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"...Seated among his children, the proud man beams as he describes the honor in teaching his son how to carry out this attack*..." suicide bombing attack. (Ariella Mendlowitz,

People often confuse honor with the respect...respect with the fear.
Muslims use the deceitful rhetoric and some are looking quite attractive until one realize that they
do not pertain to the non-Muslims. The reference to 'honor' is often made. When westerner or
Christian value compassion, they value personal pride. Except
they call it an honor.
Webster Dictionary describes honor as; "high respect; renown; glory; reputation; the sense of
what is right or due..." What glory does bring killing children by using them as suicide bombers
or is this right or due?
ISIS or any dark followers have the distorted view of the honor, can not get the respect... no way! Therefore, they go for the fear. That is the reason why they are digging from their menacing pockets any type of the weapon that would strike fear and shock.
Now, they are using the cheapest ammunition that they could find!

                                                                    THE CHILDREN!

THEY'RE HOG FARMING THE CHILDREN to do the killings, shootings, beheadings and as suicide bombers!

No! No glory there!
Honor - guaranteed!
Ironic - talking about 'honor' in the land of Sharia Laws and inhuman lawlessness! How sarcastic the life can turn...
it's the real clown face with the grave hook...pulling and pulling in the vicious circle of constant killing.
 ISIS Uses Children in Suicide Missions fighting alongside the adult militants. That tendency in using kids, not as substitutes as it was in the closing months of World War II out of the desperation, but rather their ability to evade detection and propaganda is expected to grow.
Whenever there is a suicide bomber, there are a both cases that are adding up to Muslim.
Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.

"... the attack in Aleppo last month was one of at least 89 suicide missions over the past year in which ISIS employed children or teenagers.
 ...ISIS has frequently cast children in roles designed to shock outsiders..." Some 8-9 years old, but 60%  is 12-16 years old, mostly from Syria, Iraq, but also some from North Africa, Middle East and
"at least four were from Western nations, with two from Britain and one each from France and Australia" (Greg Miller in  ASHARQ AL-AWSAT)

"In the times when the Temple stood in Jerusalem, song and music were used to glorify God’s Name, raising the spiritual morale of all those who merited to hear it. Sadly, by stark contrast, today music is used to push a terrorist agenda, glorifying death and murder against God’s people."
 (Ariella Mendlowitz in
a  pro-Hamas Lebanese band
called The Promise of Islamic Art
that encourages suicide bombers 
Under the black flag what can be expected, but the sudden surge of the morbid, dark culture like a pro-Hamas Lebanese band called The Promise of Islamic Art that use music video with catching music, easy moves to brainwash Palestinian into self-destructing "martyrs". This band in one of
 their video is using the old bus, other props like actors pretending to be Jews is encouraging, instructing how to, plowing the young mind to become the suicide bomber...killing Jews on buses.

The band is nothing but the gravediggers, leading the procession of young corpses to their early demise.
 Palestinians as other Arabs population are prime for brainwashing.
By creating deceptive scenes like 'caring' father of the suicide bomber, and vocabulary that calls in effect a suicide bombing an 'honorable ' act they're adversely affecting week, easily influenced mind.
Young children trust, they have no developed critical thinking and often have the strong desire to please the adults. That factor is being exploited by unscrupulous, cruel societies and people.

Suicide bombing is not daring, heroic but cruel, senseless and stupid. Only very young, impressionable, fanatically blind or the 'village idiots' buy into that type of rhetoric...unfortunately Islam has many of those.
The final message of this band  song is:
 “Gird yourself, o most honorable of men, with an explosive belt, because nothing will satisfy the intifada except blowing up buses.”

Friday, ISIS released in Arabic 20-minutes documentary      
about Abu Umar al-Omar, an 11-years-old  suicide bomber.

Father of 11-years-old
suicide bomber
Abu Umar al-Omar
"...Seated among his children, the proud man beams as he describes the honor in teaching his son how to carry out this attack...."

