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  " Progressives, HA! Just get it over with and admit you're communists."
                                                   (GamerGaters on Steam6 months ago, YouTube)

  "And white people for some reason on purpose attend this to feel more bad
about their whiteness when all of this is nothing more than....bullshit."
             (Miss Misanthropist2 months ago on YouTube)
The quotes above are some of the commentaries left under the YouTube White Privilege Conference videos.
Commentators are upset, frustrated and angry...surprise, surprise...
they have the right to be.
The subject is heavy with claws, teeth, horns, hoofs and tail...very menacing.
Shocking videos from the White Privilege Conference shows how children are being indoctrinated.
 In this article, I am discussing White Privilege Conferences and the lousy
effect they have on our society. I am quite impartial. The videos I am enclosing
bellow, but ..I think I have to prepare you before you step into an asylum.
These are the lessons in Neo-Segregation at the White Privilege Conference.
We want the children to understand that
racism is systematic and institutionalized.
White privilege is something that White people have
meaning they have an advantage in a lot of things.

by edlorens

 In this popular workshop, the teachers are asked to apply the teachings
 to the children as young as 4 years old. But many are in High School
from Madison or University of Colorado, Colorado Spring and many other
places. Here the children are also taught:
Prof. Jacqueline Battalora said:
"White people did not exist before 1681. Again
white people did not exist on planet earth until 1681."
(subject of the other article)
Indoctrinating children that " White Privilege" is something that white people have, meaning they have an advantage in a lot of things" is teaching children to hate Whites.
There are a great, or good teachers. The great teachers are the ones that encourage the creative and critical thinking, open door to communication and individual expression, stir the child to grow and to expand, to desire more knowledge and stimulate child's  curiosity and passion for life...these teachers enter our hearts and we remember them with the gratitudes.
Not so good or bad teachers are the one that strictly stick to curriculum, never reach beyond, they keep boring, monotonous classes that do not inspire.
They might have the teachings credentials, but either lacking skills or lost the interest...these teachers are forgotten fast and if by any chance they pop in our memory than not with fondness.
The teachers and instructors from "White Privilege" Conference do not belong to any of the above categories. They form category of they own:
The Privileged Lunacy Mentors. They are the dangerous fanatics that would like to give you make-over in their own image.
Let me give  you an example what the lunacy mentors are teaching.
"White privilege is when people that are White
get an advantage to the people who are people of color.
So if there was like a job and a person of color
was applying, and a White person was applying and the owner was
a White person,
they might pick the White person just because of the person's color,
even if the Black person was better."

The full statement that child made it does not sound like is spoken in the child own words, but something memorized. Something repeated so many times, that child will remember but not necessary understand. These statement is teaching children prejudice. Well... who knows... maybe that exactly what the teachers
aim for. Finally, if we, whites and blacks get along just fine... these teachers are
going to be out of the jobs. Please, think about that what that child was taught to memorize...The child is expected to say that and then is nothing ... no continuation. Would you agree, that it would be natural following that story ask another question: Who is going to get the job if the owner is black?
or since in this story, the job goes to the white is this not same/similar to the situation when the white is better qualified, but University instead accepts the black person application? Do you see, what is happening.. we are playing tick-tack and there are no winners. The story that White Privilege Conference instructors teach is highly unfair, damaging and prejudicial to both:
blacks and whites. The end result. again both: blacks and whites are made VICTIMS. The both shall feel resentment to each other. Finally, there are put on the opposite ends. The black is taught inferiority and that he is a victim. The white, the instructors wants to learn to feel - guilt. When you learn/acquire guilt,
you become the victim of that guilt. In both cases, again black and whites end up with problems, personalities unable to evaluate fairly, in a non-prejudicial manner lives situations. Both, by nurturing negative feelings  they are held down. Such as instead of learning fairness they might learn prejudice and develop resentment, angry wimp around, hiding behind their victim/guilt status and maybe looking for and expecting unearned sympathies and special treatment.

