only cares for HIS way, that includes the abolishment of the America as we know.
That's it, folks. Everything that he says, does is subjected
to his vision of the new world that he has in mind for us.
(Blacks Chant: "Don't Vote for Hillary, She's Killing Black People!"
Hillary/Bill destroyed Haiti -see 'Clinton Cash', either book  or YouTube video)
 Mr. Trump got strong support for the president. ( by JEFF POOR19 Oct 2016)
        " Donald Trump ...  "saying like IT is" resonates with American People
... and corrupt Media hysterical reaction just confirms that Trump is right NAILING that rigged system down. Way to go, Donald Trump, and all the way to the White House." (

The possibility that Mr. Trump could attain the presidency, scares Obama.

Hillary talks... promises...but never accomplished anything
 according to Obama's long time ago held opinion or the author of many books-
 Dinesh D'Souze, who claims that Hillary was a lifelong friend of gangster and communist Alinsky's. Bill and Obama allegedly followed the same
 ruthless ideologies .
 Promises, pledges can be only a ruse, a pretense, distraction, planted scheme
to gain something else. Under Hillary, we'll spiral down with more wars, constant scandals, and more personal freedoms taken away from us.

The Problem with
Hillary" -book by
Ed Klein (N0 5)
available on Amazon 

     "Hillary Rodham Clinton, a highly unlikeable presidential candidate and a woman more associated with scandal than with accomplishments, with lying than with truth, with arrogance than with compassion."
(from introduction to the 
Ed Klein's book "UNLIKEABLE: The Problem with Hillary")

Obama at times  inspirational speeches, authored by his speechwriter Jon Favreau (called by some wunderkind) are baseless rhetoric when the president tries to cover up or reroute his corrupted agenda. This is the present case of election. His methods for promoting Hillary for the next president are shamelessly ruthless. Putting directly. Both Obama and Hillary are part of George Soros scheme for globalization. Obama and Hillary are for the bigger, more powerful government with the personal freedoms curbed.
That mean opening more the borders and in the future - one political ruling party.
That mean taking away your gun from you, so you'll be defenseless.
That mean censorship of Internet (of course, under pseudo-plausible pretext). That mean
 leaving you with boring, government control flow of news.
That mean inhibiting parent's rights to raise their children as they see fit, instead of the government (already you can see limitations put on parents of the LGBT children).
That mean diminishing Christianity (since Christianity opposes the homosexual marriages, and traditionally Christianity is associated with white folks, and Christianity and Muslims historically were enemies, not friends )
That mean assigning special privilege to refugees and especially Muslims ...
That mean 'accepting the terrorism as a new norm" (like in Germany).
That mean downplaying patriotic sentiments... changing and rewriting  the history (Obama also already did that i.e. creating the false picture of the important role/connection that Muslims played in American history)...
That mean changing all across our personal lifestyle to accommodate the Muslims...
That mean government will tell you what you're allowed/not allow to do...
That mean sprouting and misappropriation of funds for quasi 'humanitarian/climate change' causes all over the world at our cost...
That means slowly globalization and changing the fiber of America
as you know it.
(the article continues below)

ed lorens YouTube
perception loop You Tube




The election is probably rigged. Trump is not perfect, but he is "NOT whining"He is correct.
He has to fight every step for clarity and fairness. The fact alone that Obama stepped in and so much is putting in work in denying us the right to question it makes it suspicious.
Obama is acting as an enabler for Hillary. corruption at the very top.
Connection Lynch  leading to Obama himself like in the illegal,
the private server of Hillary.

"... from multiple Wikileaks emails, that Obama not only knew about Hillary’s secret email server but also used it to communicate with her! On top of that, Obama used a secret, non-secure email account of his own to communicate with her! Yet, to this day, Obama lies that he never knew about Hillary’s illegal server until he “read about it in the papers.” Lies like these are so flagrant ..." ( Elliot Bougis | Oct 27, 2016) 
When she should be not just investigated but prosecuted for the email and number of other transgressions, spent some time in the jail...she is treated as
the respectful person... running for the highest office. Is this a laughable matter?
Or reason to cry?...Our poor, poor democracy! Obama corrupted organization
is mocking! My personal thoughts bring me to wondering how much or to
what extent Obama/Hillary are taking orders from George Soros!
Impossible! Ridiculous! At first thought maybe...but if you think about it and
Obama's history, his real , not the one presented to the outside world outlook at the 'democracy' one might see more sinister current running in American vein
- George Soros, another ultra rich that believes in 'pay-for-play. 