No sadness on the father's face, but self-congratulatory satiation...
No mourning for the young life lost,
no tears, no broken heart, no solemn face in horror of death, no fatherly tender and protective feelings...
No desire, aim or wish to teach the young one of embracing the life as it, no, all that and more is missing in the short story of
enslaving, subjugating the child to the selfish own arrogance -riggers of the dark heart of the soulless man.
No, Not the heroic or a romantic picture.
Pig as an animal is a very intelligent, capable if given a chance to form the friendship like man and dog... but does the pig has honor? Is the pig holy?
This one, the father of young one...
beaming in self-deception, actually gloating with self-satisfaction.
No lion here! The lions protect and attend to their cubs...only a cruel, mask of the trained sociopath...Sorry! nothing to admire, but to despise... the man that is like vomit from the hellish gutters do not deserve the respect.

"...I am but a little child; I know not how to go out or come in.” (1 Kings 3:7)
I shudder with repulsion ... and pity.
For once, I am mourning... I am mourning the childhood lost, the deprivation of love that this child suffered, the life, his own lost and other innocent brutally harvested as the result
of unholy, dirty, pedophiliac mind and adult actions...that directed child hand to do  the killings.
Did this child, obedient to his father ever held in his hands not a gun but
 the toy...maybe the small plastic car or a plane...a teddy bear?... I doubt it.
This father gave him life...the child came from his strength..but life itself comes from's God's gift and should be honored. The young child life was given to the man as a guardian. Did this man, that calls himself father..did he created the young boy life? No!...the Bible describes  a man as a soul...we do not create souls, God does...What's life without the soul?...
Did the man, that calls himself the father gave
young boy life?  He lead him to death!
suicide bomber
Abu Umar al-Omar
                                                                                                       Is this the Islam teachings? This is a devil, the Satan the Hitlers...yes that's right the Hitlers.
I coined the "Hitlers" term to describe the people's action, situation, an ideology that has the tremendous destructive, negative, damaging elements that prejudicial,  carried out by some type of authority, therefore widely enforced or implemented.
As you can see I generalize by adopting from overall results of Adolph Hitler life compression.
Islam distorts and obscures the God's teachings. But then, of course, the Christian God is not Allah! When our Biblical God created Earth and man, he was pleased with the results. He gave us the instructions to manage the property given us as home - the Earth prosper. God already had Angels, that are a very powerful, intelligent beings in the service to God, that reside with God in the invisible realm to us, commonly called the heavens. The Earth was created especially for us... and God gave us live.
If the life comes as God's gift should it not to be valued?
But Islam created a mechanical man, that is taught to harden his heart, replacing it with wrongfully, deceptive understanding of honor. He knows no kindness or compassion, therefore, is more suitable to be used as a shield from human feelings in military system...that is being carried out in all aspects of this man life.

Poor, brainwashed child that dies without the sense. There were  no options were given to him, but to die! Where further the mockery is engrossed by filming his last humiliation, his last subservience to the  cruel, man and system... the child listened, followed, obedient, leaned on his adult parent, kissed his hand, ...yes, kissed the hand of his father - the man that kills him!
Did I repeat that enough, to understand the horror?! The horrible injustice was done to that child by that society and by his own father. What else could that poor child do? There was no one, absolutely no one to stand for him, to shield him to help him out.
There was another video that I saw published in Sept. 23/15 by TheLipTV2. It was about 14-year-old suicide bomber Jafar al-Tayyar filmed to be portrait as the martyr. During that attack of Uzbek-led
Imam Bukhara Jamaat militant group against the defense of Fua  Jafar was one of 7 suicide bombers used along with 200 rockets. Here, the Jafar-the young suicide bomber was seen being older he had more understanding...watching it felt like he did not want to do it, like he had doubts...maybe his last thoughts that brought the tears were not about his victims to be but about himself...maybe he felt small and helpless and suddenly realizing that he likes the life. But there was nobody to confess such, no help, no place to escape... the tears of the used one and helplessness...the comrades, the friends around there were only to feed him the fair tales, maybe about the virgins in Allah's heaven waiting for him, but nobody, absolutely nobody to point to him the senseless act, the unnecessary evil...nobody to tell him that soonest he gets a chance free himself...just damp that idiotic belt and run...Could he do that? I do not know. I do not even know if once the belt is put on if it is possible to remove it without blowing up the end that boy like all other pitiful suicide bombers gave life for evil, ideology of hate, that if you take to the market you can not even buy bread with it..but one can die for. Die for hate!