Do you think that this 8-years old, little girl is ready to go and look for the job?
Or maybe she'll be conducting interviews...hiring...?
Because, if your answer is 'NO' to both questions, you probably agree with me
that these lunatics had no business to ask a little girl such a questions.
That type of questions does not belong to the 'childhood'.  I would never ask
or even bring out anything pertaining the race. Why would I want to do that?
The child can  and should learn friendships, caring, tolerance, bonding by simply
playing together. If the child would come to me and ask me on its own:
"Why my skin is the different color then so and so?" then I would answer.
Do I have answers for the little girl to such a difficult adult questions?
I have the suggestion later on, that you might want to consider.
But these allegedly 'anti-racist' loonies...I forgat...higly educated mentors
took a little child and made her memorize the ugly, negative staff and on top of it ...they put her on the stage! How easy is going to be for that girl to discard
the lesson learned that day?


Walter E. Williams: ‘Average parent has no idea of indoctrination going on in classrooms’

author-image WALTER WILLIAMS

“White people did not exist on planet earth until 1681” – Jacqueline Battalora

 As you see, there are some others that share my views.

White Privilege Conference 2014 Part 3 of 4 Getting White Privilege into the Elementary Classroom
 by British Renaissance that said:
"If this series of videos does not SHOCK you to your core then NOTHING WILL. I was actually alerted to the WHITE PRIVILEGE CONFERENCE by a White/Native American friend of mine, who identifies with his Anglo-Saxon Cultural heritage. He literally took his kid out of school because of the hatred directed at his heritage. Prepare to be stunned! For more on combating cultural Marxism ".
 The White Privilege schoolings seminars, whole ideology exist because it is profitable, making money for organizers, keeping people involved employed. If this White Privilege concept stopped making money it would die a long time ago out of neglect. Here is an example in the article:
This Is What a School District’s $100K-Per-Year White-Privilege Conference Teaches by KATHERINE TIMPF June 17, 2015
"Oregon Gresham-Barlow school district spends $100,000 each year on a white-privilege conference that teaches its faculty" and that attendance is mandatory for administrators. (Katherine, June 17, 2015, in  National Review)
Elevation Health1 month ago said:
"Just another way to take a government handout under the guise of "education".  These people continue to promote racism by reinforcing the color differences.  Truly enlightened people no longer see color, they see the person for who he/she is.  The day we stop focusing on the color is the day racism comes to an end.  Philosophically speaking, the more you focus on it, the more you get!  (Law of attraction).  Time and again, well-meaning communities are convinced they need a seminar for parents and children on teen suicide.  After the seminar, rates go up.  When will people like this learn to look beyond?  Maybe when the government no longer pays for them to do it"