                                            In the past Bill Clinton while packing prisons with young, black men that could not afford the lawyer, destroying their future, was handing out pardons to the ones that families were in the 'pay for play'.Bill Clinton's 1994 crime bill, passed during the so-called ‘war on drugs’, was responsible for incarcerating a lost generation of African-American men.

 Oh! Let's not forget... he gave pardon to his half-brother for cocaine possession. Would you think that Hillary called Bill's half-brother predator like she talked about the black youth? The unbelievable sudden privilege that was bestowed on some by Bill/Hillary, was the result of having money to 'pay for play'.
Now, when dealing with people like that, don't you think it is just reasonable and smart to be on guard, exercise cautiousness?

Bernie's political career was not marked by tenths of scandals, corruption and very high count of people meeting untimely death when they become the liability to Hillary and Bill.But...
... Democrats rigged primary for of his own, also a democrat... democrats were grooming Hillary for the next president for the past 4 years.
 Do you think, that Hillary handlers after investing in her so much work would allow an Independent turned Democrat Bernie Sanders to take over?
 Did you hear Obama calling that this is very undemocratic?
Did you hear Obama speaking up for Bernie? No?! But that was fellow democrat thrown 'under Hillary's train'... there were death people democratic was this?...Where was the self-appointed White House demagog Obama then? Was he busy... golfing... showing off his boner to the fly attendants and reporters on Air Force One?
Obama is crucial for Hillary to win.
What is happening to our national morality, that we take promiscuity and
marital infidelities so lightly?! Do we have the right to expect more and better
from the people holding high office or our democracy Obama would question?
Obama brought shame not only to himself, Michelle but shamed to the whole
nation with his homosexual affairs while being the president of the US...
with the Russian (Snowmen) and then as PM of Japan said having homosexual affair while visiting Japan. Do you recall how Japan was angry that he did not bring Michelle with him? That was a reason. How much more scandals and
shame can we take?
Is somebody as Hillary so basically rotten, allegedly sleeping, screwing around both with men and women, even more than Bill, then openly playing the victim of Bill's infidelity for her personal advantage would be a good, moral example for your child? Or maybe this is a new 'wide brush' of Obama's
The accusation of Mr. Trump kissing or groping of women when he was part of' the Hollywood scene, is pin size compared with gross of both Bill and Hillary, their constant sexual, predatory behavior, multiple willing and less willing lovers...Hillary's lesbianism ... and extreme persecution of Bill's mistresses by Hillary.  It's elite gutter! It's common knowledge that Chelsea is not Bill's biological daughter. The only reason why Hillary did not abort Chelsea like she terminated some previous pregnancies allegedly is that Clintons felt it would be more politically advantageous to have a child.
They were all there, democrats united, porn stars from the gutters,  police morality, self-righteous pious throwing stones... Hillary, Michelle, Obama to attack Mr. Trump inappropriate sexual comments...  a planned diversion by democrats from much more serious wrongdoing by Hillary.

Comment under YouTube Video
Hillary and Yoko Ono lesbian fling
"Looks like Hillary likes to grab a woman by the pussy
just as much as Trump! LOL"
All the dogs, lots of media started they regular biting, barking, demonizing pass 'fair' Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump still overcomes that battle. He apologized with dignity. His wife stood by him, also with dignity.  Hey! Hillary would you like to write the book about ethics, morality, maybe about some old fashion values like love, fidelity and 'do not kill'.                              
 Maybe Hillary would like to tell us what kind role model she proposes to present for our young American children... or Michelle can spell out how does one manages to wear super-duper expensive dresses and still have no class? Give a time and we'll look down on Michelle dresses, but remember her 'White House prison comment', her a little overdone, too pompous speeches, the theatrics and the empty pockets that she left us with, blowing our taxpayers' money on the pleasure vacation under the cover of diplomacy.
Nothing like that lies in Mr. Trump's background.
I was much more disgusted seeing Obama passionately campaigning for Hillary when she was under investigation. And then both, he and Michelle, little muppets with unusual zeal took over when Hillary was very sick. I hope that make sure that we're going to be reimbursed for their campaigning.