Uploaded on Jun 29, 2007
"Holy Warriors from the Taliban tricked a 6-year-old boy into becoming a suicide bomber. Juma Gul, a child who collected scrap metal for money, told Afghan tribal elders that the Taliban told him to wear a vest that they claimed would 'spray out flowers' when he touched a button. The Taliban told the boy that when he saw American soldiers, he should 'throw his body at them.'
The recruitment of children by radical Islamists is nothing new. In April 2004, the Taliban videotaped a 12-year-old boy beheading a man they claimed was 'spying for the US'. (Source:
Children are also regularly used in the Arab-Israeli conflict by the Palestinians. An excellent photo album of Palestinian child abuse can be located at:
The above are the words from this YouTube channel:charlesmartel686

 ISIS, Palestinians are not the only one that trick, indoctrinate and hog farming children to be suicide bombers...there is Boko Haram, Taliban..Afganistan, Pakistan  and, life is very short-no value. Muslims not only use deception in dealing with infidels but with their own also if it suits their vile purpose. Every single suicide belt means life lost...not only in military settings but they are being
used also against civilians.
The child suicide bomber is a pitiful creature, because it is a child and ...very scary because he is deathly.  I think that all that stories are extremely shocking, just as intended...but the last one
with 11-year-old Abu Umar I found even more repulsive, probably because of the father role and the hand kissing. The video is quiet about the mother. She is not seen, nor mention, probably considered
unimportant. In that part of the world, the woman gives birth, but the child, as well as woman, is
the property of the man...same way as the rifle or camel...except probably of lesser value.
A lot of poor people - every day not easy - the world created by the man for the man.
There are some radicalized westerners too, luckily not many.                                                            
The vile sight of the 11 years old Abu Umar al-Omari boy kissing the hand of the father that sent him to death might feel highly impressive, especially for the young one, suddenly given 'the important', adult mission...for a second maybe a clip is taken from warriors, the Barbarians that rummaged the Europe the centuries past...but let us not forget, Barbarians were feared, victorious for the while...but at no point they were respected or admired...they were primitive. That's right! Islam might be using the latest technological gadgets and deceitful tricks, but at the core, they are primitive, progressively more evil, backward on the human development scale.

If the nan has 20 children just to spread his much attention he can give to the individual child?...Where is the bondage?!
As this video showed it is only in the words, a pretense...a lips parting to issue instructions how to kill...oh! Maybe deceitfully promise the reward, 'an encouragement'... the arm reaching to pat the child in false reassurances of love. How easily the child is won simply by some signs of affection, mere gestures of caring, few sweet words whispered!...The child does not understand really what is he gaining, what is he losing. The child looks up to the adult for approval. Like the abused dog, regardless of the abuse, the dog will still stay...he has no place to go. Same can be said about these
poor, poor children...