We are not talking small Sunday church gathering...but about a powerful and growing under our nose organization that has a wide reach and possible very
big impact on our lives. They, definitely want to control and change the way 
we think. They originated in California, but they have Journal based in Philadelphia, they are using our tax money and the White Privilege concept is very popular in academia circles, favored by many professors:
Iowa University Law Professor Adrien Wing, Prof Stephanie Baran ( she calls herself ' vulgar Marxist'), an American radical feminist Peggy McIntosh (authored the 1988 essay "White Privilege and Male Privilege), already
mentioned Prof. Jacqueline Battalora and the list goes on and on ...
                       jonah707571 year ago
"Sowing the seeds of racial discord, divide and conquer, and promoting civil war is all this "social Justice" program is doing. Marxism in action."
They conduct a lot of seminars. For the upcoming conference: April 15-17
the registration cost starts $200.oo for a college student to $375.oo for individual/corporate. One day goes from $100.00-$200.00 (
Many people enroll expecting something else. The group advertises themselves
using terminology like 
".... the Matrix Center for the Advancement of Social Equity and Inclusion...", and anti -racist...Maybe it is not a bad idea to examine what they mean by
that. The essence of the whole "White Privilege" ideology is the pet slogan,
 a real mean Brutus with the huge teeth, that  keeps on jumping
straight into white person face screaming:
         You're racist and everything is all your fault!
Here, I got something very spooky. Noah Rothman wrote the article (May 14, 2014) titled: "Taxpayer-Funded ‘White Privilege’ Conference Is Jam-Packed with Crazy" Here is how he described the incident toward the end of seminar:
 "...sociologist escorts the individual taking this video out of a seminar in order to provide the conference’s minority attendees with a “safe space”..." 
Also, Noah Rothman talks about something else that happened during this time. The event was confirmed by  Brian Sikma's report:
" footage obtained by the Education Action Group of the White Privilege Conference held in Madison in March shows an unidentified organizer of the conference declaring that nothing is intrinsically wrong. " that is including rape.
Whoa! Rape is not intrinsically wrong!
"Intrinsically wrong" - looks like something heavy, a real
elephant, but what does this mean?
These people are loonies - Can they talk, think and answer straight?
The Webster says that "intrinsic" means from within, having internal value, inherent.
O.K.  So that is what the word 'intrinsic' mean, but I am still not even one inch closer to understanding it within the sentence. I give up. But I tell you one thing ... that I can not imagine the  situation when the rape would not be the subject to wrongness. it's wrong, evil 'in and out'.
That conversation occurred while the investigator was being ejected.
Noah Rothman called it "the nuttiest moment..." in this seminar. But is this all? Investigator himself said:
"Just for clarification: I am being asked not to be
in that room because of the color of my skin."
Investigator obviously was not black.
Would you say that in this situation allegedly "anti-racist" organizers were insulting, partial, unfair, discriminatory...?
 I would like to know what it means, in the first place, giving minorities "a safe space"! if they had the rule in place forbidding taking videos on this seminar, I could see validation of their action. However, this is not the picture we are getting.
Let us compare this with the presently outgoing situations on Mr. Donald Trumps' rallies that whenever the person of color
is escorted out for violating the rules that person (s) screams
victimization and racism. The people that attend these rallies
are not all enthusiastic supporters, but all goes there to listen to Mr. Trump. There is an exception here, however, as the group of protesters attends gatherings like that with the intentions to disrupt. Generally, Mr. Trump gets a lot of biased press backlash, but he is still trying to secure rallies from disruptions.
Regardless if the protestors are loud/quiet, wearing signs or posters etc., the protestors are not only toward Mr. Trump are being disrespectful but also toward everybody in the audience.
There are being escorted out people of all different colors and race. But even one time there was no situation when escorted out white protester would claim that the reason for him being thrown out was because he was white. That would
be 'LOL'. Many times these disruptive ejected protesters have some common threats like ex.: they're needy attention seekers, disruptive, and many times playing victimization or just looking for entertainment value - a thrill, action seekers.
Jennifer Jacobs,  (The Des Moines Register ) reported March 1, 2016
 at University campus Valdosta, Ga, 30-40 black student were ejected from Mr. Trump rally, even before he arrived. The private event paid by Mr. Trump had
7,000 attendance inside the building and around 3,000 outside forming the long line.The students that were ejected were at fault...they allegedly planned to protest silently but were being disruptive, even using profanity and later trying to cut in the long lines. After investigating the police chief Brian Childress said:
“What I resent is now some of these folks are going around saying it was a black issue. That’s total nonsense,” He expressed his support for Mr. Trump.
Youth is youth...they do step 'out of line'.. but what was wrong that later on in video shot one of this ejected protesters, the young black lady was crying and claiming racism. Not everything is about race. The reality is that these complaining black youth from 'no big deal' situation by claiming unfairly racism do possibly a damage to the black-white relationships. After hearing many
quasi-complains people will become immune and not respond to real racism and discrimination, not the one created by White Privilege concept.
But I hear somebody asking: "Don't I have the right to protest?" Sure, you have... in the lawful, respectful manner in designated places... plus you got Facebook and Twitter.
                                                          The response of this young lady acting sincerely like a victim and claiming racism was directly the result of schooling: "White Privilege" concept.
If these group would be not of young black students, but all whites and
disruptive Trump's rally organizers would remove them also. There is an expectation of following the rules, especially when managing such event as this one with the great number of people. If not for the White Privilege concept
how do you think these youth would feel? Would they be ashamed...
probably not...would they learn to act differently in the future...I doubt it.
What I suspect is that if not for the White Privilege protestors would say something like:
 'Eh! We were ejected, but we made a stand... it was public'. Probably, they would start texting to their friends and that it. But here by being deceived by the
White Privilege teachings the young lady instantly felt  that it was the result of her blackness...she probably experienced the mixed feelings of inferiority combined with feelings of social injustice, maybe a little self-pity and therefore, the tears ...the day messed up and further moving on living with reinforced the
negative and untrue perception.  The White Privilege ideology presently so deeply impregnated our society that often people involved do not realize that
they are the victims of the  nasty White Privilege concept.
 I liked that young black lady and I felt sorry for her.
If we focus on positive, instead of negative and accept responsibility for our own
action live is more fun, easier and better. Turning away from White Privilege ideology, forgetting the race and color that separate and embracing life with passion and good will in general, will attract more people thinking alike. Fewer tears.