What can we expect from Hillary is more dirty wars, dirty tactics, and more scandals.
She uses her dirty mentality to run this election. We can suspect the dirty tactics to gain unfair, rigged advantage to be used by Hillary organization.
Manipulating people and outcome to swing the election.
What about the time, when it was found out that some voters voted for Hillary in primary because they were paid for it? Did you hear Obama thundering about "legitimacy of our election, that undermines our democracy."? 
Or maybe Obama said something, how unethical it was for Hillary organization
to advertise on the Craiglist, and after taking 6h. classes sent paid protesters
( from $300-$3.500) to create some misleading national perception, to create disruption and violent encounters on Mr. Trump's rallies? Did Obama not think
that this was not only unethical, possibly illegal but also undemocratic?
Mr. President stays quiet. No referrals to democracy! Whoa!
Now, also we got illegals, that has no rights to vote - voting and it nothing
is going to be done about that. There are situations, where votes are being
disqualified because of problems of verification of the signatures. That one
might be almost legitimate, except too many from the same household and
... all republicans.

Don't you think there are enough reasons for Mr. Trump to be concerned with
a fair election?
Don't give up Mr. Trump.You should have the right to win/loose squarely.

There is of course, substantial and growing pool of voters, not just hopeful but the one inside and outside the country expecting the special benefits, cronyism, privilege and 'pay for play' if/when she becomes the president.
How much Hillary can serve the country, the American people, when she has
to pay back to numerous foreign powers (including Saudi, Qatar)? 

"Hillary Clinton put the State Department up for sale, with top aides pulling strings and doing favors for fat-cat donors to the Clinton Foundation..." 
Emails released proves " wealthy contributors seeking influence or prestigious government gigs could fork over piles of cash to get access to Clinton’s inner circle..." (to see more go below)
Emails reveal Hillary’s shocking pay-for-play scheme  (By Daniel Halper and Bob Fredericks)

Rajiv K. Fernando, the securities trader, after donating over $1 million to Clinton's foundation in 2011 got the gig on the 
International Security Advisory Board. This board is advisory to the State Department and its members are experts with political, military, scientific, diplomatic backgrounds. 

Rajiv K. Fernando had no experience. No qualifications.
I can't help myself! I have to ask: "What the person with no
experience and no qualification can contribute to the 
International Security Advisory Board and the State Department. Hello?! We are talking security! Right!
At least the word 'security' is part of the title of this board.
In places like that, one can expect high-class specialists.
Rajiv K. Fernando is only one of many representing the principles by which Clintons operate. Just a though - Hillary negligence and corruption!

 Imagine the scope of negligence and how much our security is compromised by trading jobs and favors. 
 (based on the watchdog group- Citizens United findings from June email)
Hillary, the person displaying such a lack of morals, ethics, sellable and
negligent, now Obama sponsored for the future president.
How democratic is 'pay for play'? 
Let me elaborate. 
Dealing with the totally immoral and corrupted couple like Clintons, where one
of them, Hillary is aspiring for the highest office how can we be not concerned
about rigging the election? The question arising is why Obama is throwing his support for Hillary? He is not that naive...the natural answer is that he is equally
We are not going to be able to examine
 more of those leaked email ... not for the while. Not until after the election.
By Mr. Obama's order, the FBI is not allowed to make her email public before November 8, since god forbids it might swing votes in Mr. Trump direction.
This is a farce.
Obstruction of justice and fairness to all American citizens. Again and again, Obama is covering up for Hillary, bailing her out. Is there something smelling bad? Yes... our president...again he farted under our noses.

 ( Obama Makes HUGE News To Keep Hillary  OUT OF PRISON ...)