The child, like the wife, is considered only the property of convenience ...
both can be physically or sexually abused and easy to dispose at the whim...
The ISIS man/woman is a pitiful human caricature from the graveyard that they step from...deserving to be squashed like something detestable.
   "ISIS Child Kisses Father, Says Goodbye Before Suicide Mission for al-Baghdadi" IndiaTV
           YouTube video  address is https://youtube/jN7-HTZulV8  - Published on Feb 2016

Under the video IndiaTV said:
"Islamic State's new propaganda shows how a child turns a suicide-bomber for al-Baghdadi. This boy kissed his father to say goodbye before suicide bomb. This boy killed Syrian soldiers in the town of Ghazi by driving a truck laden with explosives." How many he killed and injured video does not say.
(  Published on Feb 2016)

11 years old Abu Umar al-Omari is a VICTIM! The child that should spend his days in school, playing with other teenagers, giving the helping  hand around the house and simply growing up is dead!
Coerced by his fathers, and by his own merciless society that does not care or protect the youth... where the predominant characteristic of mentality is to hoard the dark hate, the revenge ...and to exploit, exploit and more exploit.


I am not a preacher or Bible scholar. But Islam political action can not be separated from its religious beliefs. The religious beliefs are the guiding force for Islam. The US, EU are Christians, following Biblical's teachings. We have some atheists and some other minority groups in our midst. Our beliefs, ideologies mold the core of the men. In the other words, we are the way we are, because we grow up in the society with certain predominant ideologies and beliefs.

Ariella Mendlowitz correctly pointed out that:
"...Biblical tradition teaches that the deep bond between parents and children is one to be cherished, not voluntarily destroyed though killing and death."
However, in the next statement in her article, she referred to  the incident as father 'sacrifice'.  Father's sacrifice?!  I don't agree! This father is brimming with egotism and self-importance!he uses his child death as 'a feather in his hat'. He did not sacrifice but used the child with well though premeditation. How long it took to indoctrinate this child?
5 minutes? I doubt  that. how long the father was whispering in the child's ear
and trained him.. trained him ...

The adult and especially father who willfully
coaches youngsters to kill, knowing that the child is going to die in the process is not the sacrifice on the part of that adult father. It's a cowardly act of delegating most dangerous assignments to the most vulnerable just to satisfy his arrogant guts. This father did not make a sacrifice but gave a gift, knowing and understanding the ends of it. Think about it...That ISIS man allegedly wants to fight, but he uses the child!  This ISIS man is sociopath... and more
HA! HA! That father - the under black flag

"the proud man beams as he describes the honor in teaching his son how to carry out this attack..."


 There was a brief 'goodbye'. Not happy-funny 'see ya later, alligator' funny-sweet...there was not going to be 'see ya later'....a kiss on the vile hand, a brief sincere or much felt was that hug given by the father...we do not know. Nevertheless, father knew that the last hug, words are of the essence, the final push to make sure that little Abu Umar would fulfill his mission. Little Abu Imar? I think, yes.. the boy looked small and fragile, maybe 5ft tall...maybe... I do not know that either...but small, somehow looking lost...for a second or two...something in the boy's eye...did I imagine?...  a little rabbit with the trusting eyes. There is absolutely nothing that would imply harshness, toughness in him...  and only undeveloped body of the young boy.Ah! let's not forget the last moment inside the truck filmed...why the exploitation to stop now? The promo video...the organization that lives by terror has to make sure that spread the terror -video very important. All filmed
Then the little Abu Umar al-Omari on the suicide mission for al-Baghdadi" took the wheel of the truck, and just as he was instructed died killing...yes, killing others as instructed.  The field of mangled bodies.
The tears of the families left behind of the death soldiers.
The tears for Abu Umar...Oh! No!...finally now a little
Abu Imar is a little Martyr...

"the proud man beams as he describes the honor in teaching his son how to carry out this attack..."

Someplace there pro-Hamas Lebanese band called The Promise of Islamic Art keeps on cajoling little cubs to do their killings...lure them with the promise of martyrdom...
And someplace else another young child is being
used...another suicide bomber arise and
the other "proud man beams as he describes ...
the horror lives...the EVIL NEVER DIES!

The little, 4 or 5-years-old Palestinian girl,
when asked what she wants to do with that knife,
said that she wants to stab a Jew.
As the result, she was called 'brave'
and got pat on the head.