 Hybrid Nerd
Many of the protesters feel that they are 'fighting for the cause, rights of the abused group". That's fine, in the principle. I still object of asserting one group rights by violating the rights of another group - in Mr. Trump case
the peaceful gathering of his supporters. Mr. Trump with his sometimes awful remarks at times is his own worst enemy.
His negative wording and downgrading speech bring the horde of protestors all the time like in Chicago. It seems that not just protesters, but supporters headed by Mr.D.Trump can act 'ugly'. But said that, especially now with the internet and our connectivity there are multiple ways to object and protest. The rally hall should not be on the available list.
Many of these protests are not necessarily connected to the White Privilege.
But the one that closed democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders
rally by some young BLM protestors were. The women/protesters felt that they should have entitlement, demanded to speak before Bernie and they were pushy, arrogant, loud, jumpy, pointing fingers...I turned my back on them with disgust.
And then there is this thought in YouTube commentary:
               freqimann2 months ago
-you're assuming racism based on the color of skin...
that's... racist.
               freqimann2 months ago
-+Stan Marsh, you're assuming you won't get fair treatment from people based on their skin color.
sorry, that is racist.              

Kim Radersma, a former high-school English teacher pro-White Privilege:
"She said teaching is a purely political act and that neutral people should
“get the f— out of education.”
Do you want the teachings to be a 'purely political act'? Do you really wish
the education of your children be strictly left and depends on current politics?
That type of ideas is really scary to me.
Here, another gem:
 “Being a white person who does anti-racist work is like being an alcoholic. I will never be recovered by my alcoholism, to use the metaphor. I have to every day wake up and acknowledge that I am so deeply embedded with racist thoughts and notions and actions in my body that I have to choose everyday to do anti-racist work and think in an anti-racist way.”
(reported by Walter Williams)
And the response to propagandists of White Privilege:

                                      M Arnesen (1 year ago YouTube)
 "This is a total crock of sh**!  I hope to hell none of these so-called "educators" are anywhere near my grandkids ..."

And the line from history:
                                      Edgar Watson Howe Novelist
"I think I am better than the people who are trying to reform me."

Prof Stephanie Baran,  one of the White privilege mentor said:
"For me, capitalism is the all-consuming thing,
Capitalism maintains White supremacy, White privilege."
(reported by Noah Rothman)
Stephanie Baran is an acknowledged Marxist. Below is another her remark:
"... racism was invented in Colonial America by white capitalists as a tool
to divide labor and keep the working class in their place."
(reported by Walter Williams)
Let us discuss this...what do we have here:
...racism...Colonial America...White capitalist....labor...working class.
There is no doubt about that... just by the choice of word  used..what do we have here is clearly vulgar Marxism.
Very communistic slogan. But I am not surprised. 'White Privilege' ideology
is a subdomain of 'Political Correctness' and that the new name under which in the USA Marxist-communism exist...same principles and equally dangerous.
, The Origins of Political Correctness,
Bill Lind:  Feb. 5, 2000,

Let us take a quick look at some dictionary definitions:
capitalism - the form of economic, industrial, and social organization of society
involving ownership, control, and direction of production by privately owned
business organization.
communism - the theory of a social system in which everything is held in
common, private property being abolished.
The communism is the system wherein the name of equality, subjugates all members of the society. Russia, North Korea, are the examples. One can say that
actually, communism is quite successful in achieving  the main goal of equity,
as all groups of communistic society belong equally to 'have nots'. In a theory
communism looks appealing, even romantic with its global notion for equal distribution of the global goods.  In reality, it is a bondage of personal freedom
or creative, progressive individual thought. In the eye of the system, even if you
own a small stall in the swap meet you become a capitalist.  It is the infantile  idea...very dangerous...but many White Privilege ideologist subscribe to it.
Do you believe that Colonial America held the patent for capitalism or white
Bill Lind rebuked marxism (currently under the name political correctness) saying:
"... “Political Correctness”...
 it’s deadly serious. It is the great disease of our century, the disease that has left tens of millions of people dead in Europe, in Russia, in China, indeed around the world. It is the disease of ideology. PC (political correctness) is not funny. PC is deadly serious...
... Political Correctness is cultural Marxism. It is Marxism translated from economic into cultural terms...For the first time in our history, Americans...
have to be afraid of using the wrong word, a word denounced as offensive or insensitive, or racist, sexist, or homophobic..."
As you can see White Privilege ideas, being part of the political correctness
is very dangerous, seriously threatening our freedom.
Do you 2011...
when British annoyed, criticized Google for paying the only minimum in tax revenue...
 Oh! If only we could learn how to do this!
When I read the story, I thought it was 'funny, funny'...does anybody likes
to pay extra taxes?
 Eric Schmidt, Google chairman response was: "It's called capitalism. We are proudly capitalistic. I'm not confused about this".
Ah! that at least it is better than being a communist.
More comments about White Privilege Conferences:
Stephen Todd8 months ago!!!!!
"It doesn't take a lot of logic to realize that these people are completely fucking insane. I hope to dear god that these nuts are incapable of reproducing"

