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"Powering your life with Love and Passion"
created by edlorens

perception loop
written by edlorens
- infusing your life with love and passion.
At no time, you'll be in deep relaxing, healing, meditative state. 
I do not give you, here, step by step instructions.
It is not necessary. Instead, I guide you by my own reflections and then my poetry, video that includes Bach music and the singing bird.  Brief and sweet.
"With a gentle wind
-The heart of spring..."
edlorens poetry - postcard

 What's guiding your life? Do you know? Are you clear on that? I have to advise you. You are about
to face your inner self in the very powerful way... your loves, your passions, even your fears ... if they are born from your own depth, they are about to take over you with the force of feelings that it is the best to embrace. Do not fight. Let is go. Allow the entry.
Here, the short meditation is your chance to inspire you. 
This is your chance to learn more about yourself,
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clear any blockage from your system, reinforce
the course of your desired life. Permit yourself to be swayed by any emotions that would surface.
Even the unpleasant one, or difficult to deal with
like the pain of separation has to be dealt with or it will stand on your road to the self-fulfillment and the peace within yourself and ...within your world. 
The production that I am presenting you below is like a rich snippet that will help you with 'you', in whatever position, stage your life is now. It will bring
solace and maybe happy or sad, but memories to be cherished forever and ever. 
Allow poetry, art to hover between the sunset and sunrise of your life to immensely enrich you, make you stronger when you're weak, guide you to resolutions just right for you...and to help you to
reconstruct, change your outer world starting from within. Bring the immense passion for life.

After I completed my creation, I listen to it over and over, never totally full,  but still feeling satisfied and calm, able to face my other challenges in strangely positive way, understanding my own choices, decisions, 
But, you might ask what my choices, my moment to 
moment life decisions have to do with the singing bird? Or Bach? Where is the connections?
I do not have all the answers, but I do know that this was the starting point or guide, inspiration... it gave me deep reassurance that regardless 'What' my life is whole and beautiful. Bach's music is known to regulate and slowing down the heartbeat. The birds singing have the similar effect. So, maybe that where the trick is. My poetry itself does not tell you or address what you should do in your life. Instead, it
refers only to the love, or loves of my life and talks about the bird directly. Still, I felt the overwhelming calm, the strong sense of connection to everything that is around me, the positive reassurance that life is just as it should be. At the end, I felt awake and energized.
Instead of 1, 2, 3 hours of eastern meditations, I prefer a cup of coffee type, pick-me-up, that within few minutes stirs my creativity and infuse my life with passion and an immense feeling of love. Maybe I should say LOVE in capital letters. 
Perception Loop
gif by edlorens
That right, LOVE for the world in spite of all the problems and headaches. Well, actually when the times are hard, that is especially we need to lean on that wonderful feeling of love that is already in us, ready to be expressed.    
Oh! Let's face it. You got a Soul - You're a Soul.
Your inner self is so much more than the outer shell.
Your inner self will determine if you're walking through life standing up or bend in half...look to the next day with the expectation of rewards or hiding, lesser than your own shadow.
Do you recall the saying that man's soul is visible 
through his eyes?
You can gaze into somebody's eyes and determine how that person feels...
I guess, this is the reason, why at times I feel uncomfortable around somebody wearing the dark glasses. The very dark glasses are like the sign on the man neck proclaiming: 'private, do not enter'. 
It's the barrier in communication -  access denied. 
Meditation is the opposite - you're opening the gates to your inner flow. You're eyeing your soul. 
My nightly reflections were brought by the birds singing.
Although the birds are known for having an excellent vision, their eyes look small, rounded, uninspired.
People and many animals have the beautiful eyes.
Birds eyes are unattractive. 
But listen to the birds singing...and Ah! there are no more questions that that is where he has the soul.
You can hear it in his voice...Look at the bird on the fly, cutting the air, soaring above and watching the world under him...And you know that his soul is in his wings. Let us learn from the bird. 
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Give the voice of your soul and sometimes, at least
sometimes look at the world,  events around from that position, from a little distance... from above.
What a different perspective! Amazing!
I am not telling the whole story... there is no story
that I want to tell or to share other than the moment.
That brief moment in my life is the story by itself ...
 The fragmented piece of my life, the sudden delightful intrusion, that surrounding darkness swiftly changed in the ballroom of dancing thought, flying images and above all the immense peace and intense love for the life and loves in my life. 
Perception Loop icon
gif made by edlorens

'Berlin' portrait of Johann Sebastian Bach
'Berlin' portrait of Johann Sebastian Bach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Somehow, I found  myself in deep meditation.
So what was the moment that brought that to me?
It was the Bach, it was the bird visiting me at night and the poetry that were born out of it. 
Bach, bird. Yes! Yes! 

Strange! Spooky! Deliciously spooky!
All that I am sharing with you in the video below. 
I made a video designed for reflection, meditation and for the wonderful relaxation to come  and to sweep you over in the most natural, effortless way...
leaving you with the deep sense of peace and serenity.

I am using the lifting up, deep tone music of Bach...
I am using the beautiful, soft, tender poetry and 
the bird that strongly comes forward with his song...
all that in the background of the colorful, inspiring

Two last poems I wrote directly on the computer while I was searching for the images/photos that would give the right feel.   