Nevertheless,  Obama and Michelle will step on the stage,  two-faced, arrogant peacocks to give us another lesson #? about our American values.
Is there anything as a political integrity? Was the White House kidnapped
by political players with the mafioso mentality?
photo showing meta description
of the article on MSM

"Private wealth is child’s play. Bill Gates is the world’s richest man, but his net worth doesn’t even amount to two-tenths of a percent of the household wealth of the United States. The Clintons’ game isn’t enjoying the $100 million in their checking account — it’s making use of the $44 trillion in American-owned assets as if they owned them themselves. Barack Obama doesn’t want a garage full of Rolls Royces — he wants the world in which Rolls-Royce has to ask his permission before building a car or selling one."
(Read more here)
Can one trust the compulsive liar like Hillary?
Do not count that you can squeeze fairness from her, even if you squeeze really hard...  you end up with the promise and excuse ... unless there is something in it for her.

It comes times when I have a hard time to breathe. I whizz and choke thinking about the current trends, the road on which Obama put us,  his career of deception and Hillary, her gangs, his accomplice.
I feel like crying, apologizing for ever voting for Obama... I will not make the same mistake... I WILL NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY! NEVER!

For too long I was passively voting, supporting whatever, whoever was pointed to me by the democrats. Even my reading I restricted to the one pro-democratic. Finally, I reason to myself these are the people that represent my views. We are joined by caring for the same issues, people, equality, etc... I did not wake up for the very long time.  
 Slowly I noticed some disturbing signs, then more and finally I had no choice but to start doing my own research. Check the facts, look at the backgrounds, ask and ask and verify by numerous sides. 
William Pete Blatty, author, producer of 'the Exorcist"  (Do you recall how scary that movie was?") would probably summarize my findings - UTTERLY TERRIFYING!
These are the words that he used when describing
"Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party. The book,( 256 pages, 1,116 reviews, #611 in Amazon best Sellers Rank) is now a major motion picture, written by #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Dinesh D'Souza.

I just left the democratic ship and canceled all my monthly donations and tips.  By that time I was already burned and doing my own research and investigation.
The only nice letter that I remember from that time it was from... guess who?
Bernie. That's right. Bernie. Too bad that he made the deal with the 'devil' and did not join Mr. Trump or go Independent. On the second thought, maybe he likes living... O.K. I am joking a little... Am I?

    ( learn more : The Hillary Clinton Dead Pool .
                            Obama's 'killing list' here. 
comment about Killing List 

We're all aware of Hillary poor health...but did you know that another person with the deeper knowledge possibly damaging Hillary's presidential prospect conveniently for Clinton commit 'suicide', quite recently? That's right, folks.

"Dr. Sandeep Sherlekar was responsible for treating Hillary Clintons brain injury in December of 2012...There is a clear pattern of foul play leading up to his death...Isn’t it very odd that people with information surrounding the Clintons either go missing or mysteriously die? Eventually, we have to realize that all of these deaths are not just coincidental."
She still is very sick. But she lives. Only her doctor died...another suicide. Allegedly he had legal problems. Hmm! Aha! Really! Or maybe he had a bad luck meeting Hillary! We'll never know! Four in the Hillary circle died suddenly, recently in most convenient time...

Would you agree that Loretta Lynch, Obama's appointee by meeting Bill Clinton during such crucial time was rigging the election against Mr. Trump?
 Hey! Bill's wife is under heavy investigation...could be indicted...could be the prison...Hillary is missing her naps... and in time like that Bill's attention is on Lynch grandkids?!
Unbelievable! Give me a break! If you'll suggest that Bill was on the mission, because he did not want his face to be scratched... I might 'buy it'.