Joseph “Jofess0209” Fontaine 1 year ago
 "My white body is at fault!!!!" Ramzpaul. Apparently, Someone's Skin Color defines that individual, then i wonder what it  means to have black skin when following their oppressive psychology? This radical movement believes that the persecution of a certain group is moral and just, only because they are differents!? An Irony, an anti-racist group that follows racist beliefs and values.."
Examples of Privilege (from "White Privilege" Conference),
that allegedly white people have as opposite to blacks.
It says that white are:
"Being able to…
-assume that most of the people you or your children study in history classes and textbooks will be of the same race, gender, or sexual orientation as you are
-assume that your failures will not be attributed to your race or your gender
-not have to think about your race, or your gender, or your sexual orientation, or disabilities, on a daily basis."
Do these statements sound to you sane?  Imagine the above is considered a privilege. Below are commentary from under this video in YouTube talking about Black Privilege (All commentaries and quotations do not necessary represent the author/blog):
graham white 1 year ago (edited)
"... I found this paste it  around. if you want
BLACK PRIVILEGE is being able to take pride in your race without fear of persecution.
BLACK PRIVILEGE is when people assume you are poor because of racism, and not because you are lazy.
BLACK PRIVILEGE is being wealthy without people assuming your wealth was handed to you or that you exploited others.
BLACK PRIVILEGE is being able to commit violent crimes against another race without people assuming you are racist.
BLACK PRIVILEGE is being given "affirmative action" which advantages you in jobs and colleges based on your skin tone
BLACK PRIVILEGE is having the media cover up your race in the event of a black flash mob or a gruesome murder.
BLACK PRIVILEGE is being able to make insensitive comments about other races and not being called out for it.
BLACK PRIVILEGE is when people assume you are being called over by the police because of racism not because you were speeding.
BLACK PRIVILEGE is being able to preserve and promote your culture and having your culture protected from criticism.
BLACK PRIVILEGE is being able to blame your shortcomings on racism.
BLACK PRIVILEGE is when people consider you to be superior at sports and "better in bed" without it being considered racist.
BLACK PRIVILEGE is not having to be fearful of offending minorities.
BLACK PRIVILEGE is having the establishment lie to cover up problems in your community or protect you from criticism.
BLACK PRIVILEGE is when you can be overrepresented in a field without people trying to amend it.
BLACK PRIVILEGE is having the government pander to your interests in order to get the "black vote"
BLACK PRIVILEGE is having Hollywood always present your race in a positive light.
              PRIVILEGE  TODAY"
The above is also connected to White Privilege ideology - these anti-racist
proclamations are in the great deal responsible for creating frustrated or racist society.
The School Board member Dan Christenson recently obtained from White Privilege Conference manuals from Oregon Center for Educational Equity - the private nonprofit that presents the conference. (Education Action Group Foundation: AUG)