In life, we all have the obstacles, crossroads, problems and maybe that's why it is important to cherish the times of pure joy and restoration of the soul.
In that brief moment when you sit down, alone and allow yourself just to feel the nature around, you gather your own power and force, restore yourself and bring wholeness to your life.
Sometimes the realization, the acceptance, even the sudden knowledge that the end result is wanted and desired the 'letting go' is the important part of fluctuation of life or what one might think as making progress, moving forward. We all define success and progress in many different ways. The life is the sum of the moments... which moments of your life will determine your progress or setbacks?
When the activity of the day are done, the night is the natural time for deeper reflections and healing.
There is the time for being still and time for action. 
The quiet reflections, the stillness are the engines for your future. These are the times when you define yourself. From the times of meditation are born your future actions and ability to move on and energize your life. 
You got to have love and satisfaction. It is not but...
if... etc. You just got to... or you just stagnating and drowning in the gloom of unhappiness and unfulfillment. 
But when I say, you got to have love, it is not always for the opposite sex that is most enriching. There are many other loves, powerful motivators to bring satisfaction and deep joy besides romantic love. Listen to yourself, ask what else is there that strongly affects you, explore, learn, interact.  Keep busy learning about yourself and world around you. The 'loves' of your life can anchor you, your life in values to stand for...give the vibrancy, meaning, passionate drive to your existence, character, make you more acceptable and respected by your peers.  

 Move pass mundane...go for artful, learned, exciting life and the endlessly colorful, vibrant
world surrounding you. 
Permit yourself to know, feel, grow of your inner self, ... and your life gains the vibrancy,
the endless colors of the exploration of the Universe
around... your private desires, thoughts, the engine 
that powers you will find the way to express itself
in your physical world. Do not worry about the outcome... just expect the miracles to step in.
It is one of the Universal principles of growing from inside out. 

Below,  there is  first my video followed by the lyrics- my poems, inspired by the songbird that I incorporated in my video (under the different title).


The sun is out,
darkness around
and only I hear
the distant sound
of the night-bird song...
" My Love 'Good Buy',
My Love...'so long'...                                                              

I stepped out in delight
I moved carefully
not having light
on the dirt pass,
guided by that bird
in a dreamlike state
I walked fast...

I listen... I hear
momentous events
to me dear,
the understanding
replacing fear...

The truth is light,
darkness - the lie!
"My Love...'so long'
My Love 'Good Buy'.

Invisible to the eye
the birds fly...
here in the tree
The musical
tweets, trolls, cries
I hear,  I feel, I can not see...

Only whispers of the leaves
the flutter, murmur
swing and dance,
...noise of wing
brushing leave
by the chance...                                                                                    

-With a gentle wind
-The heart of spring...

My night blooming star
-the noisy drone
to my ear -
I clearly hear:

" My Love 'Good Buy',
My Love...'so long'...
I wish I could fly
with the bird, with the song
...far away
...I wish I could
The longings sway...

-The sizzling fire...
I wish... I need,
I want...I desire...


Nobody, nobody
like the bird can sing...
No surprise,
the bird is
-the song with the wing!                                                        

What is that,                                                                  
that lift my soul?
The music from
the bird's throat...
crossing my road...

or  the night-time airs...
my spirit wait
by the heavenly stairs
with the new hope
...gone the despairs!

I wish not to stop
the thought born
from a pain
the kernels of a corn
tearing eye ...
the sweetest sight
or the murky sky
-the night gloom of the wall
...I cherish all.

The time flies
or stand stills
No meaning to
the time
when the bird sings.

The earth in circle moves
on its course...
The time -
a cold-blooded horse
endlessly forward
after night drugs the day...
-but my heart                                                                      

like bird
cry - sway...
I wish this night
never go away!

I pray for the morning
to wait with coming...
-for once to be late.
The bird song - not finished
I need to stay!

The bird...aviator,
a little prince,
circling the skies
...since ...
eternal times...
lectures, preach...
forever teach ...

...I listen to the bird
hiding in the tree...
It merits little
that I can not see.
With a bird voice
against a dark sky
my heart, my soul
is my eye.
Aug. 29, 2016
Thank you
You must have the long term goals. But your life is built moment by the moment. 
Grasp the 'beauty' wherever you can in whatever form you see it. That moment when you stop and observe
something intriguingly beautiful  might give you a new charge, an infusion of the power of life.
Motion consumes energy. Motion, moving forward,
growing up and into is associated with the progress. Motion takes energy and strength, that you can acquire from absorbing anything that you find beautiful and profoundly relaxing.
Meditation is just a conscious relaxation.

All grows is from inside out and man made 
or nature created art can touch you really deep. 
You gotta stir your inner energies for expression. 
You gotta open yourself to more 'love in' feelings.
You gotta pursue beauty, the one exposed in the painting, poetry, maybe in Google algorithms  or in the singing bird. In the principle of beauty is hidden formula for love and transforming passions... the beauty is one of ever present, basic foundation, 
the building block of the whole Universe. 
Can you see how everything is interconnected?
At the end, taking the inspiration from the singing bird might be your prescription for 'power for life'
Realize, that love is hidden in the gently passing clouds across the sky, under the petals of everyday flowers in everyday gardens, in the fly of the bird, 
the children playing or poetry. All around you, there is the power to enrich you. These are the 3-minutes meditations.  
Just notice. Just let yourself feel it. 
Tenderly gather your loving, most relaxing moments of your life. They must be beautiful. The idea of the leading life dominated by beauty shall empower, infuse you with more love and passion. The essence is to start with seeking beauty and love shall follow. Beauty precedes love. Not others way around. 
The summary of these moments can be life changing - rich compound effect. 
Finally, the beauty in things you love will power your life with passion.
Thank you.
edlorens  (it is the username - ed are initials)
- the poet, blogger, YouTuber,
founder, and editor of :
ed lorens You-Tube
edlorens lives in Southern California.


( A little more of the background story and some other reflections along with the above poems presented as the inspirational postcards you can find: here)
The subject of passion, power,  love and the others states of your being is most intriguing just as you are... needs to be discussed more, maybe later as well as other short, fulfilling meditations.  
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