      Katrina Pierson, a spokeswoman for Mr. Trump told CNN:
  “The issue of temperament is more a problem for Hillary Clinton,”...“I don’t recall Mr. Trump ever screaming at the Secret Service, calling them pigs, throwing vases across the room and clawing the face of his spouse, which Hillary Clinton has been reported to do,”  

Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks in 2008 for the past 3 years hides in Ecuadorian's embassy. He still got asylum there, but recently, coincidently (?) after J. Kerry visiting the embassy Assange access to the internet was cut off. As the explanation, the embassy said that they do not like his involvement in our political election.   Assange  is the most dependable, shining voice exposing all corruption at the highest level. Hillary's email, regardless of the content, by using private server was revealing how negligent Hillary, a politician with 35+ years of experience is. Wikileaks was feeding us Hillary's email already for quite a while. The embassy was quiet.
What would be the President Obama thoughts on this subject? He loves to be a busy-body meddling in other countries, peoples affairs. He runs fast to England to stop it from Brexit. J. Kerry and Ecuador embassy! How democratic is it to assault J. Assange rights just in attempts to help Hillary?
 The question that reminds to be answered is why now... Why suddenly embassy has some objections. Why suddenly there is an attempt to control, influence by a foreign source the actions of Assange. He did nothing illegal here, except assist us in making more educated decision. Allow me repeat.
How democratic is it to assault J. Assange rights just in attempts to help Hillary? Does Mr. President think that it is democratic to withhold from us the ability to discover facts detrimental for us to make the choice for the future president?
Would you agree that this type of the dirty manipulation is the form of
rigging voting?!
Hillary in 2010 wanted to kill Julius Assange.  $10 million discussed to accomplish that - it was not a joke.

  Obama phony claim of democracy is being shredded all over the world with his blessings.
Did Obama show outrage, called on our democratic values and need for justice when the negligent, crooked Hillary's email was discovered or did he holed up in the White House, behind his prestigious title?

Do you think Obama is 'blackmailed'?  Obama will protect Hillary.
Obama did not volunteer , but directly LIED all the time while Hillary was being investigated that he himself was using her email? The one illegal. The one that constitutes the breach of our security. Obama was using.  Under pseudonym. What does this suggest to you?
Birds of feathers fly together. The old adage totally right.

Friday, November 4, 2016


Hillary Clinton spinning - gif made by me, edlorens
(CC Attribution 2.0 license)
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This is big, huge, folks! The 2nd FBI investigation into Hillary email dirty scandal! A precedence! With an election just behind the corner!
I am sure that FBI Director Comey would not park himself
on the same tarmac as Hillary just to chat about the 'grandkids'! Right?!
Additional sweet icing on the cake is that
Obama must be furious.

James Comey
James Comey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Demonstration in front of Sydney Town...
English: Demonstration in front of Sydney Town Hall in support of Julian Assange, 2010, December 10 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)There are numbers of tools in the Hillary  democratic arsenal being used to make sure the votes will swing her direction.

But here I like to discuss more Hillary
email situation, bring the new developments and possible legal implications, actors of most current 'drama' Hillary-Comey.
First, I have to warn you as I am sure
Those democrats somehow shall find the way
to blame the remaining part of the nation for
Hillary current rolling and rolling and rolling
down the hill.

What really Hillary team excel is in 'What Hillary does the best"
-assigning the blame.
The blame, of course, has to be assigned or somebody enlightened might 'god forbids' think that Hillary is at fault.
No, No! Hillary is 'Not at fault',
NEVER Hillary!
She is the victim!
Aways playing victimization!
Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email server and treatment of classified materials when she was secretary of state created a very complicated, serious legal situation. But she is acting like we're
just 'picking on her'.  That's right folks! Should we not stop harassing and annoying her?
 Ts, Ts, Not nice!

Somebody, like FBI Director
James Comey might think that Hillary is extremely negligent.
After being authorized by Lynch, back in July while testifying to Congress, Comey:

  •  Announced his decision not to pursue charges against Hillary at that time.
  • But, characterized Clinton and her staffers as having been “extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information." 
  • Stated that his inquiry into Clinton’s emails had been “completed”. However, promising transparency (the real rarity), assuming the duty of reporting any new development. 
It just happened, that later FBI came to the possession of  thousands of emails
of Huma Abedin on the previously undisclosed electronic device of her estranged
husband former Congressman Anthony Weiner (more here).
There is an unwritten policy of DOJ, of avoiding doing anything that might be perceived as political interference 60 days prior the election. Eleven days before election  FBI Director James Comey made an unprecedented decision.
He sent the bi-partisan  letter to Congress that he was reopening a criminal investigation into whether Mrs. Clinton and her staff mishandled classified emails. THIS IS SERIOUS, FOLKS! VERY SERIOUS.
Trump:"Hillary email...
is as bad as Watergate..."
gif made by edlorens
( you 're welcome to share)
... maybe Hillary is not qualified to be president.
Somebody confused, might not grasp that 'I did not know'
should not cut for the politician with 35+ years of experience!
That is unacceptable!
Somebody might feel that it is harmless to breach the rules
of the national security on the daily basis.
Somebody might take the stand that it is perfectly acceptable
in order to cover up the shady dealings, conducting pay-for-play schemes, (in common language known as - bribery) while holding the office of the Secretary of the State is not a big deal. Somebody might think...
Oh! Hillary was a mistake. She admitted...It was a mistake!
But what was a mistake? Her having? Us finding? Us objecting and criticizing?
The mistake can be called a singular, isolated event... not something as elaborate, or the condition lasting during the duration of her office!
Why do you think she had the private server?
Why do you think over 30,000 email Hillary destroyed after she
has been told not to? What type of email, do you think she destroyed?
...The Greeting Cards? Why Hillary's crooked idiots tried to destroy
7 of her devices with the hammer? Why do you think that all of those
immunity holders allegedly 'fully cooperated', but practically were
giving 0 answers?

YouTube video : 
Evidence Files-TreyGowdy-Dirty Politician's Worst Nightmare
by 98KimC 

Don't you think that if the answers would be innocent, non-incriminating
 in nature, none of them would resist giving them?
Why do you think Hillary claimed full cooperation with FBI investigation into her email while throwing obstruction one after another?
Oh! Yes! There were lies ... How many times Hillary Clinton claimed that there was no classified information? It was a lie. She tried to drug in Powell Collins... he said ... it was a lie. Allegedly Huma Abedin said she did not know about the private server. That was a lie. President Obama said...
That was a lie.
            "He [FBI Director J. Comey] was also worried that 
after the presidential election, Republicans in Congress 
would mount a probe of how he had granted 
Hillary political favoritism.” (Klein)

Buzzfeed Stoops to New Low, Uses Underage Victim in Weiner Probe to Smear Comey by Chris White | 3:08 pm, November 2nd, 2016
Here’s The Reality on Whether Hillary Clinton Can Be Impeached if She Wins
by Elura Nanos | 12:32 pm, November 3rd, 2016

Judicial Watch today [Oct. 31, 2016] released 323 pages of new Department of State documents, including previously unreleased email exchanges in which Clinton and top aide Huma Abedin sent  classified information over Clinton’s unsecured email system...
 Also included in the newly obtained documents is an additional instance of the State Department doing special favors for a high-dollar Clinton Foundation donor." (read more)
'I guess, it's Bill's self-portrait, with Hillary on the side'
gif by edlorens
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Why do you think Bill Clinton went all the way far out... just to
talk to Loretta Lynch ...about her grandkids? Is this believable?!
Allegedly it was 'impromptu', spontaneous social visit. You see, their planes
just happened to be parked nearby at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport.
Can you believe that? Makes one wonder how often such a spontaneous
the situation occurred in the past ... when Hillary is not in the dire trouble?
Can you expect such a poor judgment from any lawyer? But here you got
- two lawyers, shrewd too. Both well vexed in legal ethics:
one Attorney General and another famous sexual predator, nevertheless
ex-president of the US. Do you really wish Bill Clinton again to become the
resident of the White House?

Why do you think Hillary was pulling weight over FBI and
investigation...her staff like Cheryl Mills (apparently she approved the Clinton
server) having immunity but still sitting
at questioning of Hillary... or leaving at the time when she did not
feel like answering the troublesome questions?
Maybe you feel, that all the hours and millions of dollars put into
Hillary's email investigation was wasted. Maybe... that the elite
is entitled to 'all power vested' with no controls...
Never, but never ending Clintons' scandals ...
But, did Hillary Clinton commit a crime? Yes, she did. She should be charged!

Yes, Hillary Clinton Did Commit a Crime … and She Should be Charged
by Chris White | 11:46 am, February 4th, 2016
'Are we ready to have scandals and more scandals'
animation by edlorens
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Someplace there must be a list, a memo...  designating
who/when/for what should get hit with the blame.
At times we see just another democrat picking up the losses,
someplace from Hillary circle volunteering, meekly resigning
and even apologizing.
Ah! That's expected. Hillary is NEVER to be blamed!
Never! Do you hear me? She is only a victim of somebody's else
wrongdoing. Hillary-queen has to be protected at all cost.
But what about the situation when there are no volunteers to take the
fall out? Not to worry! The ever industrious democrats have
the remedy for such unexpectedly distasteful situation.
When Obama uses the 'wide brush' : 'You're unAmerican
and the racist'  and now sexism (NBC News)- Hillary prefers to fill the blank spot with more details and specifics: complicate, distract or directly go into attack mode and place the opponent on the defense.

Mr. Trump suddenly was accused of strange connections to Russians.
The New York Times said the FBI investigation found “no conclusive or direct link between Mr. Trump and the Russian government.”
CNN reported the FBI has conducted multiple investigations of alleged connections between Russia and the Trump campaign — with zero evidence found of questionable activities.
In September, the Obama administration formally accused the Russian government of hacking the Democratic National Committee, in an attempt to influence the election.

There is a lot of energy, activities, and negatve campaigning...
and scandals! Hillary scandals that can not be simply ignored when pertaining
to somebody aspiring to the presidential office.

James Comey from being praised
for his 'integrity' by the democrats, back in July, now is under the attack
from the same people.
Now, there are really complicated legal issues.
According to Roger Parloff, only Dan Richman, of Columbia Law School, a former prosecutor and the present Comey's legal adviser is still by him.
The democrats suddenly declared full war on Comey.
The attack is overwhelming! Everything is his fault!
No! Not Hillary! Comey fault!
Quite rightfully too.

How is that, that FBI Director dares to do his job, as he sees it,
instead of genuflecting to Hillary? Does he not know who is she?
animated gif by edlorens from my YouTube video
(CC Attribution 2.0 license)

Ah! The current legal situation got really much more complicated.
Allegedly over 100 former DOJ officials admit respect for Comey, admits that there are no evidence that Comey is backing Trump ... still strongly criticize Mr. Comey pre-election, publicly declared the decision to again opening  the investigation into Hillary.  There are no questions of political bias, but legal correctness and violation of the DOJ guidelines.

The all-time favorites, on 'Who should be blamed for Hillary's
email' list Russia and 'Deplorables' get 5 minutes respite.
 Democrats should be yelling at their own party leaders:
Hillary and her top staff. their negligence, carelessness and
follow up corruption is overwhelming.
Hillary and Huma
(gif by edorens from compilation YouTube videos)
How can you explain or excuse: Huma Abedin acting surprised. Telling the law
enforcement, that she does not know how her email got on her estranged
husband machine. How much more email is there, floating around,
'who knows where'? There were emails where the staffers were talking
in the dirty-put down terms about minorities.
A lot of these email might be unimportant, but can you trust
that there are no classified?
"Four Murders in Three Weeks Directly Related to Clintons, DNC"
by George Jones, August 11, 2016  - videos
(Fair share, photo)

Books available on Amazon about Hillary and Bill Clintons

"Hillary Clinton recklessly discussed, in emails hosted on her private server, an Iranian nuclear scientist " (said on "Face the Nation" Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark.)
Shahram Amiri "...back in 2010, just nine days before he returned to Iran", received a hero's welcome before being arrested, convicted of spying for Washington and executed for treason.(The state news agency IRNA)
See video here

Allen B. West about Hillary

But Hillary Clinton is not to be blamed! Right?!!!
Now, everything is 'a Comey fault' for bringing email issue so late
in the election.
Now, there are democrats and pro-Hillary media viciously
attacking Comey's character, his past performance...
yelling Hatch Act, calling for Comey's resignation and firing.

Can the president fire the head of the FBI?