During the conference training, the participants receive directives such as:
1. students should not be blamed when failing the standards.
2. Instead, start “examining our beliefs and practices when students don’t meet standards.”
3. It advises faculty to avoid “controlling or teaching discipline to students”
In the essence what it amount to is: allowing students to do whatever they pleased without the consequence of the discipline, lowering the expectation and accepting the blame for the students' failure.
Some of the above ideas in slightly altered form are not new. In mid - 1960 there were Marxist Herbert Marcuse slogans that radical students of that time adopted rebelling draft in Vietnam War. He was the one that coined the phrase, “Make love, not war.” he was the one who rebellious students taught “Do your own thing,” “If it feels good - do it,” and “You never have to go to work.”
These were a philosophy of self-pleasing and self-serving... and as Marxist of that time reflecting the perspective on life borrowed from Marquis de Sade.
The same Marquis de Sade who was such an extreme sadist, that the word
'sadist' took root from his name.
I believe that White Privilege directives as described above are also derived from different teachings and that is following Dr. Benjamin Spock.
Ah! Yes. Dr. Benjamin Spock
(Reb Bradley)
The Benjamin McLane Spock (1903-1998) teachings are of the same sort as some others of his contemporaries such as Sigmund Freud, Eric Fromm and John Dewey, the American philosopher and educator. The subject is not a race, but the methods of raising and educating the children. That mentorship was the echo in the above mentioned by Dan Christenson White Privilege Conference manuals from Oregon Center for Educational Equity.
The essence is of the very same fiber, that kids don't have to be disciplined into adulthood but can direct themselves toward adulthood by following their own will. It's - let the kids do whatever they pleased without any guidance or supervision by an adult. It is a naive belief that kids somehow will choose the best their own life path when unrestrained and without setting a level of expectancy for achievement, no models to follow, no right/good examples for socially acceptable conduct with parental function limited to allowing the children unlimited freedom of their own decision and self-guidance.
It is hoping that child somehow would know what is the best course to take. Delusional thinking of sawing the weeds, hoping that fruit will grow. Instead of teaching what's best, right or correct it is 'not teaching' at all.
Dr. Peale summarized the doctor Spock's raising children method as amounting to:
 ''Feed 'em whenever they want, never let them cry, satisfy their every desire.''
 Other “experts” jumped on the bandwagon fostering narcissism and contempt for authority.

As opposite to Dr. Spock, the Rev. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale although was a strong advocate for individual thinking, he also was stressing out the necessity of developing mental strategies and characteristics that would support the personal grow and success.
Rev. Peale authored book ''The Power of Positive Thinking'', where he encourages outward grow throughout the expanded perception, succeeding by self-reliance, industriousness, determination and positive thinking. The book carries the similar teachings of the Napoleon Hill "Think and Grow Rich". I got those books, study them and love the inspiring, positive message of both. It is no surprise that Rev. Peale was a critic of Dr. Spock.
Napoleon Hill's and Dr. Peale's books were bestsellers, but the popularity of their writings did not reach of the book written by Dr. B. Spock.
''Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care,'' was second in sales only to the Bible. it is still published and read.
Over 50 million copies were sold, 7 editions, translated into 42 languages.  Life magazine named Spock among the 100 most important people of the 20th century.
Benjamin Spock was the 6ft 4" tall very gentle man, who never get over his harsh childhood. His subsequent book left permanent scars on our society.
You see, the young Benjamin was growing in the times in the early Industrialized world. There were common the radical teachings where the perception of natural closeness and affection between parent and child was not advised.
''Psychological Care of Infant and Child''  (1928) was a book, a leading source of information for the proper child rearing. The author Dr. John B. Watson was demanding from parents ''Never, never kiss your child ...Never hold it...Never rock its carriage.''
Often the children were expected to work some as young as 4 years old, with no law protection, abused and underpaid.
After teachings like the above the Dr. Spock's words
sounded revolutionary, breathing the fresh air.
The parents who had a devoid childhood of affection suddenly were allowed to shower their own offspring with unlimited, unguarded love. Dr. Spock - another radical, the teacher of overindulging love and
unrealistic hope. Of course, it backfired.

Our constant problems of radicals and more radicals and more radicals when the balance leading to harmony should be taking the place.
Eric Pace on March 17, 1998, in an obituary for the "World's Pediatrician" and columnist in popular women magazines Benjamin Spock talks about 'Spock's effect' on child rearing.
"Vice President Spiro T. Agnew blamed the doctor for
what Mr. Agnew called the undue permissiveness
abroad in the land."

There is a talk about Spock's baby generation. Reb Bradley talks directly about
“Parents began to be afraid to impose on the child in any way”.
Reb Bradley at the end of his article left the recommendation for
"those interested in repairing the damage done by Spock, both in the family and in society at large...". As an antidote to Spock, analysis of the problem and
a simple plan for recovery, he advice reading “Born Liberal Raised Right: How to Rescue from Moral Decline – One Family at a Time.”
Spock's teaching proved to be extremely damaging.
It created the promiscuous, pleasure seekers generation  straining and breaking family ties. These are the teachings that became the foundation of some mentoring of White Privilege.
Dr. Spock is the phenomena of one person thought. Here put in the form of the book, catching and spreading like the fire. B. Spock teachings, a product of his time, are not the best for the raising a child to be considerate, responsible adult. It was just the result of new ideology, that opposed the known forms....that is the
 same phenomena that were observed in bringing to live fascism or communism, political correctness or currently White Privilege. The main reason for such
 radical thought success is that they answer to the people dissatisfaction with the establishment and by opposing, provides a new outlet, new road for creating
 the change.
There are always these 3 factors present: the right time
- new idea-abolishing the old.

Ben Shapiro Destroys the Concept of White Privilege
 Jason Allan  (Published on Nov 28, 2015)
taken from his speech at the University of Missouri

Commentary (not necessarily represent mine or this blog view):
Ian Morris1 month ago
"This guy must be a liberals worst nightmare. Logic, facts and truth all in one."

BugGS Bunny2 weeks ago
"Let's get something straight here, blacks are ten times more racist than whites, whites for the most part when left alone could care less about your skin color. The real problem is that blacks steel and rob everywhere they inhabit and turn violent when confronted about their behavior. Blacks living in America will NEVER integrate into American society nothing is ever the black mans fault, it's whitey, it's society, it's the area he grew up in, he's oppressed, yet he gets jobs he's not qualified for, before whites and others who are far more qualified, there has to be a minimum in a company, you can't fire them without getting sued and it goes on and on....if it isn’t the white guy you hate it's each other look at their neighborhoods and what they do to each other...the list goes on and on."

I never felt guilty and I am not going to feel guilty  in regards to the black-white issue. There is no master or slave still alive in the US and I do not think that
children should be held accountable for the sins of their fathers. There are about 40 million American-born black people and how many of them were born as a slave?
There are many blacks newcomers and by the year 2050, the whites are going to
be the minority and the color people a majority in the US.

                                            Anyway, you and I, all whites,
have been officially absolved by Walter Williams.  Thank you, Walter.
" a certificate of amnesty and pardon that I’ve granted to Americans of European ancestry in the hope that they stop feeling guilty and stop acting like fools."

"And if we are to open employment opportunities in this country for members of all races and creeds, then the Federal Government must set an example. The President himself must set the key example. I am not going to promise a Cabinet post or any other post to any race or ethnic group. That is racism in reverse at its worst. So I do not promise to consider race or religion in my appointments if I am successful. I promise only that I will not consider them."
(John F. Kennedy)

"...Prejudice starts when we speak about THE Jews, THE Arabs, THE Asians, THE Mexicans, THE Blacks, THE Whites. This leads to the feeling that all members of each such group think and act the same. That results in prejudice. Lumping entire groups of people together is RACISM, because it denies the fact that everyone is an individual...
Therefore, never base your opinion about anybody else on the color of that person's skin, or on the passport that a person carries, or on the family that person comes from, but only on what the person says and does and on
 NOTHING ELSE."  (Miep Gies)
This one is an especially very nice commentary.  However, assuming that we can
stop speaking "...about THE Jews, THE Arabs, THE Asians,"
(with post-Hitler era - Germany are an exception. Allegedly Germans are very careful not to use even the word 'race')... is only a wishful thinking. The concept of different races too much penetrated our societies.
Just recently I read someplace "... Sanders...winning only heavily white states...".
Identifying by the race is everyplace, media, government...everyplace.

1."We can get along"
(photos - public domain

There is still the question waiting to be the answered. What should we do, when the child asks about different skin color. The best is to set the good foundation, such as allow the child to observe our own friendly interactions with people of the different races. I am talking about setting up an example. Children learn by watching adults. In case of the direct questions one might consider saying, something like:
God likes variety, so God created many different trees, and birds, and animals ...
even the rivers or mountains, one never find the same...we are the expression of God's love. There are people that are tall, others short, blue eyes or brown, same with the color...but we are all the flowers in God's garden ...each has it's own space, but growing next to each other.
I think, that child would like that answer. Imagine! Being the flower in God's garden! Whoa!

For my favorite I made an animation and the postcard. I could not decide which one to give you. Therefore I am giving you both.
edlorens animation -Google help
( I am placing it in the public domain)
edlorens ( I am placing it in the Public domain)

JESUS was not born a white man... but we LOVE him...
color does not have to matter.
Thanks. EDL